Smash Champs Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Smash Champs is an action game from Kiloo Games. In this game, you swipe at balls on-screen to “train” your animal fighter before pitting them in automatic battles against opponents. Gamezebo’s Smash Champs Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you bring out your kung-fu animal.

Smash Champs Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Don’t swipe the bombs during training – During training with your sensei, bombs are often mixed up in the balls he throws at you. If you swipe these bombs, they blow away all the balls on-screen, which ultimately affects your training score. Avoid them.
  • Clothes grant power boosts – Coins burning a hole in your pocket? Buy yourself some fancy duds. Not only do they make your fighter look sharp, they also provide a significant power boost that can give you an edge in battle.

Smash Champs Tips Cheats Strategies

  • There is an elemental triangle you should pay attention to – Each animal fighter subscribes to an element. Poison beats earth, earth beats fire, and fire beats poison. During a fight, the opponent wielding the superior element gets a free hit.
  • Swipe all the balls on-screen to get a clear bonus – Don’t let any balls get away! Swiping all of them in a single motion grants you a clear bonus, which adds to your training point total.

Smash Champs Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Swipe as many balls in a row as possible to get a combo bonus – Likewise, swiping as many balls as possible in a row gives you a combo bonus, which is added to your training score.
  • Leave your finger on the screen when bouncing back balls – Though you may be tempted to slash at balls Fruit Ninja-style, it’s best to keep your finger on the screen and trace a path through them. Doing so makes it much easier to get your clear and combo bonuses.
  • Ultimately, your training score has the largest influence on a match’s outcome – Level and elemental strength don’t matter as much as your training score. Do well with your sensei, and you’re almost sure to succeed.

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