Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island, from our friends at Large Animal Games.

Item Selection

When going into a level it’s always important to study the information on the debriefing screen carefully. Is it a night level? Maybe you should consider taking along your flash attachment or night vision goggles. Do you need to get eating shots? Then swapping out your preening mirror item with some bird seed could make all the difference.

Item Combos

In later levels it becomes increasingly more important to juggle the use of multiple items to help you get those all-important five star shots. Also, you may want to bring along items you may need for bonus shots. If you think you may be asked for a landed or perched shot you might consider bring along your bird call or even the bird seed to get birds to land.

Learn the Birds!

The Bird Identifier camera attachment is a great tool, but it also takes up valuable space in your backpack. If you spend a little time on the assignment screen learning what the birds on that level look like, you can skip use that space for another item instead.

Bonus Shots

These shots are not required, but they are a great way to earn more points and rank up more quickly.

Photo Evaluation

It’s important to remember three things when evaluating your photos, bigger is better, keep it close to the center, and action shots score higher…

Bird Creator

There are a lot of really neat features that some players may overlook their first time through the bird creation editor. For example, to see your bird in action, click the “Fly” button next to the bird at the top of the screen. You can also click and drag on your bird to rotate it in all directions.

Instant Birds

The “randomize” button is a great way to see all sorts of crazy birds. Once you see one that you like, you can then use the other tools to fine-tune its appearance.

Send to a Friend

You can click on any photo in your field journal or during round evaluation to be taken to the send to a friend screen. Here you can send any photo you’ve taken to a friend via email. The email photo button that is found on the bottom of the main menu will choose a random photo for you.

Two Birds at Once

One of the most difficult tasks to accomplish in Snapshot is to getting a shot of two of the same birds at the same time. Before getting frustrated give this expert tactic a try; make sure you have the stopwatch equipped and disable your zoom lens. Attaching a zoom lens will significantly limit your field of view and remember you’re trying to get the shot not a high score. With you’re cursor placed over the stopwatch keep your eye on one specific bird and wait for another bird to fly close enough to get the shot. Use your stopwatch to freeze them and quickly take as many pictures as you can.


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