Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Walkthrough

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena – Game Introduction

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is a Facebook game developed by Large Animal Games. Purchase slaves and train gladiators to fight a bloody battle in different arenas against other houses. Sway the crowd, rig fights, and ask help from your allies to gain influence and Denarii, to elevate your house and bring out a champion. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Spartacus: Gods of the Arena by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Spartacus Currencies

As Dominus, it is your goal to elevate your house and churn out champions from gladiators. To increase your status, you should know your resources and currencies.

 Gods of the Arena

  • Denarii: Your coins to purchase slaves and equipment such as your gladiator’s weapon, armor, shield, and helmet.
  • Energy: You will need energy points to train your gladiators and have them fight at the arena. It is also used to heal wounded gladiators in the medicus. Increase the maximum level of energy points by adding allies.
  • Influence: This is primarily used to save your gladiators in case they lose a battle. It is important to get as many influence points so as not to lose your men. You can also use influence to instantly train your gladiators.
  • Purchase Slaves: At the ludus, you’ll start off with one barrack to hold a gladiator. Lucretia will help you choose your first gladiator. Once you level up, a barrack will be available for you to purchase another one.

 Gods of the Arena

Pick a slave that has a high maximum level in speed, brawn, and vitality. They will be more expensive but beneficial when fighting in bigger arenas. Purchasing them this early will give you an advantage to win most, if not all, battles in Paestum and be ready for stronger opponents in Pompeii. It will be a waste of time and money to train weaker gladiators and lose them in other arenas. Your influence points will also decrease faster because you have to save them when they lose a battle.

Once you’ve made your choice, give your new recruit a name.

 Gods of the Arena

Train Gladiators

Once you’ve purchased a slave, it’s time for them to meet Doctore to start their training. At the ludus, hover your mouse on a gladiator and click on “train” to bring you to the training screen.

 Gods of the Arena

You have a choice to train your gladiator to increase his speed, brawn, and vitality. Each gladiator has a maximum level that you can work with. In the example above, Alectro’s maximum level for vitality is 23 but because of numerous battles, his health is down to 10. He needs to rest to regain his strength.

Depending on your available energy points, you can choose to give him some rest time, which will cost you two energy points and will take about 10 minutes, or you can give him a bath for one energy point. Your choice will either give him two or 10 vitality points.

Take note that a gladiator has met the limit of his abilities, as seen in the example, Doctore will not train him further.

Tip: To save energy points, ask your allies to visit your ludus and help you train your gladiators. They’ll be rewarded with experience and influence points. You can do the same and can train their gladiators three times.

 Gods of the Arena

You can also ask them to give you vitality, brawn, and speed points as gifts, which you can accept once you need it. It’s good to honor your friends by sending them gifts and we’re sure they will reciprocate.

 Gods of the Arena

Equip your Gladiators

After training, make sure you equip your gladiator with the proper weapon, armor, shield, and helmet to give him an advantage against his opponents. Each item has a corresponding level of speed, brawn, and vitality points. It has its number of uses as well. Buying the more expensive items will add to your existing stats.

 Gods of the Arena

Once you’ve used up your equipment, it will be broken and you’ll need to change it by purchasing a different item. In the example above, his loin cloth has exceeded the number of uses. You can choose the same armor or buy a stronger one. You also have the option to repair existing items so you can use it longer. Repairing items will cost you one energy point.

Fight at the Arenas

It’s time to enter the arena and meet your opponent. Each arena will require you to fight and win certain number of battles to win a division. You go up the ranks and meet stronger gladiators as you level up.

When ready, you’ll be taken to the fight screen where you will choose a gladiator to battle against an opponent from another house. Scroll through your gladiators and find one that will ensure victory.

 Gods of the Arena

The prize for a victory will be shown in the middle. Pay attention to the advice shown on the screen. If you choose an opponent that has a higher rate of success and you win, you’ll be awarded with more Denarii.

Each fight will cost you one energy point. Completing a division will earn you prizes such as better equipment for your gladiators and increase in overall stats.

Rig Fights to Increase your Chance of Victory

You also have the option to rig the fight to make sure you’re victorious. You can heal your hero, sabotage your opponent’s weapon to make it dull, or poison them before the fight. This will cost you influence points. It’s recommended that you only rig fights at higher levels or if none of your gladiators are fit to fight.

 Gods of the Arena

Sway the Crowd to Gain Denarii

During a battle, you can gain more Denarii by swaying the crowd by cheering for your gladiator or jeering the opponent. You’ll notice a bar at the bottom for you to cheer when your gladiator lands an attack or blocks the opponent’s blow. Keep on clicking “cheer” until it reaches the thumbs up sign. This will reward you the maximum number of Denarii in the battle.

 Gods of the Arena

If your opponent hits your gladiator, you can click on “jeer” instead. Remember that the battle can move from one gladiator to another. Be alert and click on the right one when needed. If you don’t reach the thumbs up sign, you’ll still be rewarded but it will be smaller.


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