Shoal of Fish Strategy Guide – Six Best Hints, Tips and Cheats

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Shoal of Fish is a game about eating. You’re playing a shark and you need to stuff your sharp-tooth-filled mouth with as many other sea creatures as you can. Every level gives you a challenge to complete and when you do you’ll get some coins. Spend those to get tougher, take on the next challenge.

Of course, things are a little bit more complex than that, so we’ve gone ahead and written this guide. It’s packed full of the best hints, tips, tricks and cheats for Shoal of Fish that we could dig up, and we reckon it’s going to come in super useful.

If you’ve just picked up the game, or you’ve been gnawing the creatures of the deep for a while, you’re going to find something super useful here. Here, then, are our top six hints, tips and cheats for Shoal of Fish.

Eating gives you energy

Energy is what propels you through the water, and if you use it up before you’ve finished a level’s challenge, you’re going to fail. That’s why you need to be constantly eating. It tops up your energy levels and ensures that you’re got the power to complete the challenge. By all means focus on the fish you need to snaffle, but make sure you’ve got enough energy to do it.

Spend your coins on upgrading

At the start of every level you get a chance to spend your coins on upgrading your energy, the size of the shoals you’re eating and the amount of coins you’re earning. You should always spend your coins on powering these up. You can buy new skins, but it’s more important to toughen up, especially if you want to get further in the game.

Catch the video fish

If you see a fish with a video icon on it, try and grab it. You’ll have to watch a video once you’ve done it, but you’ll get a boost afterwards. Sometimes it speeds things up, sometimes it turns all the fish on the level gold. It’s a great way to earn more for very little effort.

Complete the bonus challenges

As you progress through the game you’ll discover levels with bonus challenges. These give you more gold and sometimes they’re pretty simple. If you’ve got the energy then it’s well worth trying to complete these whenever they pop up. The more you earn on a level the stronger you’ll be the next time round.  

Gold fish always give coins

Whether you’re meant to be eating them or not, gold fish always give gold. And energy fish always give energy. You can really stuff your coffers if you eat gold fish whenever you see them. Don’t go out of your way to do it on levels where you don’t have to, but if they’re there for the taking, stuff them down.

Watch out for bigger sharks

Bigger sharks are going to eat you, such is the law of the sea jungle. Whenever you see a bigger fish it’s important to keep away from it. You won’t die from a single contact, but if you hang around for too long the larger sharks will consume you and you won’t be able to finish the level.

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