Rocket Cars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Rocket Cars is a racing game from Illusion Labs. In this game, you race across various courses, perform stunts, and meet different goals as you cruise from level to level. Gamezebo’s Rocket Cars Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you fly like an eagle from the comfort of your front seat.

Rocket Cars Tips Cheats Strategies

  • A bad start isn’t always a cause for restarting a race – All pumped to start a race, just to have your cat walk across a sensitive part of your anatomy milliseconds before the word “Go?” Don’t mourn your blown race: Finish it anyway. You can still work towards fulfilling mission goals and collecting coins. It’s also a good way to scout out a track and see what you’re up against in your next attempt.
  • Prioritize upgrading your speed and boost duration – There are different goals to meet in each level of Rocket Cars, but almost all of them come down to finishing a level as quickly as possible. Make sure you upgrade your speed and boost duration. Also, throw a few coins towards handling so you can actually keep all your tires on the ground.
  • Perform tricks mid-air for nitro boosts – Swipe the screen when you’re airborne to fill up some of your nitro boost. That way you’ll hit the ground running.
  • Link tricks for bigger nitro boosts – Linking tricks – that is, linking flips and spins – earns you bigger boosts. Go nuts.

Rocket Cars Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Switch control schemes if you’re having trouble with the default controls – Rocket Cars’ default control scheme takes some getting used to. Try switching to tap-based controls if you’re having too much trouble. The tap-based controls handle acceleration automatically, making it easier for you to focus on staying in control of your vehicle.
  • Pace your upgrades – You’re not always in control of which car you take into a race. Therefore, it’s best to pace your vehicle upgrades so that you never find yourself with a brand-new car and no way to upgrade it before a race.
  • On time-sensitive levels, drive through arches for more time – You’re often made to race against the clock in Rocket Cars. When you see an arch on one of these time-sensitive courses, drive through it for more time. If an arch is green, it’ll add more time on the clock. If it’s yellow, it won’t add any more time.
  • Losing? Prioritize grabbing items to mess up other racers – If you’ve fallen behind other racers, seek out and grab items that will mess them up. Missiles are particularly good for clearing the path ahead of you.

Rocket Cars Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Replay previous levels for coins – You may need to do some grinding for coins in Rocket Cars. Replay previous levels to stock up. Don’t worry too much about running out of energy: You can watch a video ad for more.
  • Canister or ramp? Answer: Canister – While going off ramps and performing tricks fills your boost gauge, canisters also fill your gauge without forcing you to suffer the slowdown that comes with going up an incline. If a canister is close to a ramp, ignore the ramp and grab the easy power-up.

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