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Game Introduction – Skee-Ball Arcade

Skee-Ball Arcade is an arcade/digital skee-ball game created by Scopely. Skee-Ball Arcade recreates the classic skee-ball experience, allowing you to roll balls against competitors for high scores. You can even win tickets and exchange them for new tables. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to roll ’em.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Skee-Ball Arcade

  • Skee-Ball Arcade is free to play. You can download it by using the “Available On” option at the top of this page.
  • Once you begin playing, you’ll be walked through a quick tutorial that shows you the game’s controls, as well as the basics of scoring.
  • You’re then prompted to make an identity for yourself. You can sign in using Facebook (scores are not posted to your wall), or you can sign up using an email address.
  • Once you’re done with the tutorial and the sign-up process, you’re asked if you want to turn on push notifications. You can change this option at any time. If you opt to turn on push notifications, the game will reward you with free tickets.
  • When you’re set up, you’re allowed to roll for real.

How to Play

Skee-Ball Arcade

  • Objective – Like classic skee-ball, the object of Skee-Ball Arcade is to roll your ball over obstacles and into holes marked with point values. If you score higher than your opponent, you win. You can even receive a ticket payout, just like in the arcade. Skee-Ball Arcade has some modern touches, like point multipliers and bonus tables.
  • Main Menu Skee-Ball Arcade‘s main menu is your hub. From here, you can start new games, take your turn in games that have already been started, check your power-up inventory, choose to participate in a tournament, and view your play history.
  • Awards – The awards icon on the top left-hand side of the screen lists the achievements you’ve met while playing Skee-Ball Arcade. Tap “collect” to gather awards.

Start a New Game

Skee-Ball Arcade

  • Can’t Miss It – Any time you want to start a new game, press the big green “Start a New Game” button on the main menu. From there, you’re given several opponent options.
  • Play With Friends – Start a new game with a Facebook friend. Skee-Ball Arcade will ask permission to access your Facebook contact list if you select this option.
  • Quick Play – Hook up with a random opponent.
  • Rematch – Initiate a rematch with an opponent you played against recently.
  • User Name – Search for your opponent via a specific user name. Great for resolving grudges.

Slide to Score

Skee-Ball Arcade

  • Four Score – When you begin a match, you and your opponent will take turns at the table until four rounds have passed. When you’re both done, the score for each round is added up, and the player with the higher score is declared the winner.
  • Wait – Since Skee-Ball Arcade is an asynchronous game, it might take a while for your opponent to take their turn. Be patient.
  • Flick Your Ball – Use your finger to flick the ball across the table. The harder you flick, the more powerful your “throw” will be. When your ball lands in a hole at the end of the table, you receive the amount of points marked for that hole. Ideally, you should try and make your ball jump over the barriers surrounding the holes with higher point values.
  • Multipliers – There are multipliers galore in Skee-Ball Arcade. When a multiplier appears on a lane and you successfully roll to the end of it, your point total will be doubled for whatever hole you land in. For example, if you roll to the end of a 2X point multiplier lane and land in a 10-point hole, you’re awarded with 20 points.
  • Bonus Rounds – Landing in certain holes will award you a number of balls on bonus boards. Play these bonus boards at the end of each round for some extra points.
  • It’s OK to Tilt – When you send your ball rolling, you can tilt your device to influence its course. This is particularly helpful for guiding your ball into a high-scoring hole.
  • Tickets – When you finish a round, you’re given a certain number of tickets. The higher your score, the more tickets you receive (just like in the arcade). Tickets can be exchanged for new skee-ball tables.

Try a Tourney

Skee-Ball Arcade

  • Up Against the World – Like a regular game of Skee-Ball Arcade, tournaments put you through four rounds and add up your score at the end. However, you’re not pitted directly against another opponent. Instead, your score is held up against other tournament competitors. If you do well, you can win prizes, including new tables.
  • Not Always Open – Tournaments don’t run around the clock. If you try to join and find yourself shut out, try again later.
  • Levelling Up – If you receive an Honorable Mention or better in a tournament, you will level up. Higher levels let you compete in more prestigious tournaments. If you miss playing Skee-Ball Arcade for a day, however, you will level back down.
  • Tokens – Participating in a tournament requires tokens. You’re allotted some free tokens when you first play Skee-Ball Arcade, and you’re awarded more tokens for doing well in tournaments. Different tourneys require different entry fees.

Power Ups and In-App Purchases

Skee-Ball Arcade

  • New Tables – You can save up your tickets for new tables, or you can simply unlock them with real-world cash. To see what’s up for grabs, start a new game. You’ll be presented with your choice of tables before the round starts.
  • Inventory – Your inventory is accessible from your main menu. Use the inventory to check on your power-ups, and buy more if necessary. Power-ups are purchased with real money.
  • Tokens – You need tokens to enter tournaments. You can win them in tournaments, or you can buy them with cash.
  • Straight Shots – Straight shots always let you throw straight.
  • Lane Changer – This adds a 4X score multiplier on all lanes.
  • Cluster Ball – Causes your ball to explode into multiple balls.
  • Triple Balls – Throw three balls at once.


Skee-Ball Arcade

  • Check for Awards – Check to see if you’ve earned rewards every once in a while. It’s a good way to reap massive quantities of tickets.
  • You Don’t Always Have to Tilt – Learning how to control your ball via tilting can be tricky. If you’re still getting used to Skee-Ball Arcade, you might want to avoid tilting until you’re confident enough to give it a go.
  • Don’t Wait – You don’t have to wait for your ball to sink before you throw another. You can send one flying after another if you prefer to do things quickly.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Skee-Ball Arcade. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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