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Caught in indecision about the answers that will net you those sweet halos this season? We’ve got your back. Our Royale High answers guide tells you the best answer for a shot at the most valuable rewards. We regularly scour the internet for new answers, so if you bookmark this page and check back frequently, you’ll never miss out.

Royale High is a Roblox game set in a school for magical creatures, faeries, and princesses. You can attend classes, use magic, and hang out with other player-controlled students.

You can learn more about it on the official Roblox site. If you’re looking for more freebies, check out our Control Army codes, Ohio codes, and Mining Simulator 2 codes.

Royale High Answers

Here are the answers, split into seasons.

Winter Halo Answers

  • Picking a candle: Answer B
  • Choosing a gift for Captain Whiskers: Answer C
  • Pick between boats: Answer A
  • Picking an animal trail to follow: Answer C
  • Choosing a Winter Ball activity: Answer B
  • Picking a snack: Answer B
  • Choosing an activity at the Snow Globe Summit: Answer A
  • Being caught by ice arms: Answer B
  • Getting a drink from the Snow Fairy: Answer B
  • Picking some ice stakes: Answer C
  • The avalanche: Answer C
  • Tripping over a snow globe: Answer A

Royale High Answers FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you might have about Royale High and halos.

What Are Halos?

Halos are rare accessories within Royale High. They are most commonly obtained through a small random change on certain answers in various story scenarios. There’s no guarantee that the correct answers will net you one of the coveted halos, but other answers will have zero chance at all.

What Is Royale High?

Royale High is a game on the popular Roblox platform. It is an RPG that gives you the chance to attend Royale High, a school for princesses and magical creatures. You can attend classes, customize your characters, and earn diamonds for special seasonal prizes.

How Often Do We Update Our Royale High Answer List?

We update this tier list regularly. Typically, you can expect an update around the following happenings:

  • A new event starts.
  • There are major changes in halo earnings.

There may be a small delay between the above two events as we’ll return to the game to check out the new event for ourselves, or to see how the update has affected things.

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