Shopping Blocks Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Shopping Blocks, which includes general tips, detailed strategies, and how to conquer specific levels and scenarios in the game   GENERAL TIPS The goals for each level will be shown on the right side of the screen. If you run your mouse over an item without clicking it, it will give you a better explanation of what the goals are. Once you pick up an item you can right-click it in order to rotate it. The number that you see appear in red when you&…

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Check out our strategy guide for Shopping Blocks, which includes general tips, detailed strategies, and how to conquer specific levels and scenarios in the game



  • The goals for each level will be shown on the right side of the screen. If you run your mouse over an item without clicking it, it will give you a better explanation of what the goals are.
  • Once you pick up an item you can right-click it in order to rotate it. The number that you see appear in red when you’re placing an item indicates how much you paid for it.
  • You’ll know when an item needs to be restocked when you see the purple and yellow package appear and you hear a bell ringing. To restock the shelves simply click on the icon that appears over the shelves or over the customer’s thought bubble.
  • It is recommended that you place fitting rooms close to the clothes rack so that customers can find it faster. This will allow customers to have a shorter walking distance between the 2.
  • The Shop Value is the combined sum of what all the merchandise you purchased for your store is worth.
  • When you see a clock appear over a customer’s head or on the furniture it means that the game is paused.
  • If you meet all your goals before the timer runs out you will win the level. It doesn’t matter if people are still asking for stuff at that point or if the store is full, the game will still end.
  • You might see that one of the goals have been reached but if something changes before the game ends, that goal will change. For example, you can make your money goal for that day but if you buy something, that goal will be incomplete again.
  • Make the most out of your space. Place items in a way that you have room to add things easily as the day progresses.
  • You can leave the tutorial on during the game and the lady on the top left can point out when a customer is requesting items. If you don’t want to see her pop-up messages then click on the "Don’t help me anymore" tab that is under her thought bubble.
  • It’s very important to buy decorations for your shop. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you’ll reach your goal when you get your shop class as close to 100 % in the early parts of any level.
  • You can click on a character and they will tell you what kind of mood they’re in and what they are doing at that moment. For example you’ll know if they’re content or if they’re waiting for a certain item to show up in the store for purchase. Use that information to help you along in the game.
  • Pause the game and reconfigure the layout of your store so you can fit expanded sections as needed. Click on the item that you want to move and the click on the green arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Right-click the item if you need to rotate it and make it fit.
  • When you place items on the floor, you’ll see a green shadow on the ground, that is telling you how much space an item is going to take up on the floor. Items cannot overlap each other because they will not fit.
  • When you put tile on the floor you’ll see some of the tiles get darker. That is an indication that you cannot place anything in those spots because they are already occupied by something else.


  • If you need to meet a goal that includes making a certain amount of money (that does not involve shop value), then sell something at the last minute to make your goal. Good items to sell are some Patience Improvers since by then most of the customers that needed them will be gone.
  • When your store is getting full buy an additional cash register so the lines don’t get too long. You’ll be able to service more people that way and make more money.
  • The donut and ice cream shops are a great way to generate some extra cash and as an added bonus it also helps keep the customers happy while they shop. Buy them whenever they are available in a level.
  • You can make the game move faster when you click on the fast-forward button in the lower right side of the screen. This is a good technique to use when you want to move the game along quickly.
  • In levels in which you can only lose one person, you may want to move the game on regular speed. If you fast forward the game you run the chance of losing a person too fast, mostly because you may not see them on time.
  • If you don’t have a lot of money at the beginning of a round, buy the smaller items first. Later on, sell your small item and trade it in for a bigger one.
  • Another thing you can do if you don’t have a lot of money in the beginning is to buy items that do not require something else to go along with it. For example:
  • Shoes require a fitting bench.
  • Clothes shelves and Fashion displays require a dressing room.
  • Sunglasses and hats need a mirror.
  • Instead, stick to items that don’t require an additional unit to go with it. For example:
  • Sporting Goods section
  • Toy display
  • Bicycle Stand
  • Pause the game when you want to add things to your shop, this will halt time and traffic. Everything will revert back to normal once you resume the game.
  • There are several things you can do while your game is paused. You can click on a shelf if you want to restock it. You can buy merchandise from any of the tabs below. You can also click on a customer and you can read what they are thinking. Pausing the game gives you the time to plan ahead.
  • If you know that you have a big item that you have to purchase to meet a goal, try to leave a space somewhere in the store for it. That way you will not have to do too much rearranging at the last minute in order to fit in.
  • In the majority of cases when a customer has an item on their thought bubble it is because you should have enough money for it in your budget. If there are several people with items in their bubbles then you should have enough for some of them.
  • If you failed a level and you’re not sure why, try a different strategy. You could try buying things in a reversed order. If you concentrated mostly on upping your Shop Class first, then you could concentrate on merchandising the second time around. Play around with different options and see what works for you.
  • The more merchandise you have in your store the more money you’re going to make. When you have high money goals to obtain, make sure that you buy as much merchandise as you can fit. When you do so you’ll notice that your customer purchases will increase.


