Shark Sniper Hunting Sim: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Allison Reilly |

Shark Sniper Hunting Sim, developed by Nguyen Thi Duom, is exactly as the name suggests: a hunting simulator where the player shoots sharks. The game may sound incredible, but getting eaten by the vicious carnivore over and over again is not as appetizing. Who’s dinner: you or the shark? Avoid being the tasty snack with this list of tips, cheats and strategies.

  • Practice the controls: The controls in this game aren’t the most intuitive, so repeating Level 1 or Level 2 to get used to them is highly recommended. Using both hands or two different fingers to control either the boat or the sniper (depending on what you’re doing in game) is likely to be the most comfortable.
  • Aim the sniper, then drive the boat: Because the player can’t do both at the same time, the easiest thing to do is to aim the sniper at the shark first and then drive the board toward the shark. Because the scenery in front of the boat will not match what’s in front of the sniper, driving the boat first can make the level more confusing.
  • The map in the top left shows which was the sniper is facing: All the more reason to aim the sniper first. The map in the top left shows where all of the sharks are located. The orange arrow in the middle indicates the sniper/player and points in the direction the sniper is facing. There’s nothing in the game to indicate the boat’s direction in relation to the sniper, so aiming the sniper first provides the picture needed to line up the boat correctly.
  • The boat is invulnerable: No need to worry about running aground or accidentally shooting your boat. The boat only takes damage from the shark, which deals a one-hit kill, so focus on driving toward and destroying the ocean dinosaurs.
  • The sharks die by leaping out the water like a dolphin: For a hunting simulator, the sharks don’t die in a very dramatic or realistic fashion. When the shark is dead, it does a leap out of the water before sinking to the bottom. Or it just sinks. There’s no blood or explosion or any obvious visual indicator. The sharks do have a health bar, but zero isn’t all that clear on the health bar. Just look for the leap.
  • The shotgun is the best gun: The machine guns aren’t very good because each bullet doesn’t do much damage to the shark. The shark reaches the boat before the player kills it, and the player most likely has to reload while the shark charges in. The shotgun kills the shark in two or three hits without having to waste time to reload.
  • Buy all the guns anyway: The player earns $100 for each completed level. Each new gun costs $300 and there are a total of seven guns (well, six guns and one bow and arrow). There’s nothing else to purchase with the money in-game anyway, so just buy all the weapons.
  • Start each level with your favorite gun: If the shotgun is the best gun to you, start each level with your favorite. The game doesn’t explain the level’s objective until after the player chooses their gun for the level, so start with your favorite and then adjust afterward if you happen to fail.
  • Get as close to the shark as possible: The sharks don’t hone in on the sniper. Instead, the player has to get close and start shooting. The sharks only begin to attack when the player starts shooting or when the player gets too close. But, the closer you are to the shark, the easier it is to aim and the fewer shots you need to kill it.
  • The sniper scope is useless: No matter your choice of gun, the player has a sniper scope they could use to aim at the shark from afar. Not only does the scope not help very much, but as the previous hint states, more damage is done the closer the player is to the shark. So, there’s little incentive to use the sniper scope in the first place.

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