Restaurant City Walkthrough

Check out the official Gamezebo strategy guide for Restaurant City.

Restaurant City

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General Information

  • Restaurant City was developed by Playfish games and released on Facebook in May of 2009.
  • In Restaurant City you design and run your own virtual restaurant while interacting with friends, trading ingredients with them, and gifting items daily to help each other develop their restaurants.
  • The game will continues to earn money even while you are offline.
  • There are 65 levels which are determined by the number of Gourmet Points you earn and each level increase results in either a bigger restaurant, bonus coins, or additional employees.
  • You hire employees from your list of friends and assign them jobs such as chef, waiter, or Janitor.
  • You can dress your employees in various outfits, assign them jobs, rest them and feed them to keep them energized.
  • Your employees will work and earn you money until they become tired. You can either feed them or let them rest to re-energize if you don’t have enough coins to purchase food for them.
  • Resting your employees back to full health takes approximately one hour but you will not be making money in your restaurant during this time.
  • Money is earned by serving food in your restaurant, visiting your Neighbor’s restaurants, walking around outside through the trees, and growing items in your Garden.
  • There are many things to do in the game besides run your restaurant such as trade ingredients for recipes to place in your menu, take photographs, plant seeds in your garden and shop to decorate the interior and exterior of your restaurant.
  • There are 2 currencies in the game. Playfish Cash and Restaurant City Coins Playfish Cash allows you to purchase exclusive virtual items for the game and can be purchased with a Major credit Card, Paypal account or Mobile Phone service.
  • You must have a valid registered Facebook account to play Restaurant city.
  • You can find the application here –

Game Elements

  • Here you will see what the various items on different game screens mean.

Main Game Screen
Restaurant City

  • A. Game Controls Menu – These are the game controls. (Top to Bottom) Toggle Keys for Game Sounds, Music, Picture Quality, Full and Window Screen Mode, and Save. (Button turns red when activated)
  • B. Currency Banks – Here you will see how much of each currency you have on hand to spend. You can also click on the links to purchase more currency.
  • C. Level Indicator/Gourmet Points – Here you can see how many Gourmet Points have been earned as well as the current level.
  • D. Approval Rating – This is the approval rating of your restaurant. The highest rating possible is 51. If a customer is happy your rating goes up by .01 and if he is unhappy it will go down by .01 points.
  • E. Free Gift – Click on the gift icon to send up to 20 friends a free food gift once every 24 hours.
  • F. Street – This button will take you to your street where you can see your and your Neighbor’s restaurants from the outside view.
  • G. Redecorate – Click here to purchase items to decorate your restaurant with. (see Shopping Menu next image)
  • H. Menu – Click on this icon to access your Menu. (See Menu image below)
  • I. Market – Click here to purchase ingredients from the Market. You can click on the market directly outside to the right of your restaurant.
  • J. Mail – Click here to read any mail you have received as well as trades and newsletters. If you have a red mailbox in your restaurant you can also click on it to reach your mail.
  • K. Folder Menu – Here you can change avatar’s clothing, Change your music and see your Awards. (See Folder Menu image below)
  • L. Camera – Click here to take a full screen image which will be placed in your Facebook photo album.
  • M. Zoom Slider – Use this slider to zoom the restaurant view closer and far away.

Shopping Menu

Restaurant City

  • Click on the Hammer Icon “Redecorate” to open this menu.

  • A. Shopping Icons –(L-R) These are the Shopping Icons you will need to know to purchase items for your Restaurant.

  • 1. New Items – Here you can see all new items added to the stores.

  • 2. Shop – This is the shop you purchase items from. It is divided into 11 categories. (See purchasing items for your Restaurant below for a breakdown of this menu.)

  • 3. Cash Shop – Here you can purchase items only with Cash Shop Coins.

  • 4. Inventory – Here is where all of your purchased items are located.

  • B. Cash Register – Any item you wish to sell back to the store should be dragged to this icon. (See selling items back to store below)

  • C. Gift – Any item you wish to gift to your Neighbors you should drag to this icon. (See sending gifts to your Neighbor below)

  • D. Empty Restaurant – If you wish to take everything out of your restaurant to start over click on this icon and it will save you a lot of time.

Blue Folder Menu

Restaurant City
  • This is an explanation of the Blue Folder (Item K under Main Game Screen Items above)
  • A. Change your Avatar – Click here to change any attribute of your avatar including job and clothing. You can also click directly on the Avatar in the restaurant to access this menu.
  • B. Music – Here you can access the Music player and change the music in your restaurant. (See Music Below)
  • C. Awards – Here you can access the awards menu to find out what you need to do to earn an award and how close you are to that Goal. (See “Awards” below for more details.)

