Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Shaman’s Odyssey.

You need to help the Shaman unite his tribe, which is scattered across a series of islands. For each level you’re taken to a new island where you have to complete a list of quests that involve building structures, collecting resources and increasing the population.

Resources and Building

There are 4 types of resources to collect: wood, stone, food and shells. Some resources are scattered around the island at the start of the game, but generally you will need to build structures to gather more resources. For wood you need a woodcutter, for stone a stonecutter and for food you can build either a fisherman’s hut or a garden. Shells can be collected on the beaches of the island.

You can store 25 units of each resource without a storage hut. A level 1 storage hut increases the capacity of each to 35, a level 2 storage hut increases capacity to 50 and a level 3 storage hut allows you to collect 99 of each.

To build a structure you first need to buy the blueprint from the Shaman’s tent in exchange for shells, which you can collect on the shores of the island. Then click on an empty lot, select the building you want and click ‘build’. Fisherman’s huts are the only structures that can be built on coastal lots, but apart from that all structures can be built on any lot.

Upgrading a building will increase its productivity. To do this you need to get the blueprint, select the building you want to upgrade and hit ‘upgrade’.


Occasionally your villagers will get ill and you have to give them a potion to cure them. You get a limited amount of time to cure the villager, which is indicated by a little timer over the villager’s health. If you run out of time your villager will cure itself, but overall happiness will decrease.

To see which potion the villager needs, hover your cursor over the villager’s bubble. You can also view a list of sick villagers in the ‘village’ menu. Other potions are needed to get rid of sharks or ghosts.

To make potions you first need to buy the potion recipes from the Shaman’s tent. Then collect the ingredients from the island. Ingredients need only a few seconds to grow back after they’ve been picked. Click on the cauldron by the Shaman’s tent and select the potion you want from the list. Then add the required ingredients by clicking on the ingredients that appear on the cauldron. When all ingredients are added, click "make".

To give the potion to your villager or the sharks and ghosts, go to the potions menu, select the potion you want and click on the villager, shark or ghost.


Your villagers will have children once their huts have been upgraded to level 2 or 3. A level 2 hut can house one child in addition to the original couple; a level 3 hut can house two children. The villagers also need to be very happy, which is indicated by a heart icon above their heads.


Increasing your villagers’ happiness will give you a higher score at the end of the level. Their happiness increases each morning after they’ve slept in a hut, while their happiness decreases when they’ve had to sleep out in the open. One hut can house two villagers, so you need to build enough for everyone. Tending to their illnesses fast also makes them happy while happiness is hampered by the presence of sharks and ghosts. Finally, building a totem where they can worship will increase happiness. If the overall happiness drops below 30 the villagers will leave the island and you will fail the level.


At the end of each level you’re awarded with a bronze, silver or gold Shaman’s Mask trophy. These are awarded according to your total level score, and not for how fast or efficient you were in completing the level. The game doesn’t tell you how many points you need for each level, but to achieve the gold mask you’re better off taking your time than to be fast and efficient!

You get points for:

  • Quests solved
  • Village problems solved
  • Resources in possession
  • Ingredients collected
  • Potions created
  • Total happiness

Sometimes it pays to upgrade your buildings more than you need to to finish the quests, or to build extra resource gathering buildings so you can collect more resources fast. Also keep collecting more potion ingredients than you need – I constantly send my Shaman around the island to pick herbs. Leave one quest open until you think you may have collected enough points.

Another advantage of taking it slow is that your villagers will have more time to increase their happiness, and you may be asked to make more potions for sick villagers, which also increases your score.

You can always go back to a previous level to try and increase your score. The advantage of this is that you won’t need to save up to buy any new blueprints second time around!

Important note: the number 1 in this game looks very much like a 2! Be aware of this when you’re trying to achieve your goals!


Level 1 – Basic Tutorial

You need to build 1 hut, 1 woodcutter and 1 fisherman’s hut. To do this you need to buy the blueprints for each from the Shaman’s tent. You are given all the shells you need and all the resources you need are scattered around the island.

