Robot Unicorn Attack 3 Tips Cheats and Strategies


Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is, as you may be able to tell from its title, the third in the main Robot Unicorn Attack canon. It adds some new ideas to the fold here and there, so we thought it’d be a good idea if we walked you through some of the new concepts. That way you’re going to be winning before you even start tapping the screen.

First we’ll take you through the basics of the experience, then we’ll delve a little deeper into the mechanics that you’re going to have to get to grips with if you’re going to want to make sure your currency coffers are filling up regularly.

We’ll round things up with some helpful hints that we’ve spotted during our time with the game. Because that’s just the sort of thing we like to do here at Gamezebo. Hopefully with our help you’re going to be sprinting through the world of RUA3 with a big grin on your face and lots of tears in your pocket.

The Basics

Robot Unicorn Attack 3 Tips Cheats and Strategies

  • Unicorn Trio – You’re going to have three unicorns to run with when you get into the meat of the game. You should treat them a little like three lives. When you’ve smashed them all up, your run comes to an end and your points are totalled up.
  • Different Trio – Remember though that the three unicorns are different from one another, so the way they play is going to be a little different as well. Not massively so, but enough to make you think.
  • Time Those Jumps – That means you’re going to have to pay attention to which unicorn you’re playing and time your jumps just right. Otherwise you’re going to smash into the walls of the level and die pretty early on.

Advanced Tips

Robot Unicorn Attack 3 Tips Cheats and Strategies

  • Raid Parties – When you’ve got more unicorns in your stable, you can send them off on raids. These quests will make sure that you’re earning cash even while you’re not paying. Bear in mind though that some of your unicorns won’t come back.
  • Fuse – It’s important not to send all of your unicorns on quests though. If you get some doubles, fuse them with the unicorns in your running team. This will increase their speed and a variety of other attributes that should get you further into the game.
  • Forge When You Can – You’ll want to spend your blue tear coins on forging new unicorns as often as possible. This will give you a solid stable of unicorns to choose from, as well as plenty of material to squidge together to make the ones you’ve already got stronger.


Robot Unicorn Attack 3 Tips Cheats and Strategies

  • Watch the Videos – If you don’t want to spend money on getting new currency, then it’s a good idea to watch the videos the game offers you. You’ll be able to use them to earn more currency to spend however you want.
  • When You Go Wrong – This goes for when you ruin the start of a run as well. It’s worth watching a short video just so you can have another crack when you’ve smashed a unicorn to pieces at the start.
  • Touch the Ground – It’s important to make sure you touch the ground before smashing out a charge. If you don’t it’s highly likely you’re going to find yourself plummeting to your doom when you’ve run out of double jumps.

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