SCRABBLE Pics Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

SCRABBLE Pics is a straightforward game with very few rules. Simply use the picture clues to figure out the word that you then assemble with the allotted letter tiles. It sounds easy because … well, it is. For a short while anyway.

A few levels in and the words get longer, a few levels after that and the words grow even longer. Combine the gradual difficulty-level increase with the increasingly cryptic picture clues, and you’re going to be stuck on some of these levels for quite some time.

If you happen to get stuck at some point in the first 50 levels, we’ve got you covered. Found below are the solutions to the first 50 word puzzles.

scrabble1 scrabble2

scrabble3 scrabble4 scrabble5 scrabble6 scrabble7 scrabble8 scrabble9 scrabble10 scrabble11 scrabble12 scrabble13 scrabble14 scrabble15 scrabble16 scrabble17 scrabble18 scrabble19 scrabble20 scrabble21 scrabble22 scrabble23 scrabble24 scrabble25 scrabble26 scrabble27 scrabble28 scrabble29 scrabble30 scrabble31 scrabble32 scrabble33 scrabble34 scrabble35 scrabble36 scrabble37 scrabble38 scrabble39 scrabble40 scrabble41 scrabble42 scrabble43 scrabble44 scrabble45 scrabble46 scrabble47 scrabble49 scrabble49scrabble50

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