Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon is a mysterious action adventure experience from Tiger Style Games. In this game, you’ll control a spider as he explores a strange estate while capturing and eating insects. Gamezebo’s Spider: Rite of the Shrouded …

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Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon is a mysterious action adventure experience from Tiger Style Games. In this game, you’ll control a spider as he explores a strange estate while capturing and eating insects. Gamezebo’s Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you be the best bug-eating and puzzle-solving spider you can be.Walkth

General Tips

    • Portals open based on score, not number of bugs eaten. To finish a level and move to the next stage via portal, you’ll need to reach a minimum score for that particular level. This is only based on your numerical score and not the amount of bugs eaten. This means if you get a high score multiplier, you can eat a lot fewer bugs and still open the portal.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Score portals only open the next level in a building; to move to a new building, you’ll need to solve a Mystery. There are two types of locations in Spider: RotSM: individual levels are the rooms you actually play in. Buildings are groups of levels in the same general location. For example: “Entrance Hall” is a level in the “Mansion South” building. “Hayloft” is a level in the “Barn” building. And so on. When you open a portal, you’re able to move to the next level within a building. Once you finish all of the levels in a given building, you will reveal the next building, but you can only access stages in that next building if you have solved the related Mystery. For help solving Mysteries, see the final section of this guide below.
    • Clues are different than secrets, but the game will alert you to both. As you explore Blackbird Estate, you’ll sometimes come across clues, secrets, and other strange events. Clues are used to solve Mysteries, which unlock buildings. When you uncover a clue, the game will call it out as a clue and then store a snapshot of it under your Mysteries tab in the menu. Clues often contain passcodes or other specific information that you’ll input into the game at some point.
      Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
      • Secrets are similar to clues, but they are not used to solve a concrete puzzle. Secrets may provide hints to finding clues or puzzle solutions, or they may simply give you more information about the events at Blackbird Estate. Secrets are used to mentally piece together what happened at the estate, but since they are not used in tangible puzzles, they are not saved anywhere. If you want to track secrets, you may want to take notes or screenshots of them yourself. When you come across either a clue or a secret for the first time, the game will provide a pop-up message that says “Clue found” or “Secret found” depending on which type it is.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • The Estate Map tracks undiscovered clues and secrets. When you select a level to play on the Estate Map, it will show you a grid with the four possible weather conditions—clear day, rainy day, clear night, rainy night—and an icon next to it. If the icon is a minus sign, it means you haven’t completed the level in that weather condition yet. If the icon is a checkmark, it means you have completed the level in that weather condition and found all secrets/clues available. If the icon is a question mark under a magnifying glass, it means you have completed the level in that weather condition but you have not found all the secrets or clues yet.
      • Sometimes a level will contain a question mark on multiple weather conditions: this can mean either A) a secret/clue is undiscovered that can be found in any of those conditions or B) there are multiple secrets to be found, in each condition. If A, playing the level in any condition and finding the missing secret/clue will change all icons to a checkmark. If B, getting one checkmark will not change the others, and you’ll know you need to replay during that weather condition. Note: some secrets can only be discovered during certain phases of the moon. If you are having trouble finding a secret, try checking back during different moon phases.
    • ”Level Clear” means you’ve eaten all the bugs on that stage. If you get a pop-up while playing that says “Level Clear,” it means you’re out of bugs to eat. This will always show up alongside the portal opening or afterward; it’s impossible to run out of bugs to eat and not score enough to open the portal. Note you don’t have to eat all the bugs on a level to complete it and the map menu mentioned above does not track this: it’s just an optional event you can aim at for fun.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Try disabling location services if you’re waiting for rain. Although there is a “weather machine” in the game, it can only be used to change either the time or weather for a short period every phase of the moon. If you’re waiting on rain between weather machine uses, try disabling location services from the settings menu, (Advanced Settings), closing and reopening the game. This will change the weather to “Blackbird Estate,” which may be different than your personal weather at the time.
    • Don’t forget you can double-jump. There are a few areas in the game that will require a double-jump to traverse, but it’s also just a useful skill in general. Mid-jump, swipe in any direction to get a boost in that direction. If you’re going right and swipe right, you’ll prolong your jump; if you’re going up and swipe down, you’ll dive down, etc. Depending on your momentum and how you swipe, the double-jump won’t always register. Practice it on wide open rooms to get a feel for when you need it later.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
  • “Strong webs” are basically large webs. Sometimes when making a web, you’ll receive a pop-up that says “Strong web!” This type of web is capable of capturing larger insects, like the scorpionfly. There’s not really an exact science to making these: they’re usually just larger webs with longer sides. We’ve found that making webs with obtuse angles helps, as it adds a little extra area to the web overall.

