Sons of the Forest Water – Locations and More!

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Looking for a Sons of the Forest water guide? You’ve come to the right place! Water is one of the most crucial resources in the game, so you’ll need to know exactly where you can find it at all times. Our guide includes all you need to know about where you can get water, and how to hydrate yourself. We’ve even added some extra information on how you can store water for longer periods of time!

In Sons of the Forest, you’re given the task to find a missing billionaire on an eerily remote island. In true horror style, you’re surrounded by cannibalistic creatures throughout this environment. It’s up to you to survive this hellish island and complete your original task. You need to craft, build, and fight off danger at every turn.

The fantastic thing about Sons of the Forest is that your choice of play style is entirely up to you. You’re free to explore wherever you want, and you can do whatever you want! The game even features an immersive seasonal system, where certain food and resources only show up during specific times of the year.

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Sons of the Forest Water Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Water Locations

So, you’re looking for water. It’s a pretty important resource, and you need it to survive – but where is it? Firstly, you need to take a look at your GPS, which can be done by pressing M on your keyboard. Look for the nearest river to where you are at that current time – this is where you can drink!

Keep in mind that you can drink water from any of the large bodies of water throughout the game. You can only drink from a river or other freshwater sources – so you can’t take a gulp of the salty sea! It’s important to keep your character hydrated and fed as much as possible when traversing the island.

You can’t drink from a body of water if you’re holding something, so make sure you aren’t actively carrying anything when you attempt to drink.

Eat Yarrow

Alternatively, if your character is extremely thirsty, and there are no rivers nearby, you can eat Yarrow to hydrate yourself. You can find this white flower as you explore, so whenever you spot a white flower, make sure you pick it up! Salmonberries can also be used, but we recommend focusing on gathering Yarrow.


You can build a tool that allows you to collect water out of a turtle shell once you have built a base! This is incredibly useful, as this means you can collect water and store it for when you next need a drink – allowing you to focus on other activities, rather than trying to find a water source.

As you progress through the game, you can gain access to a 3D printer, which gives you the chance to craft a canteen for your water!

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