Restaurant City

  • Clicking on the Menu icon at the bottom left or on the wall will take you to this screen.
  • Here is a breakdown of a few items on this screen.
  • A. Meal Categories – Here you can scroll through the different sections of the menu such as Starter, Main, Dessert and Drink.
  • B. Menu Items – Here you will see the recipes that you can learn and upgrade to. Under each meal you can see the items that are needed to learn and serve that item. Click on an item until it has a ring around it and that is the item that will be served in your restaurant.
  • C. Back To Restaurant – Click here to get back to the inside of your restaurant.
  • D. Market – Here is a quick link to the Market where you can purchase ingredients. (See Market below)
  • E. Ingredient Inventory – This is where all of your ingredients are stored. If you want to leave an item open for trade click on it until the padlock is open. Closed padlocks keep that item out of trading.
  • F. Announce Ingredients – If you click on this icon you can announce an ingredient you need over the live feeds in hopes that someone will trade with you. (See live feeds and trading below for more information.)


Restaurant City

  • This image shows a breakdown of the elements outside of your restaurant.
  • You must click on the “Street” icon to be taken to this scene.
  • A. Return to Restaurant – This icon will take you back to the inside of your restaurant.
  • B. Random Street – This button will take you to a random street you can investigate and place a ranking on the restaurants.
  • C. Gourmet Street – This button will take you to the best of Restaurant City. The top ranked restaurants are here for your enjoyment.
  • D. Decorate – Click on this button to decorate the outside of your restaurant. It will open a menu exactly like the interior shopping menu.
  • E. Camera – Click on the camera to take a full screen shot of the outside or wherever you are visiting.
  • F. Neighbors – Here you will see all of your Neighbors lined up in order of score with their restaurant names along the top. NOTE If you are on Gourmet Street or Random Street these will not be your Neighbors but the people that are on those streets.
  • G. Owner’s Name and Ranking – Here you will see who owns the Restaurant and their rating. There is one above each restaurant.

Inside Neighbor’s Restaurant

Restaurant City

  • Here are a few elements you will see in your Neighbors Restaurant when you visit.
  • A. Name and Rank – Here you will see the name of the Restaurant Owner and their current rank in the game.
  • B. Street – Click here to go back outside to your current street.
  • C. Leave a Message – Click on this icon to send your Neighbor a message. The only other way to do so is to reply to messages sent to you in your inbox. NOTE – You can not send messages in full screen mode.
  • D. Secure Trade Request – Click on this icon if you wish to request a trade with your Neighbor. (See “Secure trade request” below for more information.)
  • E. Neighbor Menu – If you wish to go to another Neighbor from the one you are currently at simply click on the image in this menu and you will be taken to the outside of their restaurant. Click on the restaurant to go inside. (See “Visiting Neighbors” below for more information.)

Game Tips and Strategies
Restaurant City

  • You earn .01 approval rating points for every happy customer and you lose .01 point for every unhappy customer. Keep an eye on the thought bubbles above your customers heads and you will be able to identify any problems causing you to lose approval rating points. You may need to add more tables, toilets, or staff to solve the problem.
  • It is critical that you organize your restaurant in an efficient manor. Never place tables against walls or edges and make sure there is enough room for customers to get to all of the chairs. (see arranging your tables for maximum profit below)
  • Once you have a large enough restaurant you can design a walkway maze for your customers with wall dividers or several rose trellis compartments. Placing them in a back and forth pattern will keep the customers walking through the line longer which gives the customers seated already time to eat and leave. Customers do not mind walking through the mazes and the longer you can make them the better results you will have. By the time the customers get to the tables they will be empty. If a table is full when a customer arrives to be seated they will leave with a red thumbs down rating and decrease your overall popularity score by .01 points.
  • TIP – If you do not have enough coins to make a walkway maze for your customers use the free trophies you have earned in the game as customers can not walk through them.
  • Rely heavily on your Neighbors to gift you ingredients and items to build your restaurant with and be sure to return the favor.
  • Whenever you get a useful ingredient that you can place on the live feeds be sure to do so as your Neighbors will follow suit.
  • Pinball Machines and Arcade Games are wonderful to have in your restaurants if you have a customer that has to wait for a seat he will play on the machines and stick around a while longer until a seat is available. The machines earn you 1 coin per use and break down after 6 uses and can be repaired by your Janitors if you are away from the game or you can click on the machine to repair it if you are in the game.
  • If you must rest an employee because you are short on coins be sure to rest only a few at a time keeping at least 2 working at all times so you are always earning income.
  • Feeding your employees in the early levels to keep them working will result in faster leveling up.
  • Be sure to send your Neighbors the free food gift daily so they will reciprocate and send to you. This can save you a lot of money in the long run. Sending a personal message with your gift tends to increase the odds that someone will reciprocate the gesture.


