Sanke VS Colors Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Snake VS Colors is the latest high score chaser from Crazy Labs. The aim of the game is simple, get your snake past as many obstacles as you can without touching any colors besides your own. Trust me, it’s not …

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Snake VS Colors is the latest high score chaser from Crazy Labs. The aim of the game is simple, get your snake past as many obstacles as you can without touching any colors besides your own. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds, colors change fast so you’ll need to read our top tips in order to smash your high-score.

  • Just start playing. This tip may seem redundant, but what it means is in order to be successful at this game you must fail, a lot. You’re going to have to learn the layouts of the puzzles in order to stop dying to them. The puzzles may change color in order to throw you off, but what you’ll need to do to get through will remain the same. So just keep playing and familiarising yourself with all the different traps and puzzles, I can assure you that you haven’t seen them all, yet.
  • Be reactive, not proactive. In Snake VS Colors there are many curve balls used to mislead you. An example of this would be a color change line that doesn’t actually change your color, you assume it will so you line up at the wrong one. This is a perfectly normal thing to do at the start of the game, but you’ll need to break this habit if you’re going to set a respectable high-score.
Snake VS Colors
  • Take the easy way. A lot of the puzzles have multiple ways to solve them. One way can be considered hard as it requires fast accurate movements in order to get through. The easy way will require less accuracy and with less speed, so if you’re struggling then stick to the easy routes. If you’re trying to get better, then take the hard route wherever possible. This may sound sadistic but it’s a glimpse of what’s to come.
  • Practice makes perfect. I know I have basically said this tip before, but allow me to reiterate its importance. You will have the same types of puzzles thrown at you in multiple different ways, which means you’ll need to expect the curve balls. In order to expect a curveball, you must first witness sed curveball. If you are expecting a twist then you’ll be able to complete the puzzle no matter what twist they put in front of you. Once again, don’t guess what curveball will be thrown, just react quickly when it is thrown.
Snake VS Colors
  • Use the map to your advantage. On specific puzzles, there are clusters of obstacles in the middle, but none on the side. Instinctively, you try and go down the middle but fail to avoid every obstacle. You might get to try this tactic a couple more times with the same outcome, which is no matter which way you go you still manage to die. What you should do is move to the edge of the boundary, as this is bound to have fewer obstacles then the middle.
  • Accuracy is everything. Obviously having quick reactions is essential for a game like this, but without accuracy, your reactions are wasted. There are many puzzles in Snake VS Colors that not only involve a good reaction time but also pinpoint accuracy. There is a puzzle that involves threading the needle three consecutive times, which is impossible to do unless you are very accurate. So don’t panic and try and line up your snake as early as possible, this way you won’t need to do any major adjustments.
Snake VS Colors
  • Be prepared to take evasive manoeuvres. Most of the time you should be moving your snake gently and accurately to glide through puzzles. Occasionally, you will need a more heavy-handed approach. If you are unsure which direction certain projectiles will fly in from then be prepared to lurch violently out the way. Be careful not to move into another color, but otherwise, this is a legitimate tactic to avoid certain death.

Remember to above all else, keep a calm and level head. You don’t want to be lurching from puzzle to puzzle, instead you want to be gently guiding your snake through a series of obstacles. You can tell if you’ve lurched too hard by taking note of your snake, if it has separated into individual balls then you are lurching quite hard. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move that fast, but it does mean you aren’t moving accurately.