Sally’s Spa Tips Walkthrough

Check out our tips and tricks for Sally's Spa and help Sally build her new spa empire. Learn the ins and outs of chaining, upgrades, spa products and more. GENERAL TIPS There are certain services that Sally has to physically walk and do, others can be done while Sally is in transit. As Sally is performing certain services, you can start dragging customers to the next station, give out magazines and light candles as needed. Sometimes it can be hard to drag someone to a station and then…

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a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:16:”Sally’s Spa Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:20148:”Check out our tips and tricks for Sally’s Spa and help Sally build her new spa empire. Learn the ins and outs of chaining, upgrades, spa products and more.


  • There are certain services that Sally has to physically walk and do, others can be done while Sally is in transit. As Sally is performing certain services, you can start dragging customers to the next station, give out magazines and light candles as needed.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to drag someone to a station and then make sure that they stay there. Before you release your mouse, make sure there is a white outline around the station. Once you see the white outline, drop them in that station.
  • As you flip through pop – up services for your client, click on the one that makes the client smile the most. When you do so you will earn a bigger fee. If you give them a service in which they are only half smiling, you’ll get a lesser amount. If you give them one in which they are frowning, the client will lose a heart.
  • You can always go back and play a level over at anytime during the game after you’ve beaten a level. You will replay a level with the majority of the upgrades that you’ve accumulated. Let’s suppose that you’ve gone as far as level 41 but you want to go back and redo level 26. Once you go back to 26, you will have most of the upgrades that you had in level 41.
  • Since certain upgrades are not offered until certain levels are unlocked, only the ones that were originally offered in level 26 will be offered. For example extra peach and blue candles do not come into play until after level 26, those types of things will not be in the level once you replay it.
  • In the original version of this game, Sally’s Salon, the stations would move around in different places depending on the location, not so in Sally’s Spa. All the stations stay in basically the same position. The only thing that changes is the background.
  • You can hand out magazines at any station in the spa. Once a client leaves the waiting area they will leave the magazine on the table. You can hand them the magazine back once they’ve settled into their next station.
  • A customer will accept tea at any station, the only time they will not take the tea is if their hearts are full.


  • High tippers have low patience so if you want to have the biggest tip possible then take care of the impatient ones first.
  • At times, if someone is in the waiting area for a long time and they have not bought anything, they might purchase something after you give them a cup of tea. I saw a couple of instances in which someone was waiting for a while so I gave them some tea. As soon as I did that, they got up and purchased the last item on the shelf.
  • In Sally’s Spa once the closed sign goes up, no more clients will enter the spa. If you see that closing time is nearing, move people along the line quickly so you can get some last minute customers in. The more customers you get in, the more money you will make.
  • In order to avoid rushing people through the line at the last minute, you can also try and move them through early on in the level. Take a group of people and move them along all the stations so you can get people coming in the door.
  • If you’re trying to fit more people through the door, then try to take any of the couples first so you can pick up two people simultaneously.
  • If you have 2 people in the Sauna that are going to the yellow chairs and 2 people in the waiting area that need to go the yellow chairs, pick the people in the waiting area first. This gives a chance for someone else to come through the doors. Otherwise, no one else will be able to come in since there’s no one waiting to go into the sauna.
  • Multi-task as much as you can, while Sally is walking to the next station, hand out magazines serve some tea and drag customers to their next location. You have just a little bit of time to do that, if you queued some actions ahead of time, so you need to plan accordingly.
  • Before Sally gets to the next client, have your mouse over the object you want to pick up, magazine, customer or tea. As soon as you see her move, grab the tea, magazine, or drag a customer to a station before Sally gets to the next client.
  • When you want to make the most money in tips, there are certain things you can do. Finish all services for as many people as you can. Once the line at the register is full, and the people at the last station are ready to pay, light the green money candle. Start ringing up all the customers that are waiting. Ringing customers up before the candle goes out will earn you more money in tips.
  • Light the heart candles when your spa is full and there are a lot of angry people getting impatient. This will help you keep people calm since the candle boosts the hearts of every single customer in the spa at once.
  • Before you serve any clients, click on the tea pot so you can have tea ready. Of course, you will not need this if you have the assistant that makes the tea for you.
  • One customer can receive several cups of tea back to back. Give a person several cups of tea right before you ring them up so you can get a better tip.
  • Don’t click on your clients in the waiting room too fast, wait a few seconds and give them a chance to go and buy some products. When you pick them up right away you may miss out on possible product sales.
  • The more money you earn the better upgrades you can buy for the shop sooner. Try to make expert in every round so that you can afford better upgrades at the end of each level
  • You don’t have to necessarily buy upgrades at the end of each level just because they are presented to you. Wait and accumulate some more money in the next round and buy something that you really need instead.
  • Towards the end of the game your clients will require more services at once.
  • In the aesthethician’s chair, they will want facials followed by eyebrow tweezing.
  • In the massage chair they will want a massage followed by a hot stone treatment.
  • In the Spa Bath, they will want you to run the water and then they will ask for a bath bomb.
  • In the mani-pedi chair they will ask for a manicure first and a pedicure next.
  • When you’re faced with this situation, try to finish all those services as soon as you can because you need to move the line along. The best way to do it is to queue the first part of the services for all the customers in the same station. Once you finish the last client, queue the group all over again and finish the second part of that service.


