Run Sackboy! Run! Tips Cheats and Strategies

Run Sackboy! Run! is an endless running game from PlayStation Mobile. In this game, you help Sackboy keep up a brisk pace while he runs around traps and away from the all-consuming Negativitron. Gamezebo’s Run Sackboy! Run! tips, cheats and strategies will help you get the most out of your burlap friend.

run sackboy run tops cheats strategies

Stay on the upper path as much as possible – Run Sackboy! Run!’s levels are multi-tiered. Though reaching the top takes some effort, it’s worth it. The upper levels tend to have fewer traps and are seeded with more rewards.

Pay attention to “No Sackboys” signs – Sackboy cannot just meander where he pleases. As you run through levels, you may notice “No Sackboy” signs here and there. Said signs indicate a fatal trap that will end your run immediately unless you’ve activated your shield. There are usually some great rewards in these level sections, so if you can grab them safely, do it.

Don’t forget to use your shield – As you collect coins, your shield icon fills up (it’s on the bottom left-hand side of the screen). Don’t be shy about using your shield. The meter won’t fill up again until it’s depleted.

run sackboy run tops cheats strategies

Buy costumes for permanent score multiplier power-ups – Buy costumes at the in-game shop to permanently increase your score multiplier. Even cheap costumes will give you a small boost.

Swipe to get away from the Negativitron, but don’t swipe more than once – If pink goo slows Sackboy down, the Negativitron behind him may catch up. Swipe forward to give Sackboy a boost, but be careful. If you swipe willy-nilly, Sackboy may blunder into spikes or some other fatal trap.

Meet goals to level up – Pay attention to level goals, and do what you can to meet them. Meeting level goals is what causes you to level up, which in turn increases your score multiplier.

run sackboy run tops cheats strategies

Collect stickers for rewards – If you spot a sticker while running, grab it. Completing sticker collections grants rewards in Run Sackboy! Run! as well as other LittleBigPlanet games. Plus, they’re cute!

Avoid using boosts unless you have the bubbles to spare. They’re mega-expensive – At the start of each run, you have a chance to purchase a booster. Avoid using them unless you’re rolling in bubbles. They’re extremely expensive, and rarely worth the price of purchase.

Jump on enemies for bubbles – You can avoid enemies, but it’s better to jump on them. Jumping on enemies earns you bubbles, not to mention the sheer satisfaction of flattening the bad guys.

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