Slingo Quest Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Slingo Quest!

Interface Tricks

  • Right-click anywhere, press space, or press enter when the spin button is high-lighted to start the spin.

  • On multi-board, wheels will partially dim when there are additional matches. The side of the wheel that’s not dimmed indicated which board(s) might have more matches.
  • Scoring Tricks

    • Each Slingo you release from a single cell match is worth twice as much, so try to set up as many Slingos as you can before you release them all.

  • Butterfly Slingos are worth double, and they always come at the end of a series of Slingos, so try to set up as many Slingos as possible when catching a butterfly.
  • Cell power-ups are always in the same place on quest levels, so memorize where you get them, but they’re randomized in pirate and bonus levels.
  • Try to get cell multipliers as early as possible to multiply your score as much as possible.
  • Once you have devil protection, devils are a good thing because each cherub has a 20% chance of doubling your score. Try to get cherubs as late in the game as you can.
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