  • In several levels throughout the game one of your goal requirements will be not to lose a certain amount of customers in a day. There are steps you can take to keep someone from walking out of your shop at the last minute.
  • Pause the game, click on the person who’s bubble is red or has smoke over them and you’ll see what they’re thinking. If they have an item in their thought bubble, you can actually click on the thought bubble and that merchandise will be on your cursor. It will only go on your cursor if you have enough money.
  • Place that item in the store and that will prevent the customer from leaving, even if they are almost out the door. This technique has saved me several times – especially in the last few levels where you can’t afford to lose a single customer.
  • When one of your goals in a level require you to have 100% Shop Class points and not lose X amount of customers, then try to get those Shop Class points up quickly and early on in the game. This will keep people from losing patience quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to sell something in order to buy an item for someone else. If a customer asks for an item that is not in the store and you can’t afford it, just sell something else to raise the cash.
  • This situation will often happen when you have several people at once asking for stuff in the store. It is important to follow this procedure when one of your goals is not to lose X amount of customers.


  • In order to improve a customer’s patience level you have to buy items from the "Patience Improvers" tab. This tab will not be activated until you’ve purchased merchandise for sale in your shop.
  • When the customer’s patience meter is green, it means that they are in a good mood. If that meter starts turning red then it means that the customer is angry and will leave if they are not taken care of soon.
  • Above a customer’s patience meter you will see an icon in their thought bubble. This icon represents an item that will soothe that customer’s mood. You can click on the item in their thought bubble and it will be on your cursor. You can also click on the smiley face tab and get the item that way. Either way, once you have it, place it somewhere in the store.
  • Before you buy or place an item from the Patience Improver’s tab, it is recommended that you pause the game. Pausing the game will halt all customer activity and the timer in the game. This will give you time to make a clear decision on what to buy and where to place it.
  • As soon as you restart the game the customer will have more patience while shopping in your store and all other activities will resume.
  • Sometimes a customer asks you for a certain kind of Patience Improver, you don’t always have to give it to them. You have to judge these situations on a case by case basis.
  • In some cases the customer will walk out if you don’t give them what they want, in other cases they will not. If there are several people in the store asking for Patience Improvers then sometimes giving one item to one customer will soothe others at the same time, even if they were not asking for that item originally.
  • Look at each customer carefully and if they are still asking for that item after you’ve given someone else a different item, then get them what they need.


  • You can increase your shop class by purchasing items within the star tab. Having a higher class store will improve your customers ‘opinions of it. Each item that you buy adds a certain amount of class points to your shop.
  • Your Shop Class tab will only be activated once you have items for sale in your shop that you purchased from the Goods tab.
  • You will see several goals throughout the game that require you to have your Shop Class at 100 %. In order to get your Shop Class at 100% there are 2 things that you need to do.
  • First, mouse-over the "Shop Class" meter that is in the bottom right corner of the page. It will tell you how many more points are needed in order to get to 100%.
  • Second, you need to click on the icon of the star that is at the bottom of the screen. Each item you click on, will tell you how many points you will have when you add 1 of those items to your shop. For example, the "Curtained Panel Window" adds 40 Shop Class points to your store.
  • Even if it’s not part of your goal to have your Shop Class at 100%, you should do it anyway. It helps keep all your customers’ patient longer and it will make them shop longer. The happier a customer is the more they will spend in your shop.
  • You can choose the color of some of your decorations before you put them on the sales floor. Once you see a paint palette over an item, you’ll be able to choose the color you want. The colors you choose do not affect the game in any way. The only thing that matters is that you get the right decorations up so you can get your Shop Class meter at 100 %.
  • Sometimes it’s better to buy Shop Class products for items on the wall instead of on the floor. You want to reserve the space on the floor for your merchandise.
  • There are 2 ways that you can apply wallpaper to your walls or flooring to your floors. You can click on the items in the star icon tab and then click the wallpaper or type of floor you want. Lastly, click it where you want it one by one.
  • You can also click and hold your mouse and drag it across the floor or wall until the area is covered. The floors and walls will be covered much faster this way.
  • Once the panel is on your mouse there’s no need to go back and get more, just keep clicking the mouse onto your walls or floors until all areas are covered.
  • To let go of your panel, just click on the arrow icon that is on the lower left side of the screen.



These are just a few examples on how to handle different situations that may show up in the game. I just did these few to show you that the same basic principals apply to most levels.

  • Buy cheaper items at the beginning of the game that do not require the use of something else to work, like dressing rooms or fitting benches.
  • Always try to get your Shop Class at 100%, even if it’s not a requirement.
  • You can apply these methods even in the last few levels of the game in which you can’t lose not even one customer.

Level 16

Goal 1 – You must have at least $2500
Goal 2 – 1 Bicycle Stand
Goal 3 – You must sell 55 items.
Goal 4 – Raise Shop Class to 100 %
Goal 5 – You can’t lose more than 2 customers.

  • In this level what you need to do is, build your Shop Class to 100 % ASAP.
  • Buy the Bicycle Stand halfway through the game.
  • Buy Patience Improvers as soon as customers request it to keep them from leaving angry.
  • As soon as you reach your 55 items sold quota, start selling stuff in your store to meet the money goal of 2,500.

