Is the Sols RNG Gravitational Device Any Good?

Our Sols RNG Gravitational Device guide details how much the item can boost your luck, what it can be used alongside, and how to craft it.

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The Sols RNG Gravitational Device is one of the latest accessories to be added to the game! It significantly increases your luck, and can also be used alongside another powerful item.

To get started, visit the Sols RNG Roblox page! For more guides on Sols RNG content, check out our Sols RNG Subzero Device guide, our Sols RNG Left Hand guide, and our Sols RNG Jackpot Gauntlet guide.

Sols RNG Gravitational Device

The Gravitational Device is a major luck-boosting item in Sols RNG. Once equipped, your Bonus Roll luck is increased by 6x, rather than the initial 2x. You can have the Gravitational Device equipped alongside the Galactic Device! The Galactic Device increases your luck by +250% as well as reducing your roll cooldown time by 30%.

I suggest utilising luck-boost items while trying to gather the materials for the Gravitational Device recipe. This can be potions, other accessories that grant you additional luck, or waiting for certain in-game weather events.

Don’t expect to craft the Gravitational Device in one sitting, as the entire process will take a lot of time overall – unless you’re extremely lucky, or you already have some spares lying around. You can either select the auto-add option via the recipe window at Jake’s Workshop to speed up the process, or you’re going to need a larger inventory.

Gravitational Device Recipe

Because of its usefulness, the recipe for the Gravitational Device is pretty complex. With super rare auras thrown into the mix, as well as having to collect a whopping amount of Precious and Diaboli auras, you’re going to need luck on your side and the auto-roll function switched on. As always, you can craft this item at Jake’s Workshop near the main spawn point!

  • 1 Gravitational aura (1 in 2 million chance)
    • A brand-new rare aura!
  • 3 Bounded auras (1 in 200,000 chance)
  • 5 Exotic auras (1 in 99,999 chance)
  • 5 Nautilus auras (1 in 70,000 chance)
  • 152 Diaboli auras (1 in 1,004 chance)
  • 152 Precious auras (1 in 1,024 chance)
  • 31 Sidereum auras (1 in 4,096 chance)
  • 75 Magnetic auras (1 in 2,048 chance)
  • 15 Gear Basing

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