Capturing Unique Bugs

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon features a wide variety of insects to capture and digest. Many insects are collected simply by trapping them in a web. However, some insects require a little extra work to trap or cannot be trapped at all. This section will discuss some of these unique insects, their behavior, and how you can collect them.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Fire Ant: Fire ants are aggressive: if they see you, an exclamation point appears over their head and they’ll dash at you. Getting hit by a fire ant will reduce your silk total. To capture them, jump at them before they see you or after they’ve attacked and missed.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Flying Ant: Flying ants almost exclusively appear in overhead levels. When approached, they’ll take off and fly to a different location. These ants can only be captured by tackling them right after they’ve landed from a flight. Tackling them before they fly off does nothing; follow them as they fly away and then jump on them as soon as they land again.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Snakefly: Snakeflies won’t fly into existing webs, even if you build one in the path of their flight. Build a web around them as they fly by.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Scorpionfly: Scorpionflies can’t hurt our spider, but they can really hurt his webs. They can only be captured by strong webs, and they’ll tear apart any non-strong webs they fly into. Capture these guys first or just avoid their flight path entirely.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • House Fly: House flies can’t be caught in webs; you’ll have to tackle them when they’re stationary on a surface. (Tackling them mid-air does nothing.)
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Clusterfly: Just a really big fly. Needs a strong web to be captured; will break any non-strong webs it gets caught in.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Grasshoppers and Crickets: Two different insects, but with the same style: these bugs will hop away from the spider if he gets too close. Drive them towards your web by walking and jumping at them. They can also be juggled like a volleyball by jumping into them: if you want to get a cricket into a web up high, jump into him from below to knock him straight up.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Dragonfly: Dragonflies will escape your web if they aren’t stunned first. Jump at them and tackle them into your web to stun them long enough to eat. Even after being stunned, if you leave them on the web too long, they’ll escape again. You can keep jump-tackling a dragonfly to transport it across a room if need be.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Hornet (all colors): Hornets won’t be trapped by webs. They must be tackled mid-air. Once you tackle a hornet, the two of you will fall together until you hit a surface and eat him.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Red Hornet: Red hornets, like fire ants, are aggressive. The only way to capture them is to dodge their attacks and then tackle them when they have a question mark over their head. Tackling them at any other time will cause you to lose silk.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Junebug: Junebugs are extremely bouncy. You can knock them into webs and each other by jumping at them.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Gnat: Gnats won’t be trapped in webs; they must be tackled mid-air.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Honey Bee: Honey bees are similar to hornets, except you have to hit them twice: first, tackle them to knock them out of the air. They’ll be stunned and belly-up on the ground wherever they land. Then jump on them in this state to eat them.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Ladybug: Ladybugs won’t fly into your web unless another bug is already trapped there. You have to bait them with another insect; leave the insect in your web until the ladybug comes to investigate, then eat them both. You’ll know the ladybug is interested if she hovers with her wings open, facing the trapped insect.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Mosquito: Mosquitoes are very wary of the spider. They’ll dart away anytime he comes close. Build a web and then herd the mosquitoes into it. Walk slowly toward mosquitoes; jumping at them may cause them to fly in a different direction than you want.
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Walkthrough
    • Inchworm: Inchworms hang from silk threads during rain. Build a web beneath them, then jump through their threads to sever them. The inchworms will fall into your web and become trapped. Note you cannot trap an inchworm while it’s still on its thread, and they will not be trapped if they crawl into your web. They must fall onto them.

Tips for Solving Mysteries

      • You don’t always have to find all the clues to solve a Mystery. Most Mysteries have one Puzzle Object, which is the clue that you actually have to interact with in order to physically solve the Mystery. For instance, the first Mystery—Mansion South—can be solved without finding the first two clues and simply by going to the third clue—the Puzzle Object—and entering the correct sequence. Going back and finding clues after you’ve solved the Mystery will still notify you and add them to your clue board.
      • If you find a clue but then back out of the level, the clue will still be added to your clue board. This is nice because it means you can go clue- and secret-hunting without having to replay levels in their entirety. However, note that you won’t get a checkmark on a level—even if you’ve found all of its secrets and clues—until you actually finish it at least once by eating bugs.
      • Most clues are found within the building whose Mystery they help solve, but… …there are a few exceptions to this rule. If you find a clue and the “clues found” total on your current Mystery does not increase, then it means the clue is used for a Mystery in a different building. In the walkthrough below, we have listed clues under the Mystery they help solve. If the clue is from a different building than the Mystery itself, we have called this out.