Restaurant City
  • There are 65 levels in Restaurant City which are determined based on the number of Gourmet Points you have earned.
  • 1 Gourmet point is earned for every 2 dollars earned in your restaurant.
  • Each time you level up your restaurant will increase a little bit in size and your employees energy will be set back at 4 hours without fees as a bonus.

Level 1

  • 50 Gourmet Points
  • 2500 Coins

Level 2

  • 70 Gourmet Points
  • 3rd Employee and 1000 Coins

Level 3

  • 100 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant 8×8 and 1000 Coins

Level 4

  • 200 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 5

  • 500 Gourmet Points
  • 4th Employee and 1000 Coins

Level 6

  • 1,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant Unlock 1st Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 7

  • 2,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 8

  • 4,000 Gourmet Points
  • 5th Employee and 1000 Coins

Level 9

  • 6,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 10

  • 8,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, 13×13 Serve 2 Dishes and 1000 Coins

Level 11

  • 10,000 Gourmet Points
  • 6th Employee and 1000 Coins

Level 12

  • 14,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 13

  • 18,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant 15×15, Unlock 2ND Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 14

  • 22,000 Gourmet Points
  • 7th Employee and 1000 Coins

Level 15

  • 30,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, Serve Drinks and 1000 Coins

Level 16

  • 38,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 17

  • 46,000 Gourmet Points
  • 8th Employee and 1000 Coins

Level 18

  • 58,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, Unlock 3rd Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 19

  • 70,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 20

  • 86,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, Serve 3 Dishes, Unlocked 6×6 Outdoor Space Expansion Purchase, and 1000 Coins

Level 21

  • 102,000 Gourmet Points
  • 9th Employee, Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 22

  • 122,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, Unlock 4th Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 23

  • 142,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 24

  • 166,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, Unlock 5th Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 25

  • 190,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, Unlocked – 8×8 Outdoor Space Expansion Purchase, and 1000 Coins

Level 26

  • 218,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant, Unlock 6th Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 27

  • 246,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 28

  • 280,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlock 7th Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 29

  • 320,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 30

  • 370,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlock 8th Garden, Unlocked – 10×10 Outdoor Space Expansion Purchase, and 1000 Coins

Level 31

  • 430,000 Gourmet Points
  • Larger Restaurant and 1000 Coins

Level 32

  • 500,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlock 9th Garden and 1000 Coins

Level 33

  • 580,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 34

  • 661,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 35

  • 743,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlocked – 12×12 Outdoor Space Expansion Purchase, Unlocked Floating Crystal Purchase, and 1000 Coins.

Level 36

  • 826,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 37

  • 910,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 38

  • 995,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 39

  • 1,081,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 40

  • 1,168,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlocked – 14×14 Outdoor Space Expansion Purchase and 1000 Coins

Level 41

  • 1,256,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 42

  • 1,345,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 43

  • 1,435,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 44

  • 1,526,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 45

  • 1,618,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlocked – 16×16 Outdoor Space Expansion Purchase, Giant TV Purchase, and 1000 Coins.

Level 46

  • 1,711,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 47

  • 1,805,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 48

  • 1,900,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 49

  • 1,996,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 50

  • 2,093,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlocked – 18×18 Outdoor Space Expansion Purchase and 1000 Coins

Level 51

  • 2,191,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 52

  • 2,290,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 53

  • 2,390,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 54

  • 2,491,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 55

  • 2,593,000 Gourmet Points
  • Unlocked – Wishing Well Purchase and 1000 Coins

Level 56

  • 2,696,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 57

  • 2,800,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 58

  • 2,905,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 59

  • 3,011,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 60

  • 3,118,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 61

  • 3,226,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 62

  • 3,335,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 63

  • 3,445,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 64

  • 3,556,000 Gourmet Points
  • 1000 Coins

Level 65

  • 3,668,000
  • Unlocked – Egyptian Obelisk Purchase and 1000 Coins

Daily Ingredient Bonus

Restaurant City
  • The first time you log in within a 24 hour period you will be rewarded with a free ingredient for your restaurant.
  • Each consecutive day you log in will increase the number of ingredients to a maximum of 3 per day.
  • As long as you log in every day you will receive 3 ingredients each day you log in. If you miss a day the count will start over at 1 ingredient.
  • This is a valuable way to obtain several ingredients so be sure you log in at least once a day.