Level 17

Goal 1 – You must have at least $2,000
Goal 2 – You have to sell 50 items
Goal 3 – Raise Shop Class 100 %
Goal 4 – You can’t lose more than 2 customers.

  • Before I opened the store I bought the cheapest items I could find that did not require any additional purchases, like a dressing room or a fitting bench.
  • I bought a Basic Time Center for $240, a medium bookshelf for $360 and a cash register for $100.
  • After that I bought some floor tiles and covered the whole floor. Then some plaid wallpaper that covered all my walls. At that point I had met my 100 % Shop Class Goal.
  • As customers ask for stuff add them to the shop one by one.
  • Make sure that nobody leaves the store. As soon as you see someone losing patience click on them and see what they need.

Level 18 Spruce Street

Goal 1 – Build a Deluxe Toy center
Goal 2 – You have to sell 65 items.
Goal 3 – The value of your shop must be $6500 or more.
Goal 4 – You can’t lose more than 3 customers.

  • Buy a Deluxe Toy Center at the beginning of the level, it will cost you $720 and it can accommodate 3 customers at a time.
  • Then buy the Expanded Media Rack for $280.
  • Lastly buy some wallpaper to cover your walls.
  • Buy as much as you can of the Luxury Granite Flooring, you should be able to cover half the floor.
  • Start the round and go in fast forward so you can make some fast cash.
  • Once you reach about $800 cover the rest of your floors and your Class Shop will be at 100 %.
  • Even though the 100% Class Shop is not a requirement in this round, it will help you keep the goal of not losing more than 3 customers for the day.
  • Continue your game as normal and pay attention to what the customers need. Click on their bubble and the item that they are asking for will automatically go on your cursor ( if you can afford it)
  • Once you meet your goal of serving 65 customers, concentrate on buying more items for your shop so you can bring your shop value up to $6500.

Level 25 Hill Road

Goal 1 – Shop Value of $8,100
Goal 2 – Sell 60 items
Goal 3 – $1200 in cash at the end of the day.
Goal 4 – You can’t lose more than 2 customers.

  • Buy the Expanded Toy Center for $400
  • Buy the Expanded Media Rack for $280
  • Buy one of the Luxury Wallpapers and cover all your walls.
  • Buy any of the Luxury Floors and stop once your Class Shop reaches 100 %.
  • Once you get over $500, if you get any customers asking for an Expanded Sporting Good section then go ahead and buy it. If customers ask for something else get that item instead.
  • If any customers ask for Patience Improvers get them as soon as you can, you don’t want anyone to leave angrily.
  • Get a second cash register so you can ring up more customers.
  • Stock shelves as soon as you see that they are empty.
  • At the last minute buy an item or two that will give you the amount you need to get the $8100 Shop Value.

Level 27 Birch Lane

Goal 1 – Shop Value $7850
Goal 2 – Sell 80 items.
Goal 3 – Shop Class 100%

  • The configuration of this shop is a little different than most try and place items that fit snugly in the corners. You have to make the most of your space.
  • First thing we have to buy is an Expanded Luggage Display for $560.
  • Then buy an Expanded Time Center for $520
  • Buy the Luxury Diamond wallpaper and cover all your walls with it.
  • Then buy as much as you can afford of any of the Luxury types of floors that you prefer. Then open the shop in fast forward.
  • If a customer comes in with a request go ahead and get it for them.
  • As soon as you get enough money finish upgrading your Shop Class by purchasing some items. You should be able to do this once the clock on the lower right side passes the 5-10 minute mark.
  • In this level you don’t have to worry too much if someone leaves since money and customers leaving are not part of the goal.
  • You do want to focus on buying as many items for your store as you can since you want to up your shop value to $7850.

Level 38 Madison Lane

Goal 1 – Shop Value of $7800
Goal 2 – Shop Class 100 %
Goal 3 – You can’t lose any customers.

  • It is best to play this level in regular speed as much as you can.
  • If you try to fast forward too much, you risk the chance of a customer getting angry and you not catching them in time.
  • Buy the Deluxe Clothes Shelf for $720
  • Buy a Dressing room for $200 and open the shop.
  • Within your first few customers you should have several sales.
  • Once you reach the $500 mark, start buying some Shop Class items. (I had $564 when I paused the game).
  • Buy any of the luxury wall papers and cover all your walls.
  • Then buy any luxury flooring and cover all your floors.
  • Buy the Panoramic Landscape for $240 and you’ll be left with almost no money.
  • Open your shop on regular speed.
  • Once you get close to $700 pause the game and buy a deluxe hat rack for $560.
  • Play the game in regular speed and wait until someone asks for a mirror or something else.
  • Usually a customer will not ask for an item unless you have enough money to buy it.
  • Whatever the customers asks for that you can afford, go ahead and buy it. You want to keep them happy since you can’t afford to lose anyone.
  • Keep pausing the game and add the items to get your Shop Class at 100% as soon as possible.
  • Keep your eye on the people’s tempers at all times and add things to the shop as customers request it. This will ensure that people will not get mad because you can’t afford what they are looking for.
  • Once you reach the $7800 Shop Value, the level will end.