  • There are several pop – up treatments that your clients will ask for.
  • Men and women will ask for all the same treatments, the only exception is that in the manicure pedicure station men will not get their nails painted, they will only get their nails clipped.
  • Once the pop – up window appears, you will need to flip through several services until you reach the one that will make your customer the happiest.
  • You will know that your customer is satisfied when you see the biggest smile possible. As soon as you see the biggest smile appear, click to accept it. You will receive the maximum amount for that service and your client will receive an extra heart boost.
  • If you happen to click on a service while the customer is frowning, your customer will lose a heart and you’ll receive a lesser amount for that service.
  • In the manicure pedicure station you cannot see the customer’s faces so you can’t judge that station in the same manner as you do the other services.
  • In order to get the maximum amount of points in those sections you have to make sure that all 5 nails get clipped or painted.


  • You will notice that each customer has some hearts attached to them. Some hearts are red and some are blue. The red hearts represent their happiness level, the happier they are the more they will tip. The blue hearts represent their patience level. In some instances you’ll see a combination of both.
  • There are several things you can do to boost a customer’s heart level.
  • Give a customer fast service and they’ll get an extra heart.
  • A customer will get an extra heart when you perform a pop – up service to their expectations. If you make them smile, then it will add a heart to them. If you make the wrong choice then the client will lose a heart instead.
  • Light the candles with the hearts and everyone in the room will get a boost.
  • Certain upgraded chairs will provide a heart boost and or a patience boost for a client.
  • Give tea to customers as they wait, it will give them an added heart, and in some instances a patience heart as well.


  • You can chain up to 9 tasks consecutively in this game. However, unlike most time management games you will not get extra money for doing so. But it can help you in scheduling tasks for Sally in an organized fashion.
  • If you make a mistake and you want to cancel all your queued actions, just right click your mouse.
  • In order to chain several tasks in advance, you have to plan properly and be quick about it. If you don’t, you may not get to chain too many tasks. For your first click, you want to make Sally walk as far as she can. This will give you enough time to queue several tasks immediately after.
  • Start clicking on people that do not require pop – up services, like the sauna. Then click on the ones that do.


  • There are many types of customers in this game, some are patient some are not. Others leave big tips and are impatient while others are patient and leave small tips.
  • You can flip through the help guide of the game if you want to learn more about each of their characteristics. In this guide I will focus on the ones that I think need mentioning the most.
  • Some clients come in pairs, like the older couple and the lovebirds, they can only be moved in pairs. Since they can only be moved together, make sure that before you move them that you have 2 empty spaces available at a station.
  • When you click on one of the couples, you automatically pick up both of them. The couples have to sit in chairs that are next to each other, if there is someone in between two chairs, they will not sit down.
  • If the couples come into the spa and the spa is backed up, they’ll come in even if there are no seats available in the waiting area. You’ll see them getting impatient and some fumes will appear over their heads. Light a heart candle to keep from leaving the spa.
  • Unfortunately, since they are not seated, you can’t drag them ahead of other people. Move 2 people out of the waiting chairs so the couples can sit down. As soon as they sit down give them some tea and a magazine to keep them calmer.


  • At the end of each level you will be taken to the upgrades screen. In this screen you will buy items that will help you advance in the game. The game may recommend that you buy certain upgrades, you can choose to buy those or not.
  • You also do not have to buy upgrades at the time they are presented to you. It’s a good idea to sometimes save your money and buy the upgrades at the end of the next round. For example, I wanted Sally to be faster so I waited until I had enough money to buy that particular upgrade.
  • At other times I would save my money so that I could upgrade two stations at a time. I did that to ensure that both stations were running at the same level.


  • You can serve tea to the people in the spa in order to calm them down. Customers will accept tea at just about any station.
  • A client will only take tea, if they have one or more black hearts. If their hearts are full of blue and red hearts, then they will not accept any tea.
  • You can buy upgrades that will brew up to 4 cups of tea at a time.
  • Once you’ve served all the tea that was available, your machine will have to make some more. It takes a few seconds for the machine to make more tea.
  • You cannot make more tea until you’ve used all the cups that are on the counter.


  • There are 4 assistants that you can hire to help you in the spa.
  • The Tea Maker – You can get an assistant that will help you make tea. As soon as you use all the cups of tea, she will automatically brew the next set of cups.
  • The Massage Therapist helps you give massages to the customers, so that all you have to do is apply the hot stones.
  • Sauna Station Assistant will turn the sauna on once you drag a customer to it.
  • Spa Bath Assistant will turn the water on in the spa after you drag the customer to it. All you have to do after that is pick out a bath bomb for your client.