Daily Food Quiz

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Each day inside your mailbox you will find the daily food quiz.
  • You have 10 seconds to answer a food related question that is in multiple choice format.
  • If you answer correctly you will be rewarded with one free random food ingredient for your restaurant.
  • Once the timer starts click on the correct answer.
  • There is no penalty for incorrect answers but you will not receive an ingredient and must wait 24 hours to try another quiz.
  • The questions are random.
  • If you would like to visit a website that has the answers to all of the Restaurant City quizzes click here – (You must register with Playfish Forums to read the posts)


Restaurant City
  • Playfish sends out a weekly Newsletter called, “The Restaurant City Times” out to all players reminding them about special items and changes to the game.
  • You will see this newsletter when you open the game for the first time of the day and you can access it again by looking inside your mailbox.

Getting Started – Build your game Avatar

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • When you begin the game the first thing you will be asked to do is design your game avatar.
  • Choose skin and hair color from the top two menus on each side of your avatar.
  • You can click on the arrows on either side to turn your avatar around and see all sides.
  • You can also take a snapshot of your avatar by clicking on the camera next to it. This image will be found inside your Facebook photo album area.
  • Choose an outfit for your avatar and click on the green check mark box when you are finished to save.
  • TIP – Start out with all of the free options as you will need to save your money to play the game and level up quickly.

Design your Restaurant Layout

Restaurant City
  • You start the game with 3500 coins and will find that you level up through the first 5 levels very fast and each time you level up you are awarded with more coins.
  • Use these coins to buy one additional stove and 2 to 3 tables and chairs.
  • You will need to place these items strategically as your restaurant becomes bigger so that you can serve the optimum number of guests at a time. (See “Most efficient restaurant Layouts” below)
  • You may want to wait on wallpaper and decor items until you have reached level 10.
  • If you see customers with a table or chair thought bubble over their head you should add another table and chair to your restaurant.

Hiring Employees

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • You will immediately be prompted to hire your first employee which is your avatar when you begin the game.
  • Click on your avatar and you will be taken to the employee menu.
  • Choose the job “Chef” at the top and you are now a chef in your restaurant.
  • Note the clock will say 4 hours and is counting down.
  • When you are finished hiring your avatar click on the green box to save.
  • Your chef will be at the stove cooking now.
  • Next you will need to hire another employee to be your waiter.
  • You will be taken to the hire screen and here you can scroll from left to right through all of your Neighbors.
  • Choose the person you would like to have as your waiter. If you want you can check the box to send a notification to your friend that you have hired them.
  • A maximum of 9 employees can be hired at levels 2,5,11,14,17 and 21.

Game Currency

Restaurant City
  • There are 2 types of currency used in Restaurant City.
  • Restaurant City Coins – These are gold coins earned as you serve customers in your restaurant, earn level up bonuses, visit your Neighbor’s Restaurant, Sell back items, or walk through trees.
  • Playfish Cash – This is special currency that will buy you unique and exclusive items as well as food ingredients for your restaurant or to gift to others. There is an indicator of how much of each type of currency you have in the upper left corner of your game screen.

Purchasing Additional Game Currency

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • If you would like to purchase additional currency for the game you can do so by clicking on the links next to your totals at the upper left corner of the game screen.
  • Restaurant City Coins – Click on “Add Coins”
  • Choose your payment preference from the list on the menu. You can pay by Major Credit Card, Paypal, Facebook Credits, or via Paymo which allows you to pay via your mobile phone.
  • You can also use Trial pay which is a survey service which pays you to take surveys with Game currency.
  • Playfish Cash – Click on “Add PF Cash” and you will be taken to a menu where you can choose your payment preferences.
  • You can purchase PF cash using a Major Credit Card, Paypal, Facebook Credits, or Paymo which allows you to pay via your Mobile Phone service.
  • You can also use Trial pay which allows you to take surveys to earn Playfish Cash.
  • If you have a Walgreens pharmacy in your area you can purchase a gift card with Playfish cash on it which can be used at Facebook on all Playfish games. A running total will be placed at the top of your screen once you activate the card using a PIN number that is provided to you when you purchase the gift card.

Purchasing/Accessing items for your Restaurant

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • To purchase items for your restaurant click on the “redecorate” button which is a hammer icon at the lower left of the screen.
  • This will open up a few options for you to choose from.
  • You can choose “Store”,”Playfish Cash Shop”, or “My Inventory”

Click on one of these options to purchase or place items into your restaurant.


Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Here you can purchase items with gold coins for your restaurant. The categories to shop from listed left to right are:
  • A. Chairs
  • B. Tables
  • C. Doors
  • D. Wall Decorations – Here you can purchase pictures, candles, dart boards, and anything that can be placed on the walls.
  • E. Misc. Decor – Here you will find random decor items such as room dividers, statues, and flowers to place around your restaurant.
  • F. Floor –When you purchase flooring you will drag it to the floor of your restaurant and the entire area will fill in with the new flooring with the appropriate amount of money being deducted as soon as you release the item.
  • G. Wallpaper- When you decide to purchase wallpaper drag the panel to any wall and all the walls will change. Once you release the mouse the appropriate amount of money will be deducted from your bank.
  • H. Functional – Here you can purchase functional items for your restaurant such as toilets, sinks, video game machines and pinball machines. Many of these items can only be purchased with Playfish cash. These items all have a value to you in the game. Pinball machines help with waiting customers and drink machines can increase service speeds. Be sure to click on these items and read their benefits before you purchase.
  • I. Outdoor Only – Here you can purchase items to decorate the outside of your restaurant. (NOTE – See decorating the outside of your restaurant below for more details.)
  • J. Kitchen Appliances – Here you can purchase stoves for your restaurant. NOTE – All stoves function at the same speed. If a stove is more expensive it is because of appearance not functionality. Drink Dispensers are valuable once you hit level 15 and certain ones will increase the speed at which your waiters serve drinks.
  • K. Awards – Here you can access the awards menu in the game. (See “Awards” for more details.)

Playfish Cash Shop

Restaurant City
  • To purchase items from this area you will need to have Playfish cash purchased.
  • Click on “Add more” at the top left of the screen near the blue fish icon.
  • You can use a major credit card, Paypal account or you can purchase a gift card at Walgreens drug store.
  • These are items that you won’t see as often in people’s houses as they are exclusive and can only be purchased with Playfish Cash.
  • Items with the cost in blue text are available for purchase with Cash Shop Coins or Playfish Cash.

Your Inventory Items

Restaurant City
  • This is your inventory where all items are stored that you have purchased.
  • Click on redecorate and then click on the crate icon in the shopping menu area.
  • This area is divided into categories exactly as the shop is.
  • You will see the items you own with a small number showing the quantity of that item.

Selling items back to the Store

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • If you have purchased an item you no longer want or you have been gifted an item that you can not use you can always sell it back to the store for extra coins.
  • Items sell back for 1/3 of the original purchase price.
  • Open your inventory and drag the item you wish to sell to the cash register on the left.
  • You will be prompted to verify your choices and once you hit the accept button the coins will immediately add to your bank total.

Sending Gifts to your neighbors

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • You can purchase items and gift them to your Neighbors.
  • Purchase the item and it will move into your inventory.
  • Open your inventory and drag the item while holding down your left mouse button to the gift icon on the upper right hand side.
  • A screen will open asking you to indicate who you wish to send the gift to. You can type in a few letters of their name and verify with their picture.
  • You can also type in a message that will be delivered with your gift.
  • Hit the green button when you are ready to send.

Receiving Gifts from Neighbors

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • If a Neighbor sends you a gift you will find it inside your mailbox with a gift icon or you will receive a message in your Facebook home area.
  • Click on the gift icon to read any accompanying messages.
  • Once you accept you will be able to find the gift in your inventory.

Sending Food Gifts (Energy) to your Neighbors

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • You are given the option of sending a food gift to up to 20 of your Neighbors once every 24 hours.
  • Click on the gift icon in the left center of your game screen.
  • You will see a menu appear with 4 food choices each of which give a different amount of energy to an employee. (See energy below)
  • Choose the item you wish to gift to 20 of your Neighbors.
  • Next choose the 20 Neighbors to send a gift to and click on “Send”
  • Your Neighbors will have to accept each gift individually and will find the item in their inventory when they go into the game.
  • TIP – Send a personal message with your gift and your neighbors are more likely to reciprocate the gesture.

Most Efficient Layouts for Restaurants

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • There are a few proven strategies for earning a high approval rate and the arrangement of your tables, chairs, stoves and drink dispensers is critical to make this happen.
  • Study the images above to see successful restaurants with high approval ratings and how they have set up their restaurants.
  • Your restaurant will expand over time so you will not be able to do the walkway until you have enough room.
  • Never block your doorway as people will turn around and leave right away.
  • When your restaurant is large enough make a walkway from the door to the tables that will cause your customers to walk in a zig- zag pattern for a few moments using room dividers or any item you can put to block them from moving anywhere you don’t want them to walk.
  • Place your tables as shown in the image above placing the stoves and drink dispensers inside. This will cause your waiters to become trapped inside this area and it will limit the number of steps they will need to take to serve customers.
  • Leave one row between the stoves and the table for the waiters to walk on.
  • Place Video Game machines close to the door to keep customers there for a few moments.


Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Once you hit level 8 your customers will want to use the restroom so be sure you have accommodations set up as soon as possible.
  • It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just a couple of toilets to begin with and you can add more as you level up and the need becomes apparent.
  • If you have a sink in your Bathroom your customers may use it but it is not necessary and is considered a decorative item only so you may want to save your coins and not buy sinks until you are comfortable financially in the game since they are quite expensive.
  • A good rule to follow is by the time you reach level 12 you should have at least 4 toilets or more in your Restaurant.
  • If you have a large number of customers showing the toilet in the thought bubble over their heads this is an indicator that you need more toilets in your restaurant.
  • Make sure you have at least one employee hired as a Janitor to keep the toilets clean or customers will not use them.
  • Don’t forget! As your restaurant becomes larger be sure to increase the size of your restrooms too.

Pinball and Arcade Machines

Restaurant City
  • You can purchase these machines in the functional section of the shopping menu.
  • These machines are expensive so you want to make sure you are not struggling for funds to keep your employees working.
  • Each machine will keep a customer busy while they are waiting for a table to come open.
  • You will earn 1 coin for each time a customer plays on the machines.
  • After 6 uses the arcade machine will break down and after 10 uses the pinball machine will break down requiring you to wait for one of your Janitors to come fix it.
  • There is no cost to repair the machines you just have to wait until the Janitors can get to it between cleaning things.
  • If you see what appears to be electricity moving through the machine that means it is broken.
  • The more machines you can have in your restaurant the higher the benefit to you especially if you have a large amount of customers.
  • NOTE – If you click on the arcade machine you can play the game yourself. It is a game similar to the old “Centipede” games from the 80’s. You are in control of a snake or caterpillar and you control him as he eats using your arrow keys. Each time he eats he gets longer and he can not touch the edges of the screen. It costs 1 coin to play the game.

Decorating the Outside of your Restaurant

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • To decorate the outside of your Restaurant click on the “To my Street” icon at the lower left side of game screen.
  • Click on the “Decorate” Icon which looks like bricks in the center bottom of the screen.
  • This will open up the same menu as your indoor items including the Cash Shop and your inventory.
  • Just as you decorate inside you can drag the items where you would like to place them.
  • Once you let go of the item its cost will deduct from your bank.
  • You can drag items to different locations and place items back into inventory to hold or to sell back.

Checking your Mail

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • To check your mail you can click on the envelope icon at the mid right of your screen (Shown in image above) or you can click on the red mailbox that was in your restaurant when you started the game.
  • You will receive your daily quiz in the mail as well as messages from Neighbors, trade requests, and the newsletter.
  • Click on an item to read it and hit reply to answer.
  • The envelope icon has a number next to it indicating how many messages are unread in your mailbox.
  • NOTE – You can not respond to messages in full screen mode so make sure you are in window mode when checking mail.

Locate the Gourmet King

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • If you see the Gourmet King be sure to click on him for a bonus that you can share with your Neighbors!
  • He is a little white haired bearded man that walks up and down the streets looking at restaurants.
  • You can find him frequently located at the right side of your restaurant on a little picnic mat and sometimes near the garden.
  • He can also be found standing around other people’s restaurants and is usually waving and closer to you than the other people walking around the scene.
  • After you click on him you will be given the opportunity to choose a gift from 3 choices. These choices are completely random and could be ingredients, recipes or decorative items for your Restaurant and the items he offers could change at any time.
  • Once you make your choice you have the option of publishing the choice on your live feed for the benefit of your Neighbors.
  • TIP – Whenever you see Orange Juice as one of the choices be sure to choose it and to place it on your live feed as it is a needed ingredient for people to make it to level 10 and this is one of the only ways to get it for free.
  • Ingredients the Gourmet King offers – Strawberry, Ice Cream, Dragon Fruit, Oranges, Chocolate, and Carrots.
  • Dishes offered by the Gourmet King are – Corn on the Cob, and Roast Turkey.
  • Decorative Items currently offered are – Rose Bucket, Red or Purple Heart Balloons, Single Rose, and Gold or Red Hearts (Outside Decor)

Visiting your Neighbors

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Visiting your Neighbors is a great way to increase your daily funds.
  • You can visit Neighbors by clicking on the “Street” icon at the lower left of the game screen.
  • This will take you to your street which has all of your Neighbor’s restaurants on it and you can see how they have decorated the exterior of their restaurants.
  • Click on either their picture at the bottom of the game screen where they are listed in order of score or scroll up and down the street until your see their restaurant. There is a picture of each Neighbor above their restaurant.
  • Click on the restaurant to go inside.
  • When you visit someone for the very first time you will receive a “First Friend visit bonus”. This is a free ingredient for you to use or trade and is chosen randomly.
  • You are also rewarded with coins for visiting Neighbors.
  • The first Neighbor of the day will earn you 500 Coins.
  • The second Neighbor will earn you 100 Coins.
  • The third, Fourth, and Fifth Neighbors will earn you 50 Coins.
  • The Sixth Neighbor and each one after will earn 15 coins when you visit.
  • If you see any trash on the floor be sure to click on it for coin bonuses.

