Soul Strike Idle RPG Tier List – Launch Rankings January 2024!

In need of a Soul Strike Idle RPG tier list? We ranked the units from this hack n’ slash so you know the best from the worst!

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After a Soul Strike Idle RPG Tier List? We rank the units from best to worst to help you with your team building! We also aim to update this tier regularly with fresh characters and statistic shifts so please bookmark this page and check back soon.

Soul Strike is a hack ‘n’ slash idle RPG with anime girls! Collect an army of heroes as you battle it out against zombies, dragons, slimes, and more. Complete levels to obtain resources and new equipment, allowing you to heavily upgrade your favourite characters for the battlefield. With simple combat mechanics, it’s the perfect ‘switch your brain off’ mobile game – plus, it comes with an engaging overarching storyline!

For more information about Soul Strike, you can visit the game’s official Google Play page or App Store page. We also have a Soul Strike Codes guide! If you’re into gacha check out our Galaxy Fantasy tier list and our Reverse 1999 Pickles guide!

Soul Strike Idle RPG Tier List

Remember that tier lists are intended to be subjective! Whilst we did put a lot of research into crafting these ranks you still may not agree and that is okay. Your ideal team is based on your preferred playstyle, but we still hope this tier list was helpful!


OP! These units are versatile and offer good variety to your team. On top of that, they’re very compatible and you can trust them to carry whilst you’re idle.

  • Mona
  • Charlotte
  • Emily


Strong but not the best. These units are great alternatives if you don’t have access to those in S-Tier.

  • Violet
  • Akari
  • Mina


Average at best. Average at worst too. These units offer a few niche uses and are pretty much just decent.

  • Vivian
  • Sylvia
  • Gabriel
  • Seohyun


Weak, but not the worst. These units are better suited to beginners as you begin building your ideal team. Just don’t settle for less with these characters.

  • There are no units here currently!


These units don’t offer much to your party and won’t be generating much whilst you’re idle.

  • There are no units here currently!

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