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Simply Hospital – Game Introduction

Simply Hospital is a Facebook game published by 6waves. Manage your own hospital by hiring doctors, provide examination and diagnostic rooms, decorate it to make it look appealing and maintain your medical equipment, all to increase its reputation and profit. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Simply Hospital by referring to this quick start guide.

Simply Hospital: Quick Start Guide

Simply Hospital is a Facebook game published by 6waves. Manage your own hospital by hiring doctors, provide examination and diagnostic rooms, decorate it to make it look appealing and maintain your medical equipment, all to increase its reputation and profit. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Simply Hospital by referring to this quick start guide.

Research Diseases

Patients with different types of illnesses will visit your hospital with the hope of being cured. From the common cold to first crush, the objective is to cure them when they visit your hospital. Each illness has its own degree of complexity and if it’s a new strain, it takes some research before it can be diagnosed and cured.

Simply Hospital

Constantly research diseases increasing diagnosis accuracy and effectivity of the cure. It’s recommended that you maximize research 2 diseases at a time. There is no point to spend money on researching a disease ahead of time especially if you haven’t reached a certain level where patients start to visit with that illness. Research is expensive and you’ll have a better chance with old illnesses first.

Looking at the image above, you’ll know how the level you are at, how long it takes to complete the research, the cost and percentage of increase. As an example, Zombie Syndrome is at level 5 and after the research is done, it will increase the success rate of diagnosing it by 8% and 5% for curing it.

Provide Medical Rooms and Equipment

Each illness needs special equipment to diagnose and cure the patient. Go to the research panel window and you’ll see which room and equipment you need for each illness. Click on the hospital editor icon. You start off with 10 areas for your rooms. Click on the add room icon to purchase one.

Simply Hospital

Diagnostic rooms would be a priority and you’ll have to eventually construct 2 examination and shrink rooms. These are the two main rooms you’ll need once you level up and patients start coming in droves.

Here’s a tip: It’s better to diagnose patients at earlier levels than curing them because you can use medicines to help out with the latter. Don’t panic when it’s asking you to add equipment rooms to cure frostbite, lamp-man or even the zombie syndrome. Hold out as long as you can, as long as it doesn’t affect your reputation too much. Save up first to get more rooms for later levels.

Hire Specialists

Doctors are needed to diagnose and operate the medical equipment. When you purchase a new room, a notification will let you know that you need to hire some staff.

You have two options. You can hire your friend and assign them to a room or you can hire a specialist. It’s cheaper to hire friends because their hourly rate is lower but take note that their experience is lower and they are not as efficient as specialists.

At earlier levels, you can choose to hire friends since it’s expected you are working on increasing your reputation and you start out low. Eventually you’ll have to spend a little bit more to increase the percentage of successful diagnosis and curing a patient.

Simply Hospital

The image above shows the experience level, its average cure rate, how many people the doctor can accommodate before they take a break, resting time in seconds and their hourly rate. As an example, Good Sensi Milla has a higher experience than the two, making her more efficient because he can accommodate more patients (six more).

When you change staff, remember to manage your human resources and check whether there is an idle doctor. When you appoint someone else to replace a current staff member, they become idle until you fire them. When you fire them, they stay idle and you’ll still be paying their hourly rate.

Simply Hospital

Treat with Medicines

Gift giving in Simply Hospital is important in your overall strategy. Decorations can help but medicines are more beneficial. Take note that gifts here is a bit different because you have to buy them with your own coins to send to friends. Each friend you send it to will add up to your total bill.

Simply Hospital

You can, however, choose the free gift icon which will randomly select medicines (or even decorations) to send to your friend. What you’re hoping for is to get more of the headache pill or panagrease. You’ll need them to treat ailments during a shift and it will help increase your hospital’s reputation.

Here’s an important tip: Use medicines to treat patients only when there is a long queue at the diagnostic rooms. You don’t know when you’ll get free medicines and they go fast during a long shift. Hold on to it until you see that the patient’s mood drop. Remember it’s about timing. Don’t wait until it’s too low that you end up losing the patient altogether.

Shift Management and Statistics

Start accepting patients by starting a new shift. You’ll get to choose shifts as short as 15 minutes or a maximum of 48 hours.

Simply Hospital

Expenses and the number of patients expected per shift are shown to help you decide which one to choose. A tip here is to play the shorter shifts so you can manage your hospital better. Leaving it without a manager is not recommended because you might end up losing more patients, especially if you don’t have enough rooms yet.

It’s suggested that you watch patients like a hawk at earlier levels. Check if their mood is decreasing and if they are being diagnosed and cured successfully. Are there more patients with the same disease at a certain point?

After a shift is done, you’ll see your shift’s performance.

Simply Hospital

Look at the overall reputation and check if the shift helped increase your reputation. Scroll through the list of patients that visited your hospital. The example above shows that working on researching zombie syndrome more is needed or get more medicines to cure them immediately. Some also left the line because it took a long time to assist them. Install benches or hire more efficient doctors to help decrease this number.

Manage your Hospital’s Reputation

The overall objective is to increase your hospital’s reputation so you can get more patients per shift, which will increase your profits. More profit will mean you can expand your hospital and will be able to research more illnesses to make your hospital more efficient. This is why the shift statistics is important to help you strategize.

Here’s a tip: Having a very high reputation isn’t beneficial when you’re not ready with enough rooms or research is lacking. A safe percentage would be around 60-70% once most rooms are in place and research is average. It’s easier to manage and you can work on increasing your reputation slowly.

Take note though that neighbors can help increase your reputation when they visit you, which you can also do the same.

Participate in the Doctor’s Council

Another way to increase your profits easily is to participate in your friend’s doctor council sessions. This happens when a VIP patient arrives at their hospital. Look at the upper left corner of the game’s interface and below the reputation level, you’ll see an icon that looks like people meeting at a table.

Simply Hospital

If there is a number in it, that indicates that you have a number of councils that you can participate in. Join on all councils. It will reward you a hefty amount. This will increase once you level up.

Simply Hospital

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