Rumble City Tips, Cheats, Strategies

Rumble City is the maiden voyage of Avalanche Studios into the world of mobile gaming. As a turn-based strategy game, Rumble City tasks players with maneuvering a small team of characters around a gridded area. Each character has different strengths which the player should utilize in an effort to overthrow the opposing team.

Rumble City is a pretty challenging game, especially if you’re not willing to pump some money into it. With these Rumble City tips, cheats and strategies, players should be better prepared for the challenges that await them.

Environmentally Unfriendly

Rumble City tips cheats strategies

Throughout the levels in Rumble City, players will encounter certain objects in the environment. From kegs to manholes, each interactive object has a particular strategic value attached to it that players will want to take advantage of.

For manholes, the use is obvious: use the chain-whip ability of one of your characters to pull an enemy into one for an easy, instant-kill. Keep in mind that chain-pulls will only pull the enemy character just one block forward, so an enemy who is more than a block away from them will not be pulled directly into the hole. Also, be wary of the enemy’s position in relation to the holes, as their chain-wielders are just as likely to use the same trick on you.

For moveable objects, like kegs, use them as moveable barriers. Make make-shift walls, to direct the melee-based enemies approach you from a particular angle. Put your ranged uints behind these barriers to pelt the opposing team as they are forced to re-route.

Know The Numbers

Rumble City tips cheats strategies

When you’re in a level, you can’t readily check to see what particular stat boosts your items have. So if you’ve forgotten what the difference is between a Milkshake and French Fries, you’re out of luck.

So to help you out, here are the starting items, and what they do, for quick reference: Milkshakes restore 50 health. Fries restore 75 health. Helmets give you 15 defense. Cans of Whoop give you 20 attack points.

You can always buy more with real money, or you can replay levels to pick up $150 per win.

Traffic Jam

Rumble City tips cheats strategies

Look for ways to make bottlenecks, and position your melee fighters within them. Use your chain-whip abilities to move objects to funnel enemies into your melee fighters, and stack your ranged fighters behind the melee ones to support the front line from a distance.

Since the enemy team almost always outnumbers you, funneling the enemy into single-file lines allows you to tackle them one at a time rather than all at once.

Thanks for the idea, King Leonidas.

An Army of Just One

Rumble City tips cheats strategies

Here’s a quick tip: in some levels you’re only afforded one character. Always check to see if you can swap characters before launching the level. Some of your characters perform better than others in particular 1v1 situations, so keep that in mind before you hit the “Fight!” button.

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