Gourmet Street

Restaurant City
  • You can reach Gourmet Street by clicking on the “Street” button and then on the “Gourmet Street” button which is yellowish gold in color.
  • This street does NOT contain your Neighbors it contains restaurants in the game that have earned high rankings of 4 gold stars or more.
  • You will not collect first time visit bonuses or collect coins for visiting any restaurants on Gourmet Street the way you do in your Neighborhood but you can click on trees and any trash you find in a restaurant.
  • You can enroll in the Rating Program and Rate the restaurants if you wish.

Picking up Trash

Restaurant City
  • If you or a Neighbor has neglected to check on their restaurant for several hours you may come back to a very dirty restaurant as seen in the image above.
  • If you see trash anywhere in your or your Neighbor’s Restaurant click on it and you will earn 1 coin per piece of garbage you clean up.

Leave your Neighbor a Message

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Click on the Icon shown in the image above to leave your Neighbor a message.
  • NOTE – You can not leave a message in full screen mode.

Restaurant City Rating Guide

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • You have the option of joining the Restaurant City Rating Guide if you wish.
  • Click on the “Street” button to move to your street then click on the “Go to Random Street” button at the lower left of the game screen.
  • You will see a clipboard icon click on it and you will be asked to join the Rating Guide.
  • Here you will be able to visit the restaurants of people that are not on your friend list.
  • You will be able to clean the restaurants if they are dirty but you will not earn any first time visit bonuses or any coins for visiting you will be able to rate their restaurants.
  • To rate the restaurant click on the icon located in the image above that has fingers pointing to stars.
  • You will be asked to rate the restaurant by number of stars by clicking on them and then submitting your score.
  • One Star – Okay
  • Two Stars – Average
  • Three Stars –Good
  • Four Stars – Excellent
  • Five Stars – Outstanding

Taking Screen Shots

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • You can take screen shots and have them assembled in your Facebook photo album.
  • Click on the Camera in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • This will take a snapshot of your Restaurant.
  • Once the menu opens you have the option of clicking on the button at the top right that looks like a little room “Full Room Photo” or “Current Screen Photo” which is the button that looks like a view finder field underneath it.
  • “Current Room Photo” will take the picture exactly as you adjusted it so if you zoomed in to a particular area that is what will be taken in the photo.
  • If you choose “Full Room” the image will be of the entire room.
  • You can add text under the image if you wish.
  • The image will appear on your Facebook Profile at first and in your Facebook Photo Album under Restaurant City Images.
  • You can go into your photos to edit them, delete them or re-order them.

Changing the Music in your Restaurant

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • You now have the ability to change the music your guests hear when they visit your restaurant.
  • There are a few different songs to choose from that may enhance the theme or mood of your restaurant.
  • Click on the blue folder at the bottom right of the game screen then click on CD with music notes to activate the music player menu.
  • The music is set to default and you can click on each song to sample it before you purchase it.
  • Each song costs 4000 coins.
  • You can have more than one song in your collection but only one at a time will play requiring you to change the song manually if you want a different one.
  • The songs available are:
  • Default Music – Free
  • Pineapple Overture – Medium to fast paced Classical Music in 4/4 time.
  • My Irish Heart – Fast paced Irish Jig.
  • Delicate Spring – Oriental Music
  • Fiesta Brothers – Fast Paced Mexican Music
  • Once you choose a song your visitors will hear it unless they have their sound disabled.
  • More songs will be added in the future.

Popularity Rating

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • As you run your restaurant you will notice the popularity rating at the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • The highest popularity rating you can earn is 50 Unless you have the 3 Million Fans Statue which was given out last January as a limited edition gift to celebrate Restaurant City’s Success. If you have this statue in your restaurant or in your inventory your Popularity can reach 51.0 and you should see that reflected in the upper right hand corner of your screen where the score is located.
  • For every satisfied customer you earn .01 points and you lose .01 points when a customer leaves unhappy.
  • Popularity only increases or decreases while you are actually in the game.
  • When you exit the game you will have the same popularity rating when you come back in.

Live Feed Facebook-Live Feed Announcements

Restaurant City
  • Anytime you experience a milestone event in the game such as reaching a new level, obtaining an award, or doing something for the first time you may be prompted to share this information with your Neighbors over the live feed.
  • This is optional just click submit if you want others to know or skip if you choose not to share.
  • This sometimes increases the odds others will send you gifts if they see your name on the feeds frequently.
  • Keep an eye on the live feeds daily for chances at bonus ingredients and to see the announcements of your Neighbors when new features are added to the game.