Level 2 – Building Upgrades

This is the second part of the tutorial in which you learn to upgrade buildings. You need to build 1 hut, 1 woodcutter level 2, 1 fisherman’s hut lv2 and collect 10 shells.

Strategy: You start out with enough resources around the island to build level 1 of all three buildings. You also have enough shells to buy the upgrades from the Shaman’s tent. You can build the upgrades by clicking on the buildings and hitting the ‘upgrade’ button. Then collect some more shells from the beach to get them up to 10.

To get the gold mask trophy I had to give them a night to increase their happiness and I waited until they collected the maximum amount of wood and food before I upgraded the woodcutter to complete the level.

Level 3 – Potions

Tutorial part 3: To make potions you first need to buy the potion recipes from the Shaman’s tent. Then you need to collect potion ingredients from the island. When you have the ingredients you need, click on the cauldron outside the Shaman’s tent and add the ingredients to the cauldron by clicking on the ones that are listed on the cauldron.

For this level you need to build 1 hut, 1 woodcutter, 1 stonecutter, 1 fisherman’s hut lv2 and collect 10 shells. Build two huts to keep your people happy. Also keep collecting ingredients for extra points.

Level 4 – Offspring

Tutorial part 4: To have offspring your villagers need to be happy and you need to have a level 2 hut. For this level you need to build 1 hut lv2, 1 stonecutter, 1 woodcutter, 1 fisherman’s hut lv2 and 1 storage shed, and have 1 child.

Strategy: As always, to get the gold mask build two huts to keep your villagers happy, collect lots of ingredients and resources and take your time so you get a few potion requests.

Level 5 – Shark Attack

Tutorial part 5: To get rid of the sharks you need to buy and make the shark repelling potion. For this level you need to build 2 huts lv2, 1 woodcutter lv2, 1 stonecutter lv2, 1 fisherman’s hut lv2 and 1 garden, and get rid of 3 sharks.

Level 6 – Restless Ghosts

From now on you’re on your own! No more tutorials. You need to build 1 totem, 2 huts lv3, get rid of 2 ghosts and collect 20 wood, 20 stone and 10 shells. Note that you need to have the required resources after you’ve finished building.

Strategy: You will need to build a woodcutter, stonecutter and garden to get all the supplies you need. Build those before you go on to the new buildings.

Level 7 – Storm Approaching

This is one of the few time challenges in the game, which makes it harder to get the gold mask. You need to build 1 hut lv3 and have 2 children before the storm comes in 10 minutes.

Strategy: Build 2 huts level 2 as soon as possible to get the happiness up and to allow two couples to produce a child. Also build a woodcutter and stonecutter to collect more resources. Keep collecting resources and ingredients as much as you can – just keep sending the Shaman around the island to pick herbs. I waited until the very last minute to complete the level 3 hut to give my villagers more time to collect.

Level 8 – Spiritual Enlightenment

Build 1 fisherman’s hut lv3 and 1 totem, get rid of 3 ghosts, collect 20 wood and 20 stone. For the next levels the basic strategy is the same: Build enough huts for all your villagers and one of each resource building. Keep one quest open, for example, keep one ghost, until you’ve collected as many resources and ingredients as you like.

Level 9 – More Offspring

Build 1 fisherman’s hut lv3, 1 garden lv2 and 1 totem, have 2 children and collect 30 food. To collect 30 food you need to build a storage hut. Also build two huts lv2 to get 2 children.

Level 10 – Sharks and Ghosts

Build 1 totem lv2, get rid of 2 ghosts and 3 sharks, have 2 children and collect 30 food.

Level 11 – Pirate invasion

Another time challenge. Build 1 garden lv3 and have 2 children in 10 minutes. Strategy: Build 2 lv2 huts as soon as possible so your people are happy and can produce children. You will need more wood than is scattered around the island, so build a woodcutter’s hut. Then build and upgrade the garden. Also build some of the other buildings to gather as many resources as possible to get that gold mask!