Charm School

  • Starting at the 5Th location, you’ll be able to send your helpers to charm school. In school they will learn to charm the clients they are servicing and in turn, the client will get an additional heart boost.
  • Tea Master Upgrade
  • Starting at the 5Th location your tea making assistant will give each person who receives a cup of tea, a heart boost plus a single patience heart. Only people with a black heart will accept a cup of tea.


  • There are 4 types of candles you can buy in this game, each with its own purpose. Candles can only be used once in a level, so make sure you only use them at the right time.
  • In most levels you will only be able to have one type of each candle in the store. As you unlock certain levels, you will be able to buy an additional peach and blue candle. For a total of six candles at a time.
  • 1 – Heart Boost Candle (peach) = When you light it, it will give every customer in the shop a single heart boost. Use it when the store is the fullest and your customers are the angriest for the maximum effect.
  • 2 – Patience Candle (blue) = Light it and it will give all your customers a single patience heart. Use it whenever you have a full store or when you have a store full of angry people.
  • 3 – Tip Candle (green) = Light it when you have a long line of customers at the register in order to get a bigger tip from your customers. Please read the strategy section of the game for details on the best way to accomplish this.
  • 4 – Zen Candle (purple) It will stop all your activity in the shop while the candle is burning and it also pauses all hearts. Use this candle when you need a chance to catch up on some customers. This will prevent anyone from coming into the spa and the heart levels will not change while the candle is on.


  • At the end of each level, as you buy upgrades for the spa, you can also purchase products for sale in your store. You will start with enough space to have 4 products for sale and you’ll be able to upgrade to a shelf that can hold up to 16 products by the time you get to the last location, Fiji.

Colored Bars

  • You want to buy products that are in demand for that day. Look at the Market Forecast and determine what is needed the most. I
  • f you see three green bars on a product and one with a red bar, then you need to buy only the products with the green bars since it’s in high demand.
  • Items with yellow bars are in medium demand and may or may not sell.
  • Stay away from items that have a red bar because they will not sell at all for that day.
  • When you buy a product, click on it and it will be added to your inventory. If you decide you don’t want the products you’ve chosen then you can click on them again and they will go back to the catalog.
  • Only 1 person at a time can get up and buy products. Don’t drag someone that just came through the door to a station if they haven’t had a chance to check out the merchandise.
  • If a customer picks up a product and you take too long to service them, they will put the product back and you will lose a sale.
  • As levels progress in the game, you’ll get more and more products available for sale. Some products will work for 2 different market conditions. Other products will make you more money because they sell for a higher price.
  • Always try and stock your shelves with products that will earn you the most money and can work for 2 things at once. This way you’ll be able to cover your bases better and make more money at the same time.


Split Ends

  • When the hot oil treatments become available, buy those instead of the shampoo and conditioner bottles. Each shampoo and conditioner bottle sells for $10, while each hot oil treatment sells for $30 a bottle.

UV Index

  • There are 4 types of products you can buy for the UV Index category, the SPF lotion for $15, the Aloe Vera gel for $20, the Lip Balm with SPF for $30 and the coconut SPF Mist for $30.
    As soon as the SPF Mist is available choose that one over the other SPF products since you’ll sell it for $30 a bottle. The SPF Mist is also good for 2 conditions, UV Index andScent

Here are some examples of what the Market Forecast situations that I was presented with and what I purchased as a result of the choices I was given. In most of these examples, I either sold all of them or I just had 1 or 2 bottles left over.

Market Forecast Example 1

Shelf Space = 12

  • Today’s Conditions = Split ends, UV Index and Dryness all had red bars. The Stress bars were green and the scent bars were yellow.
  • I purchased 4 Massage Oils, 4 Calming Bath Salts and 4 Scented Body Washes.

Market Forecast Example 2

Shelf Space = 12

  • Today’s Condition = UV Index and Stress have green bars. Split Ends and Dryness have red bars. Scent has yellow bars.
  • I purchased 4 Calming Bath Salts, 4 Lip Balms with SPF and 4 Massage Oils.

Market Forecast Example 3

Shelf Space = 12

  • Today’s Conditions = UV Index and Dryness have green bars. Stress has yellow bars. Scent and Split Ends have red bars.
  • I purchased 4 Lip Balms with SPF, 4 Aloe Vera Gels, 2 Detangling Sprays, 1 Calming Bath Salt and 1 Massage Oil.

Market Forecast Example 4

Shelf Space = 16

  • Today’s Conditions = Split Ends and Dryness have green bars. UV Index, Stress and Scent all have yellow bars.
  • I purchased 4 Lip Balms with SPF, 2 Sugar Scrubs, 2 Body Butters, 4 Hot Oil Treatments and 4 Detangling Sprays

Market Forecast Example 5

Shelf Space = 16

  • Today’s Market Conditions = Split Ends and Dryness have green bars. UV Index and Scent have red bars. Dryness has yellow bars.
    I purchased 4 Hot Oil Treatments, 4 Calming Bath Salts, 4 Massage Oils and 4 Detangling Sprays