Sara’s Super Spa Deluxe Walkthrough

By Lisa Haasbroek |

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:35:”Sara’s Super Spa Deluxe Walkthrough”;s:12:”section_body”;s:14245:”Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Sara’s Super Spa Deluxe.


  • You will need the latest version of Adobe Shockwave to play the game.
  • The faster and more efficiently you serve customers, the more money you’ll earn. If a customer isn’t satisfied, he or she might leave without paying. Different customers have different degrees of patience.
  • You will have a limited time to operate each game day. The clock in the corner will alert you to how much time is left.

  • Next to the clock, the upper number shows you have earned cash for the day, while the lower number shows you your daily goal. In order to advance, you need to meet the income goal. Otherwise, you’ll need to replay the level.
  • Tasks come at you fast and furious. Once you’ve done the basics, you can stop, or try to satisfy the customer further by clicking the "next task" button and completing the next task.
  • Sarah’s moods reflect how things are going at the spa. You will be able to gage Sara’s moods by looking at her face icon. The gear underneath her activates the options menu.
  • If you want a greater challenge, you can adjust the difficulty level at the beginning of the game. You can choose between easy, regular, and hard modes. Easy mode is recommended for laptop and trackball users.
  • I had frequent problems where the game controllers suddenly stopped working and the screen went dark. It took me a while to realize that the game was auto-paused! You need to press the tiny play button (in the right corner) to start it up again.


Popularity (shown as a number and star color) is based on the difference between your total income and the goal income for the day. For every $100 you go over the goal, you’ll earn an extra star. Once you’ve earned 5 bronze stars, you’ll be promoted to silver. Five silver stars will have you promoted to gold.

The greater your popularity, the larger your spa, and the more money you stand to earn.


Employees help you to run the spa faster. If a client is placed at a station where an employee is working, they will be automatically taken care of. Once finished, and exclamation mark will appear.

You can hire employees to help you take care of more clients. To do this, buy a Help Wanted sign in the advertisement section and post it. The more experienced your employees are, the faster they work.

You will be able to judge the experience of your employees by looking at the color of their uniform. Beginners are shown in off-white, intermediates in green, professionals in purple, and masters in red.

Employees gain one level of work experience with every 4 days of work.


Every client has a satisfaction meter over her head. You want to keep your clients as happy as possible in order to earn the best tips.

If the satisfaction meter is about 75%, you’ll probably get a good tip.

If the satisfaction meter is below 75%, but not at 0%, then the customer will pay you, but you won’t get a tip.

If the satisfaction meter runs out, you’ll get no tips, and the disgruntled customer will leave without paying! 

Picky customers will sometimes demand to be cared for by only experienced employees. The most challenging customers will insist on being served only by you. Picky customers will have a gold bubble over their head, whereas most customers will have a white thought bubble.


A green arrow will appear, which shows which station is being requested by a client.

There are numerous stations you must attend, including the cashier station, a wash station, hair styling station, facial care station, massage station, manicure station, and a shopping station where you may buy a salon product.

There are also self care stations, like the tanning bed, sauna, spa, and mud bath. Clients are automatically taken care of in these stations, although you still have to take them out when they are done.

When a customer enters the spa, a bubble will appear over her head. This bubble will illustrate where she’d like to go.

You can drag a customer over to the right station, or else seat her in a chair in the waiting room until the station is available.

To give a client a product, drag her to the product station, then then drag a bottle of product to her.

To pay, drag the client to the cashier station.

As you play, you can buy new stations to improve your spa. The objective of the game is to make as much money as possible. More stations mean more work, but also more money!

You can sell stations as needed in order to make way for new ones. The customization section allows you to add and remove stations you’ve already purchased. You store unused, purchased stations in your inventory, and can add them later, or else sell them.


As the spa thrives, your premises grows. If you can achieve a silver popularity rank, the spa will be 50% bigger. If you can reach gold, the spa size will be maximized.

You can purchase a variety of entertaining "goodies" from the shop. The magazine table and the coffee machine are both good ways to keep your clients entertained while waiting for their service.


As will running any business, you’ll be faced with a variety of sticky situations. These will generally pop up at the beginning of the day. The decisions you make can influence the rest of the game, offering new challenges.

After completing a special event, you may be asked to care for a rare client. Movie stars are very impatient, but they tip well. Brides are demanding, but also worth your time.


There are so many minigames to play in Sara’s Super Spa. Most of them can be figured out if you follow the arrows with your mouse. The real trick is knowing when to click and release the mouse.

Magic Anti-bald Potion (Bald hair regrowth): You can apply tonic to bald heads, which instantly sprout hair. Simply pour the tonic on the target spots, and poof — instant afro!

Beard Shaving: This is handled at the haircut station. You are shown a picture of the ideal beard shape, and must use the razor to remove the relevant hair sections. Hold the mouse over different spots on the face where you’d like to remove hair. Do NOT click the mouse repeatedly. Just keep it pressed until the hair fades away.


Waxing: This is done at the nail station. Why? I’m not sure. For this, you yank the wax strips off of hairy backs and legs. The client yelps in pain. Well, it’s realistic, I’ll give it that…

Pedicures: For this, pick the desired polish (shown as a color block to the right), and click on each toenail. This is done at the nail station.

Hair cuts: Drag your mouse over the arrows. Then use the razor over highlighted spots to finish.

Hair Extensions: These are added by following the arrows with your mouse, in circular patterns.

Perms: Position the rod over the top of the curl. Then drag it down slowly to gather the hair. This is another tough task done at the haircut station, and is hard to master.

Hair color: This is pretty easy. You apply the dye on the target areas by clicking the mouse.

Wetting the hair: Move the mouse all along the hair to wet it. The customer doesn’t seem to mind, so just spray wildly.

Shampoo: Like the hair regrowth serum, this is added by clicking the mouse on the target spots. Then follow the arrows with your mouse to lather it up.

Hair Rinsing: Use the spray nozzle to rinse away all the bubbles.

Hair Drying: Move the mouse all over the hair to dry it. This is easy.

Pimple Removal: For this, you use a "zit sponge" and click repeatedly on pimples to get rid of them. 

Teeth Cleaning: Icky. Shouldn’t you go to the dentist for this? Anyhow, you follow the arrows to apply the bubbles and clean the gross looking mouth. Then you use some sort of laser to get rid of cavities. To do this, click repeatedly on the spots (don’t hold the mouse down – you must click repeatedly).

Apply Clay Mask: Hold down the left mouse button to apply the clay. Don’t get it in the eyes, nose, or mouth, or you’ll lose the game. Basically, aim at empty spots on the face and click.

Peel Mask: To do this, you use the mouse, click and drag down the mask. You will have to release and click and drag again a few times until it’s all off.

Plucking Nose & Ear hair: Use the tweezers to pluck out nose and ear hair as the customer flinches. For this, you hold and press the mouse, and yank in the opposite direction. Ouch! 

Manicure: First, file the nails by following the arrows with your mouse. Next, select the polish, and click over each nail to paint it.

Cucumber Mask: For this task, you need to slice cucumbers by sawing over the cucumber with the knife. Then place the slices over the eyes. It’s a bit tricky.


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