Six! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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Ah, physics. In high school, the only time I truly enjoyed physics was when my teacher was hungover (I think, as I wasn’t an expert on drinking at the time) and we ended up watching a video of some sort. And yet physics can be fun in the right applications, including mobile games.

Six! is proof of that. While it might sound like some sort of answer to Threes, it’s actually it’s own type of puzzle game, one that challenges you to navigate a hexagon (six sides, see) to the bottom of a stack of Tetris-esque rectangles and shapes.

The physics come into play because the hexagon reacts realistically when you tap on one of the shapes below, removing it from the playing field. Tap something with a uniform shape and everything is good. Remove something more unusual and you might need to remember those physics lessons after all, because otherwise your hexagon will plunge to its doom.

Don’t let that scare you though. We’ve assembled these handy Six! tips, cheats and strategies so that you don’t have to dust off any textbooks or ask your kids for assistance. That can be embarrassing.

No need to go in order

Six! tips cheats strategies

For you anti-authority types who don’t like being told what to do, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no need to remove the blocks right below the hexagon. Any shape you can see in the stack you can tap to remove, and each one will give you five points.

The downside is that predicting the effects of an unusual shape on the rest of the stack is even harder the further down you go. But this is a handy trick when you are only a row or two away from earning another star, because even if everything looks bleak in the long run, you might be able to take out a plain rectangle and reach the checkpoint.

Tackle some daily challenges

Six! tips cheats strategies

Six! doesn’t have a ton of game modes, but one thing it does offer is three daily stages that need to be completed within 24 hours. One nice thing that I’ve not seen in a lot of mobile games is that the timer for when the dailies expire appears to only be activated when you fire up the game for the first time in a given day, so you are playing on your own schedule.

You can find them by tapping the blue ‘challenge’ button on the main menu screen. The second and third daily only unlock after you earn three stars on the previous one. And speaking of stars, any you earn in the daily challenges are added to your overall total, so they can make for a productive diversion from the game’s main levels, particularly if you find yourself stuck on one of those for a while.

Shop ’til you drop (other hexagons)

Six! tips cheats strategies

This is a simple game, so there’s not a whole lot you end up buying in the shop. What you can grab for those stars you’ve been collecting is some snazzier hexagons. Just tap the shopping cart icon in the main menu to see how many stars you’ll need to unlock the next selection. You can’t see it before purchase, so there’s a bit of caveat emptor involved. Crap, now I’m being forced to recall Latin as well as physics.

Incidentally, if you need more stars, you can watch a video from the main menu to grab some quickly. You’ll see the offer in a red circle right next to your current star total, and 30 stars for a short video is not a bad deal at all. There are dozens of new hexagons to unlock, so that should keep you busy for quite some time.

The best cheat ever, and it’s totally legit

Six! tips cheats strategies

Not many developers put a super sweet cheat right into their game just begging to be used, but GramGames did. If you find yourself wanting a head start on a high score, you can tap the square icon to the right of the stack.

In perhaps the best use of in-game commercials ever, you’ll have to watch a short ad. But once that’s done, you’ll find yourself smashing through row after row of blocks and getting credit for all of them at five points each, as per usual.

If that sounds too good to be true, here’s where it sort of is: You can only do it at the beginning of a level, so it’s no bail out button for when you get stuck. Also, while you do score points for all the blocks destroyed, you don’t get any stars, no matter how many checkpoints you pass before the stack settles again. It’s still completely worth it for a leg up on toppling your best score — though perhaps that’s a poor choice of words for Six!

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