Mysteries Walkthrough

As mentioned above, Mysteries are the tangible puzzles you have to solve to unlock all the levels / buildings in the game. This part of the guide will tell you where to find the clues to each Mystery and how to solve them. We will not go into detail on all the secrets and other hidden aspects of the game: this walkthrough will help you to unlock all the main levels and spider types, which will open the door to solving the greater mystery of Blackbird Estate.

The following section contains spoilers and detailed information on solving the game’s primary Mysteries.


Mansion South Mystery

Number of clues: 3

        • Clue 1: Level: Entrance Hall | The Organ.
          • Location: From the starting room, head right under the hat stand. The second room you enter contains an organ with a small piece of paper containing music notes on it, which is the clue.
          • To acquire: Walk along the top of the organ towards the music strip until the “Clue Found” notification appears.
        • Clue 2: Level: Parlor.
          • Location: In the starting room, head right until you reach a chair next to a music box.
          • To acquire: Jump from the chair onto the glowing golden handle of the music box. The spider won’t actually land on it, but it will activate the handle and play a record. After the record is done playing, the handle will begin glowing again. Jump through the handle again, let the music play, then jump on it a third time. After activating the music box the third time, a record with the same letters as the music strip found in Clue 1 will appear.
        • Clue 3 – Puzzle Object: Level: Guest Bedroom | Inside the Organ.
          • Location: From the starting room, head right along the floor. Just to the right of the table under the picture frame is an air vent with an arrow leading to the room “Inside the Organ.”
          • To acquire: Enter this room and climb up past the gears to the inner workings of the organ.
        • Solving the Mansion South Mystery: Go to the location of Clue 3, Guest Bedroom | Inside the Organ. Jump on the buttons in the order F-A-C-A-D-E. If you accidentally press the wrong button, start over from the beginning. Once you play the notes in the correct order, the picture frame in the other room will swing open and the spider will automatically jump inside, entering stage “The Vault.” Unlocking The Vault counts as solving the Mystery; if you back out of the level without finishing it, the Mansion South Mystery will still be noted as “solved.”
        • Results: Solving the Mansion South Mystery unlocks level “The Vault,” and buildings Mansion North and Barn.

Barn Mystery

Number of clues: 3

        • Clue 1: Level: Inside the Barn.
          • Location: In the starting room, head left over the sharpening wheel and through the hole in the wood. In the bottom-left corner of the room is a rusty wheel with symbols on it.
          • To acquire: Jump on the rusty wheel.
        • Clue 2: Level: Inside the Windmill.
          • Location: This level is one large interior room. If it’s clear, the gears will move back and forth with a pause in between. If it’s raining, they will run consistently, making navigation a bit trickier. Follow the path up until you hit the ceiling, then to the right until you hit a wall, then drop down to the bottom-right corner. This corner is filled with a large stone wheel with symbols on it.
          • To acquire: Jump onto the triangle in the center of the wheel.
        • Clue 3 – Puzzle Object: Level: Inside the Windmill.
          • Location: From the location of Clue 2, head left. You’ll come across two gears connected next to a golden locker. You want to get inside that locker: you’ll need to ride inside the spoke indentations on the gear until you can get to the right side of the locker.
            Once next to the locker, you can jump left into it or walk on its upper side to enter. There is a golden gear here: walk on the wall left of the gear down below it. Just to the right of this new area is a set of switches with symbols.
          • To acquire: Walk or jump right towards the switches until the “Clue Found” notice appears.
        • Solving the Barn Mystery: Go to the location of Clue 3, Inside the Windmill. You need to set the switches to the correct symbols. Notice that each switch has two symbols: one on top and one on bottom. If you jump up into a switch, it will move to the upper symbol. If you jump onto a switch from above, it will move to the bottom symbol.
          The correct symbols can be found by laying the rusty wheel from Clue 1 over the stone wheel from Clue 2: essentially you want to use the symbols found on the rusty wheel and line them up to see which stone symbols to use. The correct solution is to put the switches in these positions from left to right: down, down, up, up, down, up.
        • Results: Solving the Barn Mystery unlocks building Grounds.

