SIEGE: Titan Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies


SIEGE: Titan Wars is a strategy game from Game Alliance, that’s going to seem pretty familiar at times. A little like Clash Royale, a little like a collectible card game, and looking a little like one of the old school Warcraft strategy games, it’s quite the mixture of different things. While there’s a tutorial to ease you in gently, there’s still plenty to learn about what’s going on here.

Gamezebo’s SIEGE: Titan Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies is on hand to get you started, ensuring you’ll be winning battles left, right and center in no time.

Combat Tips

SIEGE: Titan Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Save up your energy at the start of battle. Don’t rush in. It’s best to stockpile a little then unleash a wave of troops in one go. Once things get a bit more hectic, this isn’t so easy to accomplish so take advantage of those first few seconds and be ready.
  • Try to use a mixture of different troops and keep the momentum going. Don’t get complacent as battles can change in (or against) your favor very quickly in SIEGE: Titan Wars.
  • Don’t always deploy en masse as your enemy can counteract that with area effect spells.
  • Keep an eye on what kind of units your enemy is using and deploy accordingly to counteract the attack.
  • Remember – you can still win a battle if you’ve destroyed more towers than your opponent, but haven’t wiped out their base.


SIEGE: Titan Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Titans are powerful units that can be deployed at a fairly hefty energy point cost. They need backup though. Make sure you deploy them at the same time as some other units. That way, your Titan can lead the charge but your other units can mop up the damage, and chip away at your enemies too.
  • Titans are great and quite overpowered, but they’re not invincible. Make sure to heal them with a relevant spell to keep them active for longer.
  • The Orc Thrasher is one of the easier Titans to unleash as it ‘only’ costs 4 energy points. It benefits from plenty of health, and can mostly take out anything.
  • It’s the Phantom that’s extra special though. Costing 5 energy points, it has less health than the Orc Thasher but it can deal out additional damage against towers and bases. That makes a big difference when you’re pursuing your enemy.
  • It also has a great passive ability. Once it loses all its health, it retreats into its tomb with its own health bar.
  • If the tomb isn’t destroyed after a few seconds, the Phantom is resurrected at full health. Play it wisely and that means this Titan is practically indestructible.
  • Remember to deploy it alongside other units so that the Tomb isn’t targeted!

Spells and Special Attacks

SIEGE: Titan Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Slowing down your enemy’s attack is an important part of success. Use cards such as Tidal Wave to push them back and slow them down. It only costs 1 energy point so it’s worth doing whenever possible.
  • Use area target spells like Fireball and Arrow Storm to disperse a crowd of enemies. This is particularly useful if your enemy has just deployed a Phantom.
  • Use Sludge when the enemy units are reasonably distant from you, and you need the time to earn some more energy.

Upgrading your cards

  • Focus on upgrading your favorite attacks rather than everything. Money can be tight and you don’t want to waste it boosting an attack you hardly ever use.

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