Splash Cars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Splash Cars is an odd hybrid racing / survival / painting game from developer Craneballs. It involves a lot of driving, a lot of avoiding, and a whole lot of drenching the world in bright colors.

Gamezebo’s Splash Cars tips, cheats and strategies will have you painting the town in no time.

Getting Started

  • Your overall score is determined by how much of the level you can color in, not how long you last or how many coins you can grab. If you want to earn 3 stars, worry more about those blank spots.
  • Generally speaking, you don’t have to worry too much about your car taking damage. So don’t be shy about taking sharp corners or swerving dangerously close to buildings.
  • Gas is very, very important. Your cars can take quite a bit of damage before they become inoperable, but you can run out of gas very quickly if you’re not careful. Keep an eye out for the floating green canisters and try to remember their locations so you can circle back around for them when needed.
  • The magnet power-up is one of the first you’ll unlock, and it’s also one of the most handy. Focusing on putting down paint usually means ignoring stuff like money, but with this power-up you can keep your mind on spreading color around and the coins will come to you.
  • Try to earn all 3 stars in each level if you can. The rewards for that third star (lots of money, new car unlocks, etc) are pretty much always useful.

Intermediate Techniques

  • Each car you can use has different handling capabilities as well as fuel tank sizes. Give yourself time to get used to a new model before you worry to much about earning 3 stars.
  • Don’t buy a car before you unlock it – unless you’ve got coins to burn. The markup on early purchases is pretty intense. You’re better off saving those coins to refill your battery meter when you don’t feel like waiting, honestly.
  • Look out for the trucks that will clear away your paint. If you let them go for too long they’ll undo an awful lot of work.
  • It’s possible to lose the police if you have a faster car and weave through obstacles a lot, but they’re not a high priority. At least not in the earlier levels.
  • Target buildings, trees, and fences first. Unlike roads, buildings will fill in entirely with just a little bit of paint. So it’s possible to get some decent increases in your completion percentage by simply driving by as many of these larger objects as possible.

Advanced Driving

  • Taking 90 degree corners is fine with most of the available vehicles, but they aren’t the best at U-turns. If you miss an item or power-up, give yourself a little room and then double-back for it – otherwise you might just end up doing donuts around a much needed gas can.
  • Use the “cleaning” trucks to your advantage. If you paint them they’ll actually start putting down paint themselves automatically rather than removing paint.
  • If you do convert those trucks, don’t waste time painting the main roads. Trucks usually travel along the main routes, so if they’re already painting stuff you’re better off letting them do their thing while you focus on those hard to reach nooks and crannies.
  • Zoom in if you’re having trouble with your accuracy. You’ll lose the advantage of seeing more potential obstacles before you come to them, but the closer positioning makes weaving through small spaces and judging gas can placement a lot easier. You can adjust the camera zoom by pausing the game (tap the status bar along the top of the screen) and tapping on Cam Zoom.

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