Rival Gears Racing Tips, Cheats and Strategies


ShortRound Games’ Rival Gears Racing is a racing game with a difference. Instead of changing gears, you’re switching lanes at speed, plus there’s an extensive multiplayer side of things. While the very basics of playing are quite simple, there’s still lots to learn here.

Gamezebo’s Rival Gears Racing Tips, Cheats and Strategies will put you through the paces, giving you plenty of advice on how to win every race.

Learn to Drive

  • Rival Gears Racing is simple enough but also requires some speedy reactions. Keep an eye on everything.
  • Learn to dodge traffic at the last moment. By doing so, you’re able to get close to the car and build up your drafting skills.
  • Drafting helps your boost meter refill faster, which means more speed for you.

  • There are also missions correlating to near miss bonuses too, so it’s a great way to build upon those.
  • Just keep an eye on things so you don’t smash into any cars. That’ll slow you down drastically.
  • Activating a boost isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Timing is crucial here. When you’re ready to boost, watch the meter constantly refill and empty itself. Time it just right so that you activate it when it’s full for a perfect boost. It makes all the difference.
  • Each race starts with a boost too, so you want to time it perfectly here. It can make all the difference to whether you win or not. Early on, a well timed boost is all that’s needed to win, even if you screw up a few times during the race.

Which Race to Compete in First

  • Focus on the free races at first. You won’t lose anything if you lose the race, giving you the perfect opportunity to get used to timings and switching lanes at key moments. If you win, you gain some rewards so you really have nothing to lose here.
  • Grinding out quite a few free races in order to be strong enough for multiplayer is a wise move. It might be a little dull but it gives you plenty of money ready to upgrade and be prepared for a stronger competition.
  • Timed missions pop up asking you to complete certain tasks such as achieving many near misses. While you’re racing, always consider these and work towards them. Completing them earns you a box of random components.
  • Multiplayer racing is a key part of Rival Gears Racing. To participate, you have to bet money on you winning. It’s a kind of entry fee system but with substantial rewards for doing so. Don’t aim for anything too high stakes until your car is significantly upgraded. It’s not worth the risk. Stick with free races while you wait.
  • Winning frequently builds up your reputation which opens up more races for you to participate in. Take on easy opponents for an easy reputation boost. If you lose too many races, you start losing unlocked races so you want to repair that damage fast.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade

  • Keep upgrading. Every time you have enough parts and money to buy a new upgrade, get to it. Sometimes, you can watch adverts to receive extra parts. It’s tedious but worth doing as boxes are otherwise only achievable through missions and levelling up.
  • You can use premium gems to have one-off bonuses before a race but you want to save these for when the going gets really tough. It’s tempting to use them immediately but hold off where possible.

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