Seaside Hideaway Walkthrough

Seaside Hideaway, developed by POW games lets you revive a tiny, broken-down seaside village and make it into a booming tourist attraction. Complete hidden object scenes, earn money, and reinvest it to build the town into a mega tourist attraction. Gamezebo’s Seaside Hideaway quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Seaside Hideaway

Seaside Hideaway, developed by POW games lets you revive a tiny, broken-down seaside village and make it into a booming tourist attraction. Complete hidden object scenes, earn money, and reinvest it to build the town into a mega tourist attraction. Gamezebo’s Seaside Hideaway quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Once you are ready to play, you can click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Game settings – Along the top right side of the screen you will find the game settings. You can set the game to full screen (recommended), turn game music or sound effects on or off, or zoom in or out of the scene.
  • You will start out the game with an introduction to “Lilith” the mayor of Seaside Hideaway. She is your tutorial guide to the game.
  • You will start out with 3,000 silver coins and seven gold bars.
Seaside Hideaway

Game Currency

  • There are two kinds of currency in the game.
  • Silver coins – This is the standard game currency which you earn from completing various hidden object scenes and collecting coins from various attractions.
  • Gold Bars – This is the secondary currency used to purchase high-end items with higher levels of appeal as well as to open up special hidden object scenes.
Seaside Hideaway
  • If you wish to purchase silver coins you will need to purchase them with gold.
Seaside Hideaway
  • Exchange Rate- The game has an exchange rate and based on the amount of gold you have on hand it will show you how many silver coins you can exchange for it


  • XP or Experience points are earned each time you place an item in your town, visit your neighbors, and collect rent and more.
  • XP are what you need to level up in the game.
  • The XP meter is shown at top left next to your currency and level indicator.


  • Energy is needed to play hidden object scenes.
  • It will cost you ten energy points each time you play.
  • You are given an energy meter at the top left of the game screen which holds a maximum of fifty energy points at a time.
  • This energy regenerates on its own at a rate of one point every three minutes.
  • How to get more energy – If you run out of energy you have a few options.
  • Wait – Energy will regenerate on its own over time. Come back later when meter has refilled.
  • Visit your Neighbors – You will earn two energy points for each neighbor you visit once every twenty-four hours.
Seaside Hideaway
  • Purchase – Using gold you can purchase more energy. Click on the “+” sign to trigger the energy purchase menu then purchase the amount you wish to add.
  • Use gifted energy – Go into your inventory and use any energy gifted to you that you have previously accepted. You can enter it on to your meter in increments of one or five by clicking on the button shown in your inventory at the very bottom. You can only use up to twenty energy points per twenty-four hour period.
Seaside Hideaway


  • The quest icons are found at the upper left side of the game screen as two circles with images inside.
  • The top quest list has to do with hidden object quests and the second has to do with town building quests.
  • Click on one of these icons to see your current quests.
  • These quests will also guide your progress in the game.
Seaside Hideaway
  • Once you complete a quest you will be notified and will earn an XP and/or coin bonus for doing so.
  • As soon as you complete a quest a new one will appear in its place.
  • Tip – Be sure to always look at your quests before you add any items to your town or play a new hidden object scene. If you play a new scene or add an item to your town then open a quest that requires you to add that item, you will have to add it again because it will not recognize your action until after the quest has been read

How to Play

  • The game consists of your completing hidden object scenes as fast as possible to earn the most money you can. You can use this money to reinvest into the town adding attractions and buildings that will pay you rent also contributing to your wealth.

Hidden Object Scenes

  • Each time you play a hidden object scene you will spend ten energy points.
  • Click on the town hall building in the center of your town to open the episode menu. Each episode consists of four scenes you must unlock and complete.
  • You will next choose which unlocked scene you want to play by clicking on them.
  • The more you play the more money and XP your will earn as well as scenes you will unlock.
  • You are timed and the more items you find in a row without using a hint the higher your score as the points are modified by bonus multipliers.
Seaside Hideaway
  • Once in the hidden object scene look for the items listed along the bottom of the screen in text. In future levels there may be silhouettes or find the differences scenes for you to complete as well.
  • Each time you find an item it will disappear from the list and another will appear until you find them all.
  • Using Hints – If you get stuck and choose to use a hint click on the hint button at the bottom right and you can use one of three hint types. The first will simply show you where one item is and the other hints are available once you reach a certain level in the game.
  • Scoring – Bonuses are awarded for precision in your clicks, not using hints, and speed in which you find the items.
  • At the end of each hidden object session you will briefly see your score and the breakdown of your points.
  • Your best game is one where you are very fast and accurate and do not use any hints at all.
  • There is a scoreboard kept and you will see how you place among your neighbors in the hidden object scenes.
Seaside Hideaway

Purchasing items to place in your Town

  • Once you have some funds you may start to purchase and place attractions decorations and landmark buildings in your town.
  • At the bottom left of the game screen click on the “Build” tab to open up the game store.
  • Here you will see several tabs including, attractions, landmarks, decorations, and inventory.
  • Choose an item from one of these categories. Note that each item from store is either charged with silver or gold.
  • Each item also has a certain amount of appeal it adds to the overall town and this amount is shown to you before purchase.
Seaside Hideaway
  • Placing items – The item will appear on the end of your cursor.
  • When you find a location you wish to place the item click to lock it in.
  • You will have to wait for the construction time to complete unless you wish to use gold to pay to have instant completion.
  • Once it completes the item will serve you as an item that contributes appeal to your town.
  • Moving, rotating, or selling items in your town – Click on a building or item then at the bottom right a menu will open up allowing you to rotate, move, store an item in inventory, or sell it. Use this menu to manipulate items in your town that are already placed in your town.
  • Items sold are sold back for much less than the original purchase price. Only sell items if you have absolutely no other means to get any fast or you are sure you do not want it.
  • NOTE- If you take an item out of your town whether for inventory or to sell it then the amount of appeal it contributed will be deducted. Items are only good for appeal when they are physically installed on the land or water.
Seaside Hideaway