Mansion North Mystery

Number of clues: 4

        • Clue 1: Level: Hallway | Ceiling Motif.
            • Location: In the starting room / floor, head up and left to an arrow leading to another room. In this room, West Wall, head straight up, past the picture and thermometer. When you reach an opening, head left towards the plant. There’s another arrow here: enter it and you’ll be back in the muddy floor room, but on top of the furniture. Jump along the leftmost furniture until you reach another arrow, which takes you to the room with the grandfather clock. Jump onto the ceiling of this room and enter the arrow: this will take you to the Ceiling Motif.
          • To acquire: Walk around the motif until you see a small arrow pointing to one of the blue triangles and the “Clue Found” notification pops up. Note: the arrow will point at different triangles depending on your game. Make a note of the two symbols on the triangle it is pointing to; this will come in handy soon.
        • Clue 2: Level: Gargoyles.
          • Location: Head to the far left side of the room, where there’s a stone block hanging on the left-most wall. This block has symbols on it (sun, moon, water drop, etc.) and little stone buttons sticking out of it.
          • To acquire: Jump on the stone block to make “Clue Found” appear.
        • Clue 3 – Puzzle Object: Level: Gargoyles.
          • Location: There’s two parts to this Puzzle Object. First, head to the location of Clue 2, the stone block with knobs. You need to jump onto the two knobs that match the symbols you found in Clue 1, on the Ceiling Motif. For us, that was sun and sunglasses/infinity symbol. Jump onto the corresponding symbol knobs to push them in, then head to the far upper-right part of the room.
          • To acquire: In the upper-right part of the room is a handle that flashes gold. Jump into this handle to activate it. If you activate it when the correct symbol knobs have been pushed in on the stone block, the gargoyle below will move his arm towards the moon chart underneath the handle. Note: if you pushed the wrong knobs, you can reset them by activating the handle and then trying again. Once you activate the gargoyle, the knobs and handle will be deactivated. However, the gargoyle appears to be broken. We need to find Clue 4 to fix him.
        • Clue 4 Level: Hallway | Between the Walls.
          • Location: Get to the Ceiling Motif via the same directions given in Clue 1. On the right side of the motif is a tiny opening between two of the blue triangles: enter this opening to reveal the gears under the light fixture and an arrow leading inside. Enter this arrow to access Hallway | Between the Walls. You’ll be inside the light with a pair of gears moving above you. (Note: If you get here before finding Clue 3, the gears will not be moving and will block off the opening above.)
          • To acquire: Just entering this area will activate the Clue, but there’s much more to this one, which continues below.
        • Solving the Mansion North Mystery: Go to the location of Clue 4 above: Hallway | Between the Walls. Note: we recommend eating bugs within Hallway to stock up on silk before traveling to this final Clue, as it’s dangerous. In the light fixture Between the Walls, you need to jump past the gears without getting caught by them—if they catch you, you will be squished and lose silk. Jump on the yellow portion of the ceiling just below the gears. When they open to towards the top of the pipe, jump up into the opening and past them.
          Walk up until just before you reach the box with gears above. There are fire ants in here, so be ready to jump as soon as you enter. These fire ants can be eaten without dodging first, so jump into them as quickly as possible. Once they are eaten, head left into the next pipe. You’ll enter a larger space with more fire ants: jump on these to clear out this path, but be careful not to jump too far left.

          Once this hall is clear, head left. You’ll see a stationary swarm of fire ants and a hornets’ nest. You’re going to have to jump into the hornets’ nest to awaken the hornets and then take out all the fire ants and hornets. This nest is all red hornets, so it’s very dangerous.

          Jump through the nest at the group of fire ants. Take the ants out while the hornets awaken. If you’re quick, only one hornet should appear before the ants are gone. With the ants gone, jump back to the far right side of the room (but don’t leave). Timed right, only one hornet should come for you at a time as they are still spawning. Remember that to catch a red hornet you have to dodge its attack and then jump on it while it has a question mark over its head. Do so for each red hornet until they are all gone.

