Solitairica Tips, Cheats and Strategies


From Righteous Hammer Games, Solitairica is a pleasant mashup of roguelike style RPGing and solitaire gaming. It’s quite cute and fun to play, taking seconds for you to pick up and figure out.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some nuances you can learn the more you play, though! Gamezebo’s Solitairica Tips, Cheats and Strategies is here to give you a fighting start, suggesting some things you could do with paying attention to early on.

The Basics

Solitairica Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You know how to play solitaire, right? Everyone does. If you really don’t know, Solitairica has a brief tutorial for that side of things. You’re good. So let’s focus on the your abilities.
  • Each ability relates to a different energy. Energy is color coded and gained through clearing cards of that color. You want to focus on particular colors, depending on what you’re in need of.
  • At all times, you can hold a finger to a special ability, and it’ll tell you exactly what it does.
  • Red/orange relates to attack energy. This means destructive cards, such as missiles that inflict a lot of damage on the enemy. They’re fairly straight forward to use, although sometimes they come with added bonuses. For instance, the paladin’s offensive ability can also heal you a little along the way.
  • Blue energy is for defensive abilities. Typically, this is used for giving you armor. Armor gives you additional points alongside your health, meaning your enemy has to get through your armor before it can damage you. This is invaluable!
  • Green is for agility and that often means support cards. Sometimes, this can just be for peeking at the next card in your deck (which isn’t overly helpful) but the rogue’s basic green ability also means that you can draw the next card from the deck, without using up a turn.
  • Pink energy is for healing powers. Much like armor abilities, this is essential for your chances of survival. Many enemies hit hard, so you want to be able to improve your health points wherever possible.
  • Some of the time, you might want to focus on boosting your offensive abilities, but most of the time, you want to focus on armor and health. At least, when you get a chance. Sometimes, you’ll just be pleased to get a match.

Getting to Know Everyone

Solitairica Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Focus on using wildstones to unlock new classes, first and foremost. Variety is good, plus it’ll give you an opportunity to figure out which class feels best for you to play. I preferred the Monk, but the Warrior is a great early choice too.
  • Once you’ve unlocked every deck, start using the wildstones to unlock their permanent bonuses. Pick your favorite and work from there.
  • Only once you’re pretty settled on a favorite, do you start using wildstones to buy resurrection potions. Seriously, enjoy the variety before you tie yourself in too much.
  • Want wildstones fast? Weirdly, defeating the first enemy gives you 5 wildstones, while beating two only gives you 7. The increase is pretty slow, so it’s faster for you to simply repeat the first battle over and over again. A mere 8 times of doing this will unlock a new class which makes it worthwhile doing early on.

Coins are Plentiful

Solitairica Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Coins are fairly easy to come by, but that doesn’t mean you want to waste them.
  • Use them, primarily, on new abilities. Sure, they’re only there for this run, but they make all the difference in helping you sustain that run. Temporary boosts are useful but, mostly, having new ways to use energy is even better.

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