  • The amount of appeal your town has is shown in the top center of the screen.
  • Each time you add decorations or buildings to your town or use gifts that are sent to you the amount of your appeal increases.
  • Appeal also unlocks hidden object scenes and purchases landmarks to place in your town.
  • Click on the building at center of town or on the adventures button at the bottom left of the screen to open the hidden object menu.
  • At the bottom left you will see what landmark you will earn for completing a specific scene. This includes playing hidden object scenes until you earn all the anchors.
  • Landmarks will boost your town with a lot of appeal points.
  • Note you can also use gold to purchase items with high appeal and you can use it to unlock hidden object scenes instead of having to play them until they are unlocked.

Water Items

  • Once you reach level eight you will be able to place water items in your town.
  • Note that these items can only be placed on or in water.
  • You will have to expand and expose the water in your town in order to place these items.
  • Near the bottom of the screen you will see beach area and ocean where you can place these items once you reach level eight.
Seaside Hideaway

Expanding your Town

  • You will be given a very small amount of land when you begin the game and will find you want to expand fairly fast.
  • The expansion feature is currently tied to your cursor and you will see a 3 x 3 area can be expanded at any area you can highlight green on the board.
  • Land that is dark you do not have access to and when you expand you will lighten this area and you can build on it.
Seaside Hideaway
  • Place your cursor until you see the green “Expand your land” message appear then click on the area.
  • A message will appear telling you that you need a certain number of deeds and silver to expand your land.
  • You will have to get these deeds from your neighbors so the more neighbors you have the easier this will be for you. Click on the “Ask Friends” button in the menu and send out requests.
  • Once you have the required number of deeds and silver click on the “Expand” button.
  • You also have the option to instantly expand your town for ten gold bars. This is also offered on the expansion menu. This takes away the requirement for deeds from your neighbors and will save a lot of time.
Seaside Hideaway

Neighbors – Inviting and Visiting your Neighbors for increased profit

  • Neighbors are shown in order of level from highest to lowest.
  • Click on the “visit” button to visit a neighbor’s town.
Seaside Hideaway
  • Once you are there you will automatically be rewarded with 50 silver coins and two power points.
  • You can take a look at your neighbor’s town to see how they have chosen to design it.
  • You will have to wait 24 hours before you can collect from a neighbor again.
  • In the future there will likely be more interactive ways to visit your neighbors.
  • Be sure to visit your neighbors daily, as this is the easiest way to earn free money and energy to help you advance in your game.
Seaside Hideaway

Challenge Mode

  • Once every 24 hours you can send a challenge to your neighbor.
  • Click on the “VS” button at the top left of the game screen while in your neighbor’s town.
  • You will have to pay three energy points to challenge another player.
  • You will be taken to a hidden object scene and there are unlimited items to find along the bottom of the screen.
  • You are to find as many items as you can in a sixty second time frame.
  • You will earn 10,000 points for every item you locate.
  • You complete your turn right away and the results and the challenge are sent to your neighbor next time they log into the game.
  • If they accept they too will pay three energy points and whoever has the highest score will win the money.
  • The more items you can find the higher the payout.
  • You can only challenge once every 24 hours.
  • If your neighbor declines the challenge you still lose the energy points you spent to send the challenge out.
Seaside Hideaway

Inviting Neighbors

  • Friends that are already playing will automatically show up on your neighbor list. For those not playing you would like to invite simply click on the invite button at the top left of the game screen or at the bottom left in the neighbor menu.
  • Here you can send invitations directly to one or several people at once that are not playing the game to join you.
Seaside Hideaway

Sending Gifts

  • You can send one gift per day to each of your neighbors.
  • Click on the gift box icon at bottom right of screen to send to many neighbors at once or click on “Gift” when you are visiting a specific neighbor.
  • These gifts are free for your to send and more of them unlock as you level up.
  • The most valuable gift is energy as that is immediately useful to your neighbor.
  • If you send a décor item it will add appeal points to your neighbor’s town.

Receiving Gifts

  • Each day when you log in a notification screen will appear telling you if anyone has sent you a gift.
  • You will have to accept each gift individually then it will be placed in your inventory for you to place when you are ready to use it.
  • Inventory – This is the chest icon along the bottom left of the screen over the neighbor menu.
  • Click on an energy gift to add it to your meter in increments of one or five.
  • If you would like to place a decorative item know that it will add to your appeal but only if it is placed in your town. Anything sitting in inventory does not count in your overall total.
Seaside Hideaway

Daily Bonus

  • Each day that you log in your will be awarded a cash bonus.
  • Each consecutive day you log in this reward will get larger as long as you do not miss any days. If you miss a day then the count starts over again.
  • You will have to log in and accept each day’s winnings for it to count.
  • The daily bonus screen also has special deals that can only be accessed once per day. These are items you can purchase with gold to unlock new hidden object scenes or place in your town for really large appeal bonuses that can also unlock scenes much sooner.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Seaside Hideaway by POW Games.. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo.