Spider Jack Walkthrough

Spider Jack – Game Introduction

Spider Jack is the latest physics puzzle game from Clickgamer for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Spider Jack just woke up and is hungry for his latest breakfast. By conquering the puzzles within, you’ll be able to feed Spider Jack some much needed fun while having a lot of fun along the way. If you get stuck on any of the puzzles, don’t worry! Gamezebo’s quick start guide is here to help and will have you cracking them in no time.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Spider Jack Spider Jack

  • In order to start playing Spider Jack, you’ll first need to download the game from the iTunes App Store by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Now that the game has downloaded and installed, you can find it on the home screen of your device. Tap the icon labeled “Spider Jack” to start the game.
  • From the main menu, you’ll need to press “Play Game” to start. You’ll now be shown the introductory cut scene, which introduces Spider Jack and his newfound dilemma.
  • You may also enable the Crystal social network by tapping on its icon on the main menu. From there you are able to participate in the game’s leaderboards, earn achievements, as well as share your accomplishments through Facebook or Twitter. If you haven’t played a game previously with the Crystal network, you will first need to create an account to utilize its features.
  • If you are familiar with the game Cut The Rope, you will find the setup and gameplay in Spider Jack to be very familiar.
  • There are three rooms each representing different difficulties.
  • You will start only with the Barn unlocked. As you play levels and earn stars (You may earn up to three stars per level, with 25 levels per room), you will be able to use the stars to unlock more rooms and more levels.
  • The Bathroom set takes 50 stars to unlock, while the Laboratory takes 100 stars to unlock. The Barn level set is unlocked from the start, requiring no stars. More level sets are likely to be added to the game soon, so keep an eye out for app updates.

How To Play

Spider Jack Spider Jack

  • The idea behind each level of Spider Jack is to allow Jack access to the fly so he may eat it. You will also need to hit at least one star (up to three) to complete each level.
  • A good note is that while you can complete each level by only collecting one star, you should at least try to collect all three stars if possible. Doing so will earn you more points and bring you closer to unlocking the next set of additional levels. However, don’t get frustrated and stuck on a level just because you can’t grab the last remaining star.
  • In each level, there is a “sucker” that you will need to tap in order to allow Jack to latch onto that point. Jack will immediately begin climbing the web until he reaches it. As long as the fly and a star is in the path to the web, you will need to do nothing else to complete the level.
  • In most levels though, you will likely need to cut the web at some point, which will cause Jack to fall unless there is a fly he can land on.
  • Keep in mind – There is no penalty given if you lose a level by allowing Jack to fall or by missing a star. You can simply hit the restart button to immediately start playing the level again until you get it perfect.

Spider Jack Spider Jack

  • After each level, you will see Spider Jack celebrate with his meal along with your star rating and score, at which point you can simply hit the Next button to move onto the next level.
  • In certain levels, you will need to switch which sucker Jack latches onto. You can do so simply by tapping the alternate sucker. Even trickier maneuvers may require that you latch onto suckers while Jack is already falling.
  • If you know you are going to fail a level or are not satisfied with your progress in the current level, simply tap the curved arrow icon found at the top of the screen to restart the level instantly.
  • If you are stuck on a level and can only grab one or two stars for the time being, you can come back to it at any point to try for a higher score.

Puzzle Examples and Solutions

  • To better understand the game, a few examples and solutions of each puzzle are given below.
  • A few notes: Remember, you only need to eat the fly in order to progress to the next level. Collecting stars is definitely recommended but not required to immediately progress to the next level.
  • Collecting stars will unlock the next room of levels.
  • In these level examples, the steps are listed in the exact order you should complete them in. Completing them out of order may be possible but they may not have the result you would like.
  • Even with these steps, keep in mind that these levels may require very specific timing and skill. Keep at it with the steps provided and you will eventually complete the level with the stars in tact.

Level 1-11 Solution

Spider Jack Spider Jack

  • This level is likely one of the first roadblocks you will hit when playing Spider Jack. The complex maneuvers haven’t really been explained at this point, and this one is one of the first to require extremely quick movements.
  • First, you’ll need to have Jack latch onto the sucker in the middle of the level. Now, Jack will swing and grab the first two stars in the level.
  • Right after Jack collects the second star, break the web he is swinging on. Just before Jack hits the fly, tap the sucker again.
  • Jack will now swing and grab the third star. When Jack has swung over the fly again, break the web to send him crashing down onto the fly for his meal.

Level 1-12 Solution

Spider Jack Spider Jack

  • This level is more tricky than usual but is actually easier than most players think. The trick is simplicity, really.
  • From the start, break Jack’s initial web to send him falling down. When Jack has fallen about halfway down the screen, tap the red sucker.
  • Now, Jack will swing along and grab two stars. Allow Jack to climb the web to reach the top of the sucker and straighten out.
  • Break Jack’s web and he will fall down grabbing the last star and eat the fly. Probably a lot easier than you expected, right?


Spider Jack

  • You have completed the quick start guide for Spider Jack on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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