          Once the room is completely free of ants and hornets, a cut scene occurs showing the gargoyle gears moving properly. The spider will automatically be transported back to the Gargoyles room where we’ll see the arm move to the correct location, and the Mystery is solved.

        • Results: Solving the Mansion North Mystery unlocks buildings Tower and Ship.

Grounds Mystery

Number of Clues: 3

Special Note: The Grounds Mystery is the first one with Clues existing outside its primary building. It’s also possible to solve this Mystery completely by accident, stumbling upon the solution by chance, because its only requirement is entering a room during the correct phase of the moon.

        • Clue 1: Level: Conservatory.
          • Location: In the starting room, head to the far right wall and then down. There is a hose on the floor in the bottom-right corner of the room. Enter the hose’s opening and walk to the right; the spider will walk through the hose to the other side of the room, exiting near some books and a chalkboard easel. Head right over the books until you see another easel with drawings pinned to it, the Clue.
          • To acquire: Walk on the toys below the easel with drawings until “Clue Found” appears.
        • Clue 2: Level: Study – inside Tower, not Grounds.
          • Location: This clue is for the Grounds Mystery, but it’s inside the Tower building, level “Study.” In the Study starting room, head along the ceiling to the far left side of the room, then drop down until you’re below the shelf of chemicals, standing on a book with a magnifying glass.
          • To acquire: Walk onto the book until “Clue Found” appears. If you walk along the book, you can see the left page shows a bird with its wings closed during most phases of the moon. On the right page, the bird has its wings open with only one moon phase listed. This will come in handy for Clue 3.
        • Clue 3 – stand-in: Level: Treehouse.
          • Location: Climb up the tree to the first wooden plank area with toys scattered about. To the left is a cowboy and yellow tractor; to the right a bowl and blue tractor. Walk on the blue tractor and head right, underneath it. Keep going right and you’ll enter a small opening in the wood that leads to a hidden area behind the wooden planks. There is a green dinosaur and black bird inside.
          • To acquire: This is actually not the real third Clue for the Grounds area. This is the only clue for the main Mysteries we haven’t tracked down yet. We suspect the third Clue for this area is in the Smoking Room of the Tower, but this seems related to a moon phase we haven’t encountered yet. We will update this Clue as soon as we find the real one that is added to the Clue board, but the Mystery can still be solved without it.
        • Solving the Grounds Mystery: The Grounds Mystery can only be solved during a certain phase of the moon. Specifically, the moon must be waxing crescent. This looks like a sliver of moon (about 25%) on the right side of the sky and darkness on the left, as in the image above. During this type of moon, visit the bird in Clue 3. If the moon phase is waxing crescent, his wings will open up, revealing a chart. This will solve the Grounds Mystery.
        • Result: Solving the Grounds Mystery unlocks building Ship.

Ship Mystery

Number of Clues: 2

        • Clue 1: Level: Sewing Room | Trunk – in Mansion North.
          • Location: In the starting room, head up and over the sewing machine and past the dress mannequin. On the far, bottom-left corner of the room, go under the cabinet and enter the arrow to another room. You’ll be in Sewing Room | Trunk. Jump up onto the wood beam and walk left until you enter the crack in the trunk and access its interior. Just to the right of this entrance is a torn scrap of paper with symbols on it.
          • To acquire: Walk next to the paper until “Clue Found” appears.
        • Clue 2: Level: Hallway | West Wall – in Mansion North.
            • Location: From the muddy floor starting area, head up and left to the arrow on the left wall that leads to the large sitting room. From here, head to the right, over the bench until you reach a large empty area. There’s a slippery wall to the right that has one small area you can cling to near its center. Jump up and onto this small area (may require a double-jump). The grandfather clock will be to your right and a ship in a bottle will be to your left.
          • To acquire: Jump straight left from the wall into the bottle. You need to jump into the bottle’s opening; the rest of it is slippery and will cause you to fall off. Once inside, walk left and into the ship. You’ll see a slip of paper with symbols on it; walk close to it until “Clue Found” appears.
        • Solving the Ship Mystery: Enter Ship level “The Dock.” Walk to the far right end of the dock until you see a rope tied to the pier on the upper part of the screen. Stand next to the rope and dash-jump onto it. It’s small visually, but the hitbox for landing on it is fairly large, so just aim for the rope and you should hit it. Walk along the rope away from the dock until you reach the ship and an arrow; go inside and you’ll be on Ship | The Helm.The only real thing of interest here is a large ship’s wheel with symbols on each of its spokes. These symbols match those found on the two Clues above, the scraps of paper found in Mansion North. These scraps of paper give us a sort of combination to the ship’s wheel.

