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Yes it’s another .io game – but, rather suitably considering the current weather, is set a snowy wonderland. A wonderland filled with small snow ploughs pushing snowballs around.

As always in a competitive .io game it can be a bit tricky to win matches consistently though. Have no fear however, as follow these tips, tricks, and strategies and you’ll be having ‘snow’ problems at all. Get it? (Sorry)

  • Last man standing The aim of the game is to be the last man snowplough – not to grow the largest snowball. Remember this and play accordingly.
  • Take out the weak A good tactic is to generally avoid conflict in the middle part of a match – waiting for everyone to pick each other off – but the start of games can also be a good time to pick off others when the arena is still large enough to take a hit and not fall off.
  • Red zone When the ground starts turning red it’s about to melt away, but you often have a little longer than you might think before it disappears entirely. So don’t panic if you end up on a red zone, as there’s usually time to manoeuvre yourself to safety.

  • Into the red The red zones can also be used to your advantage. Simply smack an opponent into one when it’s just about to disappear – this is an easy way to shrink down the playing field.
  • It’s snow joke The bigger the snowball you roll the more dangerous it is – and the further opponents will fly away once it hits them. However making a ball too large makes you slower, and therefore you’ll be wide open to be attacked by faster nippier opponents. Therefore make sure you strike a good balance between no snowball and too large a snowball.
  • Rank up The better you do in a match, the more points you earn – and you can subsequently get higher ranks. Doing this will allow you to receive upgrades including new skins. These are largely cosmetic though, so don’t get too caught up with them.

  • Build it up In the middle of a match – when your opponents are flying off the arena left and right – you might want to go to a quieter area of the map to build up your snowball. There’s usually a spot somewhere you can find with few, if any people – often at one of the edges of the arena.
  • Launch attack You can simply barge your snowball into your opponents, but you can also fire them – by stopping moving you can see your ball take off like a projectile. It’s often hard to hit opponents with smaller balls (ahem), but firing off a larger one can cause chaos in the middle of the arena.
  • Never surrender Even if you are hit by a snowball it’s often not the end for you. This is because you can move while you’re in the air – so try to push away from the edge of the arena when you find yourself hurtling towards possible death. You might just survive.
  • Collision course Snowballs can be fired across the arena – as stated above – but this can mean you can find multiple ones bouncing around. So make sure you keep an eye on the balls flying around (again, ahem) and make sure you don’t end up in a collision course with them.

Check out for yourself now on both the App Store and Google Play.

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