Shield Hero RISE Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Our Shield Hero RISE tier list ranks all characters in the gacha game based on the Rising of the Shield Hero series from best to worst!

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Obtained a new character but you don’t know if they’re worth upgrading or not? This Shield Hero RISE tier list ranks every character in the game from best to worst to help you decide whether the latest addition to your collection is good or not.

Shield Hero RISE is a gacha game that is largely based on the popular anime and manga series. Relive the original story of Naofumi as he embarks on a journey to another world. Here, he meets the mysterious Raphtalia, as well as other familiar faces such as Filo and Melty. Step onto the battlefield with your favourite characters as you strategically fend off the hordes of enemies. Plus, each character is voiced by their season 1 voice actors – nice!

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Shield Hero RISE Tier List

With Shield Hero Rise being a new game, there aren’t many characters to collect just yet. However, I expect more to be released in future game updates. Once a new character is added to the game, I’ll make sure to add them to the tier list below as quickly as possible. That way, you can either save your pulls or spend them on the latest heroes!

S Tier

The strongest and mightiest characters to collect! Aim to have at least one of these characters in your party.

  • Raphtalia
  • Filo

A Tier

Not as mighty as those in the S-tier, but still pretty good options for the battlefield.

  • Motoyusa Kitamura
  • Iwatani Naofumi
  • Jane D
  • Phoebe

B Tier

This is where they start to get a little weak. Average at best, but worth it in the early game.

  • Itsuki Kawasumi
  • Ume
  • Filo (Monster)
  • Vanslord
  • Melty

C Tier

These characters are quite useless when it comes to battle. If you don’t want to struggle with game progression, avoid them completely.

  • Ren Amaki
  • Labo
  • Alicia
  • Mochi

D Tier

  • Welest
  • Keel
  • Radish

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