          The Sewing Room scrap goes first and has two symbols: a sort of sideways “2” pointing clockwise and a curvy line with a dot above and arch below pointing counterclockwise. This means we need to turn the wheel clockwise—by standing on spokes on the right side so the wheel turns clockwise—until the sideways “2” on the wheel is in the 12 o’clock position at the top.

          Then, we need to jump off and get back on the wheel on the left side so it turns counterclockwise until the curvy line with a dot above and arch below is in the 12 o’clock position. Then, do the same thing for the next three symbols from the Hallway paper: clockwise until “LV” symbol is on top, then counterclockwise until the partial eyeball symbol is on top, then finally clockwise again until the fork-cat symbol is on top.

          It’s a fairly slow process with no indication you’re doing anything correctly until the final symbol hits 12 o’clock. We recommend zooming out while the wheel is turning so you can easily see when the right symbol hits the top position.

          Once the fifth symbol is in place, assuming you’ve inputted all the other symbols correctly, the door on the left side of the room will automatically open and a portal will appear. Walk along the floor to the left side of the room to enter the portal and unlock the Captain’s Quarters, solving the Ship Mystery.

        • Result: Solving the Ship Mystery unlocks level “Captain’s Quarters” on the Ship.

Tower Mystery

Number of Clues: 2

        • Clue 1: Level: Top of the Tower | Lightning Rod.
          • Location: Climb up the stairs and head to the right, out the small opening in the wood to the next location. You’ll exit on the outside of the tower, with a golden coil above you. Jump on the coil and follow it up and to the left until you reach the base of the tower.
          • To acquire: Just keep walking until you reach the base, which has four latches on it (two on each side), and the “Clue Found” notification should appear.
      • Clue 2: Level: Top of the Tower | Lightning Rod.
        • Location: Just as with Clue 1, exit to the outside of the tower and head up the golden coil to the base. From here, climb up the lightning rod until you reach the V at the top.
        • To acquire: Climbing to the top of the rod should do it. However, if it does not cause the “Clue Found” notification to appear, you may need to come back when it’s raining. (See below.)
      • Solving the Tower Mystery: Note: this is one of the hardest Mysteries to solve from a mechanical standpoint, just because of the timing required. We recommend actually beating this level—eating bug-wise—on a clear day, separate from solving the Mystery.In order to solve the Mystery, you need to return to the Top of the Tower | Lightning Rod on a rainy night. Head back up to the location of Clue 1, the four latches at the base of the lightning rod. While outside the tower during rain, lightning will strike intermittently. You’re going to have to activate the four latches, let lightning strike the rod, and then get back inside the tower (via the same arrow on the right-hand side you used to get to the outside) without getting electrocuted. However, once you activate the four latches, any time lightning strikes, it will electrify the golden coil, potentially zapping you.

        The easiest way to do this is to head to the base of the rod, but don’t jump on the latches or stand on it. Wait for lightning to strike the rod, then (after it passes) jump over the latches on the right side and head up the rod. You should have enough time before lighting strikes again to walk up the rod to the top. Get to the other side and then jump/fall off to the left–you won’t have time to walk back down the rod before lightning hits. Jump onto the latches on the left side to activate them.

        Now, do the same thing in reverse. Wait for lightning to strike, jump back on the rod and head back to the right side. Once down, wait for lightning to pass and then jump on the remaining two latches to close them. With all four latches connected, when lightning strikes, the coil will light up. You need to be in the air if this happens. Jump right to make some distance along the coil, then walk back to the arrow-exit to enter the tower again. If you’re in danger of being electrocuted, jump anywhere you can–jumping off the screen will only reduce your silk count while being electrocuted will kill you entirely.


        Once back inside the tower, head left through the now-open door. Head through the room to the left where a portal waits on top of a ladder. Enter the portal, which takes you to the upper part of the laboratory you couldn’t reach before. Drop down the right side, into the electrical field, to see a cut scene. The Tower Mystery is solved.

      • Result: Solving the Tower Mystery unlocks any buildings not yet unlocked and leads to the larger Mystery of the game and Blackbird Estate…We’ll leave that one to you, little spider.
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