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SnackJack – Game Introduction

Welcome theSnackjackguide on Gamezebo.Snackjackis a card game played on PC created by Masque Publishing. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and strategies on how to get the most out ofSnackjack.

Tips & Tricks

Each round specifies the minimum number of snacks needed in order to advance; therefore the basic goal of each round is to score as many snacks as you can for your pig, at least enough to meet the minimum requirement. To do this, the most straightforward scoring option is to create 21s on your 4 piles. But there are additional scoring opportunities as well that should be taken advantage of if the player wants to advance far into the game. For example:

DEALER BONUS GAME — perhaps the most important way to build up each level’s score; in this bonus game you can earn up to 7 additional snacks per round by creating/organizing each of your 4 piles into competitive Blackjack hands towards the end of the level’s time.

  • When the time gets down to the ending 10 seconds or when your card count gets low, rather than finishing out the round just by trying to make 21s, it’s in the player’s strategic advantage to start forming all the piles into strong Blackjack hands (16, 17, 18, 19, or 20); and then keep those hands as the time expires (or the card count goes to 0) to go up against the Dealer’s hand in the Dealer Bonus Game.
  • At the end of the level you get 1 snack for each remaining pile that beats the Dealer’s hand; and if all 4 player piles beat the Dealer’s hand then the player earns an additional 3 bonus snacks (so 7 total snacks earned during the Dealer Bonus Game).

DOGGIE BAG — allows you to carry over snacks from a previous level and apply them to the amount of snacks needed to clear the current level. This helps to cut down on the initial level of snacks needed, so as to lessen the requirement needed to pass.

  • It’s important on the beginning levels to score as many snacks as possible, going well beyond the level requirement in order to stockpile snacks that can be used in subsequent levels — to lessen the threshold needed to pass.

MOVEABLE CARDS — any time there is only one card on a player’s pile, that card is able to be dragged onto another pile. So if there’s a 2 sitting on one pile, and you build up another pile to 19, you can drag that 2 from the other pile over to the pile at 19 and create a 21. You don’t just always have to use the single card at the top of the screen.

  • Also, at the end of the round you can move a single card onto another pile to increase the strength of that pile before going up against the Dealer in the Dealer Bonus Game.

5 CARD CHARLIES — add 5 cards to a single pile without busting and earn a snack (so players may strategize to move only small cards to a certain pile).

STRAIGHTS — when the totals for the 4 piles total an amount that is consecutive (e.g., 14, 15, 17, 16; or 9, 10, 11, 12), you earn a bonus snack

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