Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a military strategy/base management game from Plarium. Set in the distant future with an evil corporation dominating too much of the world, it’s up to bases like yours to take back control. It’s going to seem very familiar if you’ve played other games in the genre, but that doesn’t mean that a guiding hand isn’t welcome.

Gamezebo’s Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare Tips, Cheats and Strategies will provide you with some handy basic knowledge on how to get up to scratch, and not be wiped out too soon.

The Basics

soldiers6Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare likes to keep you busy. Listen to its suggestions.
  • See all those missions it keeps throwing at you in the top left corner? Follow its orders. The game has the right idea on how best to keep on top of things. Some of it might be tedious, yes, but it’s worth following the path it sets out for you. Especially early on.
  • Log in regularly. Each day, you gain a daily bonus which is pretty useful. Throughout the day, you can also acquire shipments which offer smaller bonuses. It all adds up fast.
  • While you’re logging in throughout the day, work on some of those never ending missions to give you a bit more drive towards becoming stronger.
  • See the red target sign underneath the mission? That gives you a heads up on potential raids that might benefit you. Tackle whoever it suggests. I tend to hit the ‘send strongest squad’ button so the rest is pretty automated. The bonuses you gain can be quite useful and it only takes a few seconds.
  • Check out your inbox and other messages for insights into what’s going on in game right now, as well as some ideas on what to raid. It’s good to keep on top of these things as there tends to be a lot of messages each day.

Completing Missions

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Keep busy and always be working on something. Don’t use your boosts unless you have to. There’s no rush and those things are expensive! Just step away from the game for a few minutes and allow time to do its thing.
  • Each time you complete a mission, you earn rewards. Don’t immediately claim them. Check your current supplies. If you’ve nearly hit the cap for any of them, wait it out, otherwise you’ll just waste what you’ve got.
  • If you don’t turn in the mission, you can always pick up the resources later on, once you’re running low on something.
  • Each time you complete a mission, you gain experience as well as some rewards. Experience leads to better things.
  • For instance, you can buy annex buildings once they unlock fairly early on. These annexes automatically generate resources over time. Build the Boost Annex first. As the name suggests, it boosts your resources substantially. You’ll almost never have to worry about running out of resources after this.
  • Once you hit level 5, you get an extra construction slot, allowing you to build two buildings at once. It’s a temporary bonus to get you started, so take advantage of it while you still can. After three days, it vanishes.

Safety in Numbers

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Join an alliance as soon as possible. Alliance members can help you with building new structures. You can do the same too, so don’t forget to help your fellow player!
  • Under attack? Your alliance buddies can help you out there too. In later stages, this can make a huge difference to your survival odds.

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