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Snoops – Game Introduction

Snoops is a detective game on Facebook developed by OMGPOP, in which you uncover clues by searching different scenes. Gamezebo’s Snoops walkthrough and guide will help you become acquainted with the game and give you tips on how to best use your resources within it.

Quick Start Guide

Navigating the Screen


  • The very top of the screen is where you will find the tabs for gifts, play, neighbors, invite friends, feedback, earn credits, and a quick how to play guide.
  • Immediately below that bar are all your stats. These include the time you’ve spent in a given room, the number of clues you still need to find, how many bombs you’ve recovered, your current energy level, your experience and current level, how many gems you hav,e and how many Facebook credits you have.


  • On the left side of the screen is where you will find your current quests.


  • At the bottom of the screen you will find your neighbor bar. This is where you can click to visit your neighbors and help them out.


  • To the right of the neighbor bar you have several important buttons:
  • The home button will take you to your office.
  • The inventory button will open your inventory. This is where you will find any energy bonuses you have earned as well as any other items you may have picked up or purchased.
  • The market button opens the shop. Here you can buy decorations for your office, purchase energy or gems using Facebook credits, and purchase tools for searching locked tiles.
  • The settings button will allow you to change the visual quality of the game as well as toggle the sound and music.
  • The customize avatar button allows you to change the appearance of your avatar.
  • The Solve-a-Tron button is where you will go when you are ready to solve a case.
  • The My Case button will open up the list of current cases you can work on.


  • Gems: Gems are the currency of Snoops. You will use gems to purchase decorations for your office as well as to buy tools to search locked tiles.
  • Tools: Tools must be used to search locked tiles. Many of the tools in the game must be given to you by a friend or purchased with Facebook credits. However, occasionally they can be purchased using gems.
  • Bombs: Bombs are a hazard of the job in Snoops. When you are searching tiles, you will occasionally run across them. They must be disarmed or collected before they detonate. For more information, please see the section on special tiles.
  • Solve-a-Tron: The Solve-a-Tron is where you will go to solve a crime when you’ve located all the clues in a case.
  • Energy: Energy is what you will use to search tiles for clues. Please see the section on maximizing energy for more information.
  • Experience: Experience is collected by finding clues, searching a room fully, and solving cases. When you’ve earned enough experience you will level up. Leveling up will unlock new cases and items to purchase.

Customizing Your Avatar


  • Your detective can be personalized under the customize avatar button located in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Clicking on the button will open the avatar screen.
  • Here you can change just about anything about your avatar, from their hairstyle to their clothes to the expression on their face.
  • Some of the clothing and hairstyles are premium items and can only be purchased with Facebook credits.
  • Currently all of the non-premium items appear to be free.

Your Office


  • To go to your office, click the home button located in the bottom right of the screen.
  • In your office you can check your phone to see if you have messages from your friends.
  • You can also send messages to your friends and invite them to join you in the game.
  • Clicking on your desk will open up your cases. Please see the section on investigating for more information.
  • You can personalize your office by buying decorations in the market.


  • Click on the market button located on the bottom right on your screen.
  • Select the décor tab to see what items are available for purchase.
  • Most items can be purchased using gems you find during your investigations, but some premium items will require the use of Facebook credits.
  • Once you have selected an item for purchase, it’s time to place it in your office. Select an open tile to place the item.


  • To rotate, store, or sell an item you’ve placed in a room, click on it and select the option.
  • It appears that the only way to move an object at this time is to store it to your inventory and then place it again from there.
  • At this time the items you can purchase are purely decorative.

Starting a New Investigation

  • When you first start the game, the “My Case” window should open up. If it doesn’t you can click on the file folder located at the bottom right of your screen.


  • Once open, select the cases tab to see all the available cases.
  • Early on, only one case will be available at a time. New cases will unlock as you progress and level up.


  • Select the case you wish to investigate and you will be taken to the “Rooms” tab.
  • This will list all the rooms that are available to search. You will notice that some rooms are locked. Most will open up as you progress through the case, but several rooms may require a special key that can be found while you are searching the room.
  • If you hover your mouse over a room you will see the time you have spent searching a room as well as the number of clues that still need to be found.
  • In the top left of the room image you will see the percentage of the room you have searched. If you search a room completely you can get additional bonuses.
  • Once you have selected the room you wish to search you will be taken to that location and it’s time to truly begin your investigation.

Searching for Clues


  • When you enter a room for the first time you will a combination of gray tiles and tiles with locks on them. This section will be about the standard tiles. Please see the special tiles for information on the other tiles you will run across in the game
  • To search a tile, click on it. This will send your detective over to search it.
  • Searching a tile uses six energy points. When your energy is completely depleted you will need to wait for it to regenerate or use an energy item to replenish it.
  • Once your detective has searched the tile you will earn gems and/or energy bonuses that you can collect. If you don’t collect them quickly enough, they will be automatically collected.
  • Some tiles will have a green glow around the edge after you search them. This means that the tile is touching a tile containing a clue.
  • Once you have uncovered a clue, the clue will be sent to the Solve-a-Tron. When you have found all the clues for a case, you will go to the Solve-a-Tron to complete the case.
  • When you have found all the clues in a room, you will be given the option to continue to the next room or remain where you are. If you remain where you are you can continue to search the room to earn additional gems and energy bonuses. If you search a room fully, you will receive additional rewards.

