Smash Legends Beginners’ Guide: Hint, Tips, and Tricks

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One of the things we love about Smash Legends is its sheer accessibility. In fact, you don’t really need this guide. Just boot the game up, start swinging, and everything else will fall into place. 

But for those of you who like to go deep, we’ve put together this handy beginners’ guide to Smash Legends. Read on to get a handle on the basic gameplay, classes, Legends, and more. 

The Basics

Smash Legends doesn’t overburden you with choice at first. In fact, it gives you just one Legend to play with (Peter), and one Arena mode to play in (Dominion). That’s just for training purposes though. 

You’ll soon unlock more, including Duel, Harvest, Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Crown Guard. 

While each Arena mode has its own goals, the basic gameplay always involves the same thing: charging around trying to knock your opponents out the arena before they can do the same to you. 

You move around using a floating joystick on the left of the screen, and attack with three different virtual buttons on the right. These let you execute a basic attack, a skill attack, and an ultimate skill attack, with the latter two restricted to timers. 

The right side of the screen also houses a jump button. You’ll need this whenever you accidentally leave the arena, and also to quickly negotiate obstacles. Plus, jumping is a great combat move, allowing you to evade and execute aerial attacks. 

There are jump pads and items to pick up in each arena, too. 

As you rack up the wins you’ll advance down the Medal Road, unlocking more Legends and Arenas, until all eight Legends and all six Arenas are available. 


Smash Arena doesn’t have the bewildering complexity of many free-to-play PvP games, but it still has a few currencies and upgrades to get your head around. 

The central progress mechanic is the Medal Road. Winning battles lets you advance along this road, unlocking rewards at certain points. These include Legends, Arenas, Coins, and Reward Boxes. 

In addition each Legend has its own Legend Road, which works in the same way but gives out Puzzle Pieces, Coins, Skins, and other goodies. 

Winning a battle in Smash Arena nets you Keys and Medals. You use these keys to open Reward Boxes, which contain Legends, Puzzle Pieces, and Coins. Reward Boxes are gacha devices, so you never know what you’re getting, as opposed to the two Roads, where your rewards are laid out in front of you like delicious carrots. 

You use Puzzle Pieces to upgrade your Legends. 

Speaking of which.


At present, there are eight Legends in Smash Arena, though you have to win battles to unlock them all.

Peter is your starting Legend. He’s a good all-purpose fighter, designed to give newbies an easy time of it. Peter inflicts wide area melee damage, making him perfect for clearing up multiple opponents at once. 

Red is a fast mover who deals high damage, making her perfect for hit-and-run assaults. Use her in Deathmatch and Duel battles. 

Master Cat is a 3D fighter, inflicting damage on the ground and from the air. Like Red, Master Cat is a good choice for Death Match and Duel. 

Alice likes to work with landmines, planting them on the ground so that they explode when opponents get too close. She’s also got a powerful Ultimate, which immobilizes her adversaries for a few moments. Alice is quite limited, but perfect for Dominion.

Cindy likes to rush in and make her opponents airborne. She’s fast, so perfect for chasing down Marksmen or Supporters. One of the most challenging Legends to master, Cindy has a range of powerful combos that you can chain together to devastating effect.

Hook is a sniper, attacking his opponents at range. She’s another tricky Legend, with a recoil-based knockback move that you can learn to utilize in getting around the arena. Her Ultimate involves two drones, and does untold harm. 

Kaiser is a classic tank, with high HP, powerful knockbacks, a strong damage buff, but not much in the way of speed. Another top candidate for Dominion. 

Ravi is the Ken to Peter’s Ryu. Another great all-rounder, he deals damage at mid-range and specializes in holding opponents in place, or pulling them towards him with his Skill move. 


These eight Legends all belong to one of five classes: Vanguard, Fighter, Marksman, Supporter, Assassin. 

Vanguard Legends have high HP, wide range attacks, and strong knockback skills. They’re ideal for taking point, clearing the field so that the rest of your Legends can swoop in and sweep up. 

Fighters have strong offensive power and balanced stats generally. They’re suitable for every mode, depending on your level of skill. If you’re good enough, you can get just about anything done with a Fighter. Otherwise you might need to specialize with another class. 

Marksman Legends attack from a distance, potentially enabling them to dominate an Arena. This is only possible in relatively large Arenas, though. Otherwise they’re sitting ducks. 

Legends in Supporter Class aren’t much good on their own, but work great as part of a team. They stun and slow opponents, but can’t take much of a beating so need protection from their allies. 

Assassins are fast and strong, like tigers. They also have powerful Ultimates. Unlike tigers, however, they’re easy to kill. An Assassin is never more vulnerable than after deploying a skill. 

Smash Legends is currently available in Europe and Canada via soft launch on the App Store and Google Play – as well as Steam Early Access. Other regions can pre-register via the game’s official site here, and via Google Play.

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