SMILE Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies


SMILE Inc. is a tough but fun auto-runner from Super Lame Games. Based around Youtube sensation, Roman Atwood, it has you controlling Roman as he attempts to negotiate office life. This isn’t like any office life you’ve seen before, though. Obstacles are plentiful and instadeath isn’t uncommon.

Gamezebo’s SMILE Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies is here to help you get to grips with things and, hopefully, survive a little longer in the office.

Play to your strengths

SMILE Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • SMILE Inc. offers two different control methods – tilting or a virtual joystick. Tilting might seem like the best idea early on, but with some practice, you’ll learn that the virtual joystick is perfect for those trickier moments.
  • Have a try with both methods and see which feels most natural to you. Don’t forget – you can adjust the sensitivity which can make a huge difference.
  • Coffee is a powerup that appears quite often. It’ll speed you up massively for a brief time but that’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, you’re better off going slower so that you have time to react accordingly.
  • Coffee also means you can’t use your special abilities, and that’s not a good thing at all!
  • Look out for helmets. These protect you from one hit. It’s a small bonus but it’s helpful for those times you slip up.
  • Remember – (nearly) everything is out to get you. The game is cruel at times. It’ll place coins or gems directly above a trap, making you tempted to risk it. Don’t do it. You’ll die.
  • Happily run into people, though. They’re good to go.

Know your Obstacles

SMILE Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Each obstacle is out to get you, but it helps to know in what way.
  • Saw blades can roll over your head, meaning you can roll under them. Giant scissors or lasers can be leapt over if you have the relevant ability. Things like doughnuts will simply flatten you, though.
  • See a red line or a danger sign? Give this a wide berth. Odds are it’s going to kill you near instantly.
  • Each obstacle has a pattern. Learn the pattern and you’ve got the best chance of not dying.

The power of gems

SMILE Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Gems can be collected as you run. Don’t risk everything to get to them, though, as you can gain a steady supply through regular play.
  • Gems are used to acquire new mystery boxes. Each box costs 1,000 gems. You can unlock new hats or new characters. The former is just a fun new look, but the latter is where things get more interesting.
  • There are dozens of characters to unlock, with varying levels of rarity involved.
  • Four different abilities are available – jump, sneak, roll, and double down (which means double the number of coins collected).
  • Experiment and find which ability works best for your playing style.

Bits and pieces

  • Check the missions available and work towards them. Often, there are some easy ones to complete and that means free gems!
  • Check in every day for new missions. Again, they’re often pretty easy to complete.
  • Every once in a while, you’ll get the chance to watch a video and earn a free mystery box. It’s dull to watch, but it’s worth it for one of those boxes!
  • After you die, you can extend your run by watching an ad. It’s not worth doing every time, as you only have limited ads each day, but it’s useful when you’ve done particularly well.

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