Shopmania Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Check out Tips & Tricks for Shopmania:


  • Upgrade carts to make them bigger and you’ll earn more dollars.

  • Fulfill requests to calm down impatient shoppers.
  • Upgrade carts so that they are all about the same size. Otherwise, you’ll get items you can’t place.
  • If you make carts too big, they might become difficult to fill.
  • You don’t have to ring up shoppers as soon as they are ready. Take your time!
  • To speed up a conveyor belt, take products off the belt that are past the sensor.
  • You can put a product back on the conveyor belt after you take it off.
  • It’s OK to make a mistake or two, as long as you don’t make three of them!
  • Is it better to fulfill a request or fill a cart with all the same color? It depends on how much $ you will get for each. Unless a cart is small, it is usually better to go for a full cart with all the same color.
  • Where do those THUMBS UP come from? For every $5 you earn, Mr. Willy gives you another THUMBS UP you can use to purchase GOODIES.
  • Upgrade carts early in a shift so that you can get more dollars from the bigger carts during the shift.
  • Don’t waste THUMBS UP! Purchase upgrades before you ring up customers if your THUMBS UP meter is already full.
  • You don’t have to ring up carts as soon as they are ready. You can let customers sit there until they get impatient.
  • But in OVERTIME, pay attention to the clock. You want to ring up shoppers as quickly as you can.

    • SENIORS and TEENS have the shortest tempers. Fill their carts first.

  • BUSINESSMEN and UPPER CRUST shoppers tip the most.
  • KIDS make so many requests. You can make more money from them by fulfilling requests than by filling their carts with the same color.
  • SUBURBAN DADS will keep making the same request. Get all the dollars you can from them. ADVERTISEMENTS work very well with DADS.
  • UPPER CRUST shoppers require carts that are completely full and J.B. SPENDMORE requires a full cart that is the same color. Focus on these shoppers when they show up.

    • SWEETS are not the only way to calm down customers: fulfilling a request has the same effect – and it gets you dollars too!

  • ADVERTISEMENTS are a great way to calm down impatient shoppers and also earn dollars. Purchase an AD when you have new shoppers arriving and many products on your belt, so that you can maximize filling any requests.
  • ADS only work once, but BIG ADS last longer. So try to clear those requests when you have a BIG AD running and get the most for your money!
  • Purchase goodies like GIFTS and SWEETS before you need them, so you can grab them without having to wait.
  • Use WRAPPERS and SUPER WRAPPERS to get full carts that are all the same color.
  • Wait until you have shopper at every station before you use a SUPER SWEET.
  • Save Money for emergency SWEETS when you have lots of impatient shoppers.
  • Take your time! Keep shoppers calm with SWEETS and by filling requests, so you can go for full carts.
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