Spirit Lords Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Spirit Lords is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawling RPG from Kabam. In this game, you travel through dungeons galore to collect loot and arm yourself with elemental spirits that you can use smack down evil. Gamezebo’s Spirit Lords Tips, Cheats and Strategies will will help you become one chest-smacker of a barbarian.

spirit lords tips cheats strategies

  • Explore every inch of a map – Most levels have treasure chests scattered throughout, though said chests can be off the beaten path. Keep a sharp lookout. Chests glow blue, which can help you spot them.
  • Creep up on enemies and unleash a long-distance attack – Is a group of enemies milling in your pathway? Approach them slowly, then unleash a long-distance attack. You may be able to take some out before they have a chance to rush and swarm you.
  • Remember elemental strengths and weaknesses – It’s very important to take advantage of elemental strengths and weaknesses in Spirit Lords, and to equip yourself with spirits accordingly. Water trumps Fire. Fire trumps Nature. Nature trumps Water. Void and Arcane magic are strong against each other.
  • Many spirits have secondary powers – Some spirits offer passive stat boosts. For instance, the Warming Ventus lets you get an extra 1% of healing power out of healing orbs as long as you have it equipped. Look at each spirit’s additional power near the bottom of its information card.

spirit lords tips cheats strategies

  •  Remember to use your daily free relic draw – You receive one ticket daily to make a free relic draw. Eve if you don’t get a spirit that’s worth using in battle, you can feed it to your battle hoard.
  •  Do side quests to level up and acquire loot – When you’ve completed all the story missions in an area, you have the option to do sidequests. Unlike story missions, sidequests can be done over and over. It’s the best way to gather levels and loot.
  • Keep your inventory clean and tidy – You only have so much space, and buying extra slots is very expensive. Sell off what you don’t need for some extra cash. There isn’t much point to hanging onto old stuff.
  • Bash boxes for extra coins – Boxes are everywhere on most battlefields. Smash them for some extra coins!

spirit lords tips cheats strategies

  • Send unused spirits on quests – Keep a couple of spirits on-hand for questing purposes. Quests level up your spirits, and you may find Grubbins spirits, which provide massive experience boosts.
  • You can fast-travel using the map’s waypoints – Tired of watching your warrior trudge slooowly across the game’s overworld? Tap the “Map” button. This will let you travel instantly between waypoints, which look like small black structures peeking out of the ground. When you find a waypoint on the overworld, it’s added automatically to your fast-travel map.

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