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Spa Life – Game Introduction

Spa Life is a time management game on Facebook, in which you build your spa and attract new clients while making sure those clients are happy and earn enough money to upgrade and expand your spa. Gamezebo’s Spa Life quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Spa Life

  • Spa Life is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here –
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the “Free – Play Now” button at the top of this page.

Top Toolbar

Spa Life

  • On the top left side of the screen you will find your cash balance, your Facebook credit balance, and your style rating.

Spa Life

  • On the top right side of the screen you will find your experience, level, and your spa’s reputation.

Bottom Toolbar

Spa Life

  • On the bottom left of the screen you will find your shop, your inventory and your achievements.

Spa Life

  • On the bottom right you will find the help button, the camera, and the settings menu.
  • Just below the toolbar is your friends bar. This is where you will find all your friends who are also playing Spa Life.


  • Cash: The currency in Spa Life. Cash is used to upgrade and expand your spa.
  • Facebook credits: Used to purchase premium content.
  • Style: The style rating shows how luxurious your spa is. The higher your style rating is, the more cash your clients will pay for services.
  • Experience: Earn experience to level up. Experience is earned by providing services to your clients. The happier a client is at the end of their visit the more experience you will earn.
  • Reputation: Your reputation determines how popular your spa is. The higher your reputation, the more visitors you will have to your spa. The happier your clients are when they leave the spa, the higher your reputation will be. If clients are unhappy when they leave, your reputation will drop. Your reputation also drops when you are away from the game.
  • Shop: The shop is where you make purchases for your spa. You can purchase treatment stations, refreshment stations, advertising, walls and floors, decorations, and expand your spa’s size.
  • Inventory: Your inventory is where you will find your stored items and items you have received as gifts from friends.
  • Achievements: Earn achievements that you can share with your friends. There are numerous achievements to unlock, try and find them all.
  • Clients: Visitors to your spa. Keep your clients happy to earn extra cash and experience and to raise your reputation.
  • Treatment stations: Treatment stations are the various treatments your spa offers. Each station will require someone to run it. Treatments take a specified amount of time to complete and each treatment will earn you a specific amount of money. Depending on the happiness of your clients, you can earn additional cash on top of that.
  • Refreshment stations: Provide refreshments to you clients while they wait to increase their patience.

Spa Life

  • Advertising: Advertise specific treatments at your spa to bring in additional clients.
  • Decorations: Decorate your spa to raise your style rating. The higher your style rating, the more your clients will be willing to pay for treatments.

Building Your Spa

  • When the game begins, you will only have one treatment station, the basic manipedi station.
  • You will want to add additional stations to cater to more clients and earn more cash.
  • There are several types of stations you can purchase. These include the facial station, massage station, and the makeup station.
  • There are various levels to the stations you can purchase. Early in the game you will only be able to afford the basic models. As you progress in the game you may wish to upgrade them.
  • Pay attention to the space in your spa. When the game first begins you won’t have a lot of space to work with. It will be a while before you can afford your first expansion, so utilize your space wisely.

Spa Life

  • To purchase a new treatment station click on the shop button located in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Once the shop is open, select the treatment stations tab.
  • Select the treatment station you wish to purchase and click on the buy button.
  • Place the station in your spa.
  • It will take some time for the station is built. Once it is complete click on it to finish it.
  • You will need to hire an employee to run the spa. You will be able to choose from your friends who are also playing the game.
  • Once you have hired someone to run the station you are ready to start seeing clients.
  • You will also need to make sure you have enough chairs for your clients to wait in.
  • When you first start the game you will only be able to have three chairs. You will need to expand your spa to purchase additional chairs.

Spa Life

  • Chairs can be purchased in the shop under the refreshment stations tab.
  • You can also purchase refreshments for your clients under this tab.
  • Refreshments can be given to clients who are waiting to increase their patience and keep them happy.
  • Refreshment stations replenish themselves over time.
  • Once you’ve progressed in the game, you’re going to find yourself running out of room.

Spa Life

  • To expand your spa, go to the shop and select the spa size tab.
  • Here you will be able to purchase an expansion to spa, giving you more space and allowing additional purchases.
  • Also, be sure to spend some cash on raising your style rating.

Spa Life

  • Purchase decorations in the shop to increase your style rating. The higher your style rating, the more cash you will earn.

Running Your Spa

  • Now that your spa is built and staffed, it’s time to wait on some clients.

Spa Life

  • When a client enters your spa, they will take a seat in an available chair. The service they wish to receive will be represented by an icon above their head.
  • When a client first enters the spa they will have three hearts above their head. The longer they have to wait the less patient they will become and they will start to lose hearts.
  • If you have a refreshment station in your spa, you can serve a client a refreshment while they wait to increase their patience.
  • Once you are ready to take a client to a service station, click on the client and then move them to the station.
  • If you wait too long to move a client to station, the client will walk there themselves. This will cause them to lose some happiness.
  • Once a client is at the station you can click on them again to select a product to use on the client. Using a product will increase their hearts and earn you additional cash and experience.
  • You will unlock new products as you level up.
  • Once a treatment is complete, click on a client to check them out. Don’t forget to collect your cash, experience and reputation points.
  • If you wait too long to check a client out, they will pay you and leave but it will affect your tip and reputation.

Leveling Up

  • Level up by providing exceptional spa services to your clients.
  • Every time a client is checked out you will earn experience.
  • The happier a client is when they leave your spa, the more experience you will earn.
  • Once you earn enough experience, you will level up.
  • Leveling up will unlock new spa treatments, products, and expansion options, among other items.
  • You can earn experience when you are not playing the game as well. When you return to the game, you will be shown how much experience you have earned. The amount is dependent on what your spas reputation was when you logged out.


  • The reputation of your spa determines how many clients will stop in.
  • When you enter the game your reputation will be at zero. Opening your spa will immediately increase your reputation to 20.
  • By waiting on clients quickly, using products, and providing excellent service, you can quickly increase your reputation.
  • If clients have to wait too long, have to walk to a station themselves, or check themselves out, your reputation will decrease.
  • Your reputation maxes out at 40.
  • When you log out of the game your spa will remain open. Depending on how high your reputation is, you can continue to earn cash and experience while you are gone. Because you aren’t there to wait on the clients though, your reputation will decrease. Once your reputation hits zero, your spa will close until you return to reopen it.

Earning Cash

  • Cash is necessary for purchasing upgrades to your spa, expanding your spa, and stocking products.
  • Cash is earned by waiting on clients.
  • The happier clients are the more cash they will pay.
  • You can also earn extra cash by purchasing better quality treatment stations.


You have completed the quick start guide for Spa Life. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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