Sons of the Forest Shovel Guide – Location and More!


Looking for a Sons of the Forest shovel guide? Look no further! Our guide contains all you need to know about the shovel in the game. We’ve included information on where to find it, and what you can use it for! It’s a bit of a tricky tool to find, but once you’ve got it, exploration will be a breeze.

In Sons of the Forest, you’re given the task to find a missing billionaire on an eerily remote island. In true horror style, you’re surrounded by cannibalistic creatures throughout this environment. It’s up to you to survive this hellish island and complete your original task. You need to craft, build, and fight off danger at every turn.

The fantastic thing about Sons of the Forest is that your choice of play style is entirely up to you. You’re free to explore wherever you want, and you can do whatever you want! The game even features an immersive seasonal system, where certain food and resources only show up during specific times of the year.

For more information about the game, visit the official Steam page! If you’re on the hunt for something new to play, check out our guides for Potion Craft customers, Fire Emblem Engage best pairings, and Atomic Heart weapons.

Sons of the Forest Shovel Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Sons of the Forest Shovel Location

If you take a look at the Sons of the Forest map, you’ll spot a fairly large snowy area. The cave you need to head towards is to the West of the snowy mountains!

Once you spot the cave entrance (it’s close by to a body of water, and is slightly submerged), you can start to explore. The entrance also features 3 bodies impaled on wooden spikes – not hard to miss! Make sure you have weapons that can be used to fight off dangerous mobs, as you’ll more than likely encounter them while wandering through this cave. You also need handy tools such as a zipline and equipment for travelling through water.

To go deeper into the cave, you need to find a slide that you can traverse down. Next, you can freely wander around the cave until you come across a wall with blue light. You’ll spot a body on the right side of this space (wearing a yellow vest) – this is where you’ll find the shovel!

Why Do I Need a Shovel?

A shovel is one of the most important tools in the game! You can use it in your crafting and building throughout the game, and it makes exploration infinitely easier. You can also use the shovel to dig into the ground to find secrets and other items!

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