Level 12 – Family Bonds

Build 1 storage lv3, have 3 children, collect 40 food and 10 shells. Strategy: You need two huts to keep the villagers happy, one of which needs to be upgraded to level 3 to get that third child. You won’t be able to get past 35 resources until you’ve upgraded your storage hut to level 3. Collect, collect, collect!

Level 13 – Poor Island

This island starts out with fewer resources than the others. You need to build 1 storage lv2 and gather 50 food, 40 wood and 30 stone. Strategy: Start by building a woodcutter, stonecutter and fisherman’s hut. Then build two huts. When you’ve gathered some more wood, build a storage shed and a garden. Upgrade the storage shed whenever you can. Also upgrade the woodcutter and the garden or fisherman’s hut to increase production.

Level 14 – Pirates Return

Time challenge. For this level you have 10 minutes to gather 50 food. Strategy: Start by building a fisherman’s hut, a storage hut and a garden immediately. Then build two huts. Upgrade the fisherman’s hut, garden and storage to level 2, and as soon as you can, upgrade the fisherman’s hut to level 3. To get the golden mask I also built a woodcutter level 2 and a totem to increase happiness, and I sent my Shaman around the island continually to collect ingredients and shells.

Level 15 – Big Storage

Build storage lv3 and collect 60 food, 60 wood, 60 stone and 30 shells. You need 3 huts to keep the villagers happy. Build a fisherman’s hut and a garden and a woodcutter lv3.

Level 16 – Slow Progress

Build storage lv2 and a totem, and collect 50 food, 30 wood, 30 stone and 20 shells.

Level 17 – Hurricane Approaching

Time challenge. You need to build a totem lv3 and collect 50 food in 10 minutes. Strategy: This level is one of the hardest to achieve the Gold Mask for. Start by building a fisherman’s hut, garden and storage shed as soon as possible and upgrade them to level 2. Build 2 huts, a totem and a woodcutter’s. Upgrade the fisherman’s hut to level 3. Upgrade your totem whenever you can – you will need to collect shells for this. Note that upgrading the totem costs food, so don’t wait with the final upgrade until the very last second. Have your Shaman collect like a maniac! If time is running out and you only have a few more food to collect, you can opt to demolish your garden or fisherman’s hut as it will instantly give you some more food.

Level 18 – More Ghosts and Sharks

Build a totem lv3 and get rid of 4 sharks and 3 ghosts. Strategy for this level is pretty standard. Just build one of each building and two huts and take your time to gather resources and collect ingredients before getting rid of that last shark

Level 19 – More Storage

Get rid of 4 sharks and collect 60 food, 60 wood, 60 stone and 10 shells. You need a level 3 storage hut. Other than that it’s straightforward.

Level 20 – Another Storm Incoming

The last time challenge. You need to get rid of 5 sharks in 10 minutes. This one is pretty straightforward. Just collect lots of resources and ingredients, keep your people happy and wait till the last moment to get rid of the last shark so you can get that gold mask.

Level 21 – Huge Huts

Build 3 huts lv3 and 1 totem lv3, get rid of 2 ghosts and 4 sharks, and have 4 children. Just build all the required structures and wait until your people are happy enough to have children. Keep gathering goods as usual.

Level 22 – The Shaman Wonder

Build 3 huts lv3 and 1 totem lv3, get rid of 4 sharks, produce 6 children and build a level 5 wonder.

This level has a new feature: you need to build a large statue in the center of the island. To do this you need to click on the large stone in the center and it will tell you how many resources you need for the next level. You don’t need to buy any blueprints for the statue. So build one of each structure (plus 3 huts) and upgrade them all to level 3 to produce resources quicker. You have plenty of time to keep your people happy and healthy, and to collect lots of ingredients. Achieving gold mask shouldn’t be too hard.


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