Special Tiles

  • During your investigations you will run across several unique tiles.
  • As mentioned before, when you search a tile that is near a clue the edges of the tile will glow green.


  • Sometimes during your investigations you will run across a tile that has a red skull and crossbones on it. This means there is a bomb nearby and you will want to be wary.
  • You have several options when it comes to a bomb. If you manage to uncover all the tiles around the bomb before you locate the bomb, you will be able to collect the bomb. The number of bombs you have collected is shown in the toolbar at the top of the screen.


  • If you uncover the bomb you will need to disarm it, and quickly.
  • You have several options for disarming a bomb. You can use Facebook credits to disarm it instantly, you can use 20 energy points to disarm it, or you can race the clock.
  • If you choose to race the clock, you will need to complete the room before the bomb detonates. Be sure to weigh how many tiles you have to uncover against the amount of time on the detonator.
  • If you do not disarm a bomb in time it will explode, scattering the clues in the room and locking you out of the room for a period of time. You can undo the detonation using Facebook credits.
  • Occasionally, a friend may show up and offer to disarm the bomb for you. Feel free to accept their help as they will be successful and you will save yourself some energy.


  • The other tile you will run across in the course of the game is the locked tile.
  • The locked tile will require a special tool to unlock it. Tools include goggles, fingerprint dusters, footprint analyzers, gloves, and wire cutters.


  • To get a tool you can either purchase it in the market or you can ask a friend to send the tool to you.
  • Most of the tools require Facebook credits to purchase, so asking a friend is usually the way to go.
  • At this time, you can purchase footprint analyzers using gems.
  • Once you have the necessary tool, you can click on the locked tile to search it just as you would a standard tile.
  • Sometimes a friend may appear and offer to search a tile. They can search locked tiles as well as standard tiles. This is extremely helpful if you are trying to get 100 percent completion on a room.

Solving the Case

  • Once you have searched every room and collected all the clues, it’s time to solve the case.
  • To solve the case, click on the Solve-a-Tron button located at the bottom right of your screen.


  • This will open up the Solve-a-Tron.
  • On the left of the screen you will see all the evidence you’ve collected.
  • In the center of the screen are your three suspects and under each of them are three empty boxes.
  • Your suspects will be populated from your Facebook friends. Under their names will be their profession. This may be helpful in determining which clues go with which suspect.
  • Click on a piece of evidence and drag it over to one of the boxes under the suspects.


  • Once you have placed all the evidence, click on the check clues button on the right of the screen.
  • The Solve-a-Tron will check each clue and let you know which ones are placed properly and which ones need to be switched.
  • Try placing the clues again and click check clues again. Do this until all the clues are placed correctly.
  • Each time you click the check clues button it costs you 10 energy points, so it’s best to use the Solve-a-Tron once you’ve found all the clues. You can use it beforehand though. However, you cannot solve the case until all the clues are found.
  • Once all the clues have been properly placed the case will be complete. You will earn experience and be able to move on to the next case.

Maximizing Energy

  • Energy is usually very easy to come by in Snoops, but this may not always be the case.
  • It costs six energy points to search a tile, 30 energy points to defuse a bomb, and 10 energy points to check clues in the Solve-a-Tron.
  • When you search a tile, in addition to gems you will often earn energy that will be immediately added to your available energy.
  • If you fully search a room you can be rewarded with an energy bonus that will be added to your inventory.
  • When you run out of energy, you can use an energy bonus by going to your inventory and then going to the energy tab and selecting the bonus you wish to use.
  • If you do not have any bonuses at your disposal, you can purchase energy refills using Facebook credits in the market.
  • You can also ask friends to send you energy, and you can send energy to them as well.

Finding and Using Gems

  • Currently, there are only two places to use gems in the game. You can use them to purchase tools (though only the foot analyzer can be bought with gems at this time) or you can purchase decorations for your office.
  • Gems are earned by searching tiles and completing quests.
  • Many of the decorations cost quite a bit, so you may have to save your gems up for pricier items.
  • If you need to get gems quickly, you can always sell back decorations you’ve already purchased.


  • Neighbors are incredibly helpful in Snoops.
  • Even friends who don’t play Snoops can show up to help you search tiles and defuse bombs. Once their avatar has helped you, you will be given the option of inviting them to join the game.
  • You can visit each of your friends and help them search a room once a day. You will get to click on one tile in the room and if you find a bomb it will be automatically defused.
  • Friends can send you gifts, such as tools and energy. You can also send gifts to them under the “Free Gifts” tab at the top of the screen. Some gifts can only be unlocked at higher levels.


You have completed the quick start guide for Snoops by OMGPOP. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo.

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