Rodeo Stampede Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Featherweight Games’ Rodeo Stampede is rather delightfully fantastic. It’s a simple to learn game of a cowboy trying to ensnare various animals during a stampede. Just because it’s simple to learn doesn’t mean that you don’t need some advice along the way, though.

Gamezebo’s Rodeo Stampede tips, cheats and strategies guide paves the way to success, offering you some great advice on how best to get ahead.

Learning the Animals

Rodeo Stampede Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Much like in real life, every animal is different. They all react differently when you leap on them.
  • Buffalos will charge forward for a brief time, while ostriches run faster for a little while.
  • Birds swoop high into the air until they get tired of you, then they duck down dangerously low. Giraffes simply throw you a huge distance, which can be useful if you time it right. Bear all these things in mind while you hang on for dear life.
  • Because of such variety, switch it up regularly. Especially early on, it’s worth switching animals often to get ahead, as well as gain a feel for their style.
  • Later on, you’ll find such leapfrogging useful when you’re up against a tight knit stampede. Often, it’s the best way of avoiding clashing with another animal. Always be prepared to move, and react quickly.
  • Don’t forget – you can pick which animal you start on via the zoo. That can give you a substantial edge when you’re trying to complete an animal specific mission.

Gather Ye Coins

Rodeo Stampede Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Coins are fairly easy to come by. The simplest option is to smash the crates that litter the savannah. They’ll only snag you 5 or 10 coins, but that soon adds up.
  • Complete the missions for a better profit. Besides helping you unlock new areas of the map, those missions also frequently glean you 50 or more coins. They’re usually fairly straight forward too, comprising of things you’d be doing during ordinary play anyhow.
  • Found a mission that you just can’t complete? After a few attempts, you’re given the choice of watching an advert in exchange for swapping the mission. It might be worth doing.
  • You can also watch ads to add missions to your list. You’re not restricted to just one mission at all times, and it’s often wise to be working on a few at the same time.
  • Those ads have one more great use too – they can double your coins. Every now and then, after finishing a session, you’re given the option of watching an ad in exchange for doubling up your coins gained total. Do it. It’ll make a huge difference over time.

The Importance of Upgrades

Rodeo Stampede Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Don’t deprive your enclosures. You need to buy one every time you tame a new type of animal, but don’t just leave it there. Upgrading your enclosures helps you a lot in the long run.
  • For one thing, they help you earn more coins when your zoo opens for business every few hours. For another, you unlock permanent bonuses for your animals. Want to be able to ride your favorite animal for a little longer? Or benefit from a coin multiplier? These are all available through upgrading those enclosures. Do it!
  • Unlock new areas on the map as soon as possible. By doing so, you unlock new types of animals, and when the point of the game is to tame many animals, it just makes sense, right?

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