Spider-Man Unlimited Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Spider-Man Unlimited is an autorunner from Gameloft that celebrates the world of Marvel Comics’ favorite web-slingin’ hero. Our Spider-Man Unlimited Tips, Cheats and Strategies guide should give you all the heroics you need to make you king of your local leaderboard.

Pay Attention To Each Spidey’s Abilities

Spider-Man Unlimited Tips Cheats Strategies

Abilities in Spider-Man Unlimited aren’t what you might think of as superhero abilities in a traditional sense. Wall-crawling and web-shooting just come naturally to our hero, regardless of which Spider-Man he is. Instead, abilities are passive. But that doesn’t make them any less valuable! The Spider-Armor character can get you 30% more score from running, making him a great choice for Unlimited mode. House of M Spider-Man gives you a 30% bonus for vials, making him equally awesome if you’re trying to save up. Learn the abilities of all of your Spider-Men.

Don’t Buy Continues

Spider-Man Unlimited Tips Cheats Strategies

Having a good run and fumble? Spider-Man Unlimited gives you the option to continue by using premium currency. Here’s why that’s a bad idea (unless you’re willing to spend money): premium currency can be saved up to buy premium characters. That means a five star guarantee, not only giving you a cool Spidey to play with, but a higher level cap (and you’ll be grateful to have it eventually). You might be tempted to use that continue regardless in certain situations, but just remember: if you almost reached a goal this time, you can reach it eventually. Patience, grasshopper.

Punching Bad Guys is Profitable


You’ve been avoiding the lanes with bad guys in them so that you’d have one less thing to worry about, right? I’ll bet you think you’re pretty clever. Alas, you’re not. While it’s almost impossible to see because of the speed in which it happens, you’ll get a nice chunk of vials for every baddie you dispatch.

Falling and Climbing Will Mess You Up Bad

Spider-Man Unlimited Tips Cheats Strategies

One of the cooler features of Spider-Man Unlimited is that the game will switch between different styles of play on the fly. Running and swinging are easy enough to get used to, but climbing walls and falling from heights? There’s a twist here that’s meant to throw you for a loop: you’ll tilt the device to control their direction instead of swiping on the screen. You can get used to it with a little practice, but even then, it’s all to easy to forget to switch back to swiping once you’re running again. REMEMBER: WHEN IT ENDS, YOU NEED TO START SWIPING AGAIN.

Power-Ups Don’t Last Long


Picking up a shield or web-hands seems awesome, but it’s really just tricking you into a false sense of security. These will disappear so quickly that you may as well not have bothered in the first place. When you get a power up, just keep playing like you haven’t. If you let the game trick you into thinking you’re invincible, you’re going to have a bad time.

Burn Extra Cards to Level Up Faster


It’ll cost you a bit in vials, but you can earn XP just by fusing unwanted cards to the hero you want to build up. If you need to create room in your roster (you can only have so many Spider-Men), this is the smartest way to do it. Just remember – you’ll need to do the same to raise your level cap by “ranking” up every 10 levels, so don’t give away all your cards this way.

Costume-Specific Missions Give Big XP Bumps


If you’ve unlocked a new Spider-Man and want to get him from Level 1 to Level 10 fast, keep an eye out for a missions specific to his costume. You’ll earn a crazy amount of XP compared to regular missions.

How to Earn XP Without Playing


The game doesn’t really explain this one up front, but there’s a “farming” element to the game that’s great if you’re not planning on playing with certain Spider-Men for a bit. If you go to “My Team,” and then “Spidey Ops,” you can send up to six Spider-Men to do a “mission” that — if successful — will earn them XP. The likelihood of success is tied to their level, so it’s not always a sure thing. Another option (after you’ve completed the first Chapter) is to slot extra Spider-Men in the sidebar when playing in Unlimited Mode. Every slotted Spider-Man will earn extra XP alongside the character you’re playing.

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