Ruzzle Adventure Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Ruzzle Adventure

Ruzzle Adventure is a word-building game from MAG Interactive. In this game, you link letters on a grid to spell words, which helps you earn points and escape from traps. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you explore the magical word of words and letters.

Tips and Strategies

Ruzzle Adventure

Size doesn’t always matter – The length of a word doesn’t count for much; the important thing is how many points it’ll bring in once you spell it out. Pay attention to each letter’s point value before using it. It’s also important to note the multiplier on each tile, if any. A small word with a big multiplier can earn you far more points than a bigger, vowel-heavy word.

The longer a letter stays on the grid, the more worth it can accumulate – When you successfully spell a word, multipliers will float down from the top of the screen and attach to random tiles. Letters that already have multipliers will have those multipliers increased. If you refrain from using a letter, it can be worth quite a few points after a handful of turns.

You can’t repeat words – Once you spell a word, you can’t spell it again until the next level. Don’t forget, since attempting to re-use a word will cost you a move.

You can, however, make plurals – Already spelled out “get?” Nothing wrong with “gets.”

Swear words are valid – Curses are accepted as legit words, so go for it you &%$*.

Wood tiles need to be used twice before they’ll break – Many levels feature letter-printed wood tiles that need to be used twice in a word before the tile will crack. Since these levels often require you to break at least one wood tile, it’s important to remember to use them.

Ruzzle Adventure

Stone tiles need to be used several times before they’ll shatter – Stone tiles take a lot of turns to break, which really eats up your allotted moves. Ideally, you should use more than one stone tile in a single word.

In the well-climbing levels, spell for speed, not points – Water fills the screen in well levels, and you need to spell quickly in order to stay ahead of the tide. Brevity is king. Spell short words to keep on moving.

Don’t forget to make boost tiles, however – Boost tiles are vital for staying ahead in well levels, so don’t forget to seek out the occasional four-letter word in order to create them.

Made a mistake? Go backwards carefully – If you pulled an “oops,” work backwards slowly until you reach the first letter of your word. Spelling out a single letter doesn’t count as a move.

Double-check the spelling of your word before submitting it – The word you’re building shows up at the top of the screen. Don’t forget to double-check your spelling before submitting. Typos waste moves.

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