How to obtain Ingredients

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • There are a few ways to obtain ingredients in Restaurant City.
  • You can claim them from Neighbors when you visit their restaurants for the first time.
  • Answer the Daily Quiz Question correctly for 1 Free ingredient.
  • Get up to 3 ingredients per day by logging in each day without fail. You used to get one ingredient each time you logged in for the first time in a 24 hour period but now you will receive 1 ingredient on day one, 2 ingredients on day 2 and 3 ingredients on day 3 and if you continue to log in without breaking the sequence you will earn 3 ingredients each day you log in. If you break the chain it will start you over at 1 ingredient again.
  • Check your live feed and Fan pages for free ingredients. Frequently free ingredients are given away at these places to encourage participation.
  • Restaurant City Fan Site –

Trading Ingredients/Secure Trades

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Trading ingredients is a critical part of the game and a great way to level up your menu items quickly without running out of coins.
  • There are currently 62 ingredients in the game and this total changes frequently.
  • You can not just send your Neighbor an ingredient you must trade with them one for one as evenly as possible.
  • There are ingredients with a 1 to 5 star rating above them which does not indicate popularity of an item just the type of item it is in relation to others. For example two ingredients with 2 stars are considered an equal trade and two items with a 3 star rating are equal trades but you can’t do an instant trade for a 1 star and a 5 star ingredient..
  • Click and unlock all ingredients you are willing to trade with others automatically.
  • If a person wants to trade with you they will scroll through the available ingredients you have unlocked and can trade an item that has an equal number of stars. For example a 2 star item for a 2 star item or if you do not have a 2 star item, a 3 star item is acceptable. A higher number of stars is acceptable but not lower without special permission from the other trader.
  • If that person would like to ask you to trade an item that is unequal in value such as a 2 star item for a 1 star item the trade will automatically become a secure trade and instead of the trade happening instantly you will have to wait for that person to approve the trade. If the trade is approved you will receive notification in your mailbox. You will not receive notification if it is denied so keep a watch out for it.
  • Working in the other direction if someone requests a trade of you that is uneven you will have to approve it.

How to make a Trade and Secure Trade Request

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • To make a specific trade request to a specific Neighbor follow these steps.
  • Go to your neighbor’s restaurant and look for the trade icon at the bottom left of the game screen. (See above)
  • A menu will appear that will let you scroll through your Neighbor’s unlocked items that are available for instant trade at the top of the screen and at the bottom of the screen you will see all of your items available for trade.
  • Click on the item you want and it will appear in your neighbors window.
  • Next click on the item you are offering to your neighbor as a trade then hit send.
  • If the trade is even it will go through instantly. If it is not even it becomes a secure trade and the other party will be able to consider, approve or deny it.
  • Your neighbor will receive a trade request in their mailbox where they can read your offer and you will receive a notification if they approve the secure trade.
  • If your trade request is denied you will NOT receive notification that it was denied.

Requesting Ingredients over the Live Feed

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • There is a feature that allows you to request a certain ingredient over the live feeds on Facebook.
  • Click on the Menu Icon and look to the bottom of the screen where you ingredient inventory is shown.
  • When you see a bull horn icon click on it and it will open up the menu seen in the image above.
  • Choose the ingredient you need and hit the green button.
  • A message will generate that will be placed on the live feeds for your Neighbors to see.
  • It will not guarantee someone will respond but if you respond to other people’s live feed requests they are more likely to respond to yours.
  • If you see someone requesting an ingredient that you have you can initiate a secure trade with them.
  • Items can never be gifted just traded for an item of equal value.

Garden – Growing Ingredients

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Each restaurant has a garden next to it and you are eligible to grow items as you level up in the game one plot at a time.
  • Level 6 opens up the first of 9 plots.
  • Levels 6,13,18, 22, 24,26, 28,30 and 32 unlock a garden plot.
  • To plant a seed click on an empty activated plot.
  • It will cost at least 2000 coins to plant a seed.
  • You can not choose what kind of seed to plant. You pay for it and it is planted for you. You will not find out until the ingredient is harvested.
  • Once you plant a seed you must water it for it to grow to maturity.
  • Each time you click over the plot to water it you add 3 hours of watered time to the plant.
  • You can water the plant a maximum of three clicks or 9 hours.
  • If you do not water the plant it will dry out and stay frozen in whatever state of growth it was in until it is watered again.
  • Plants do not wither or die they just stay suspended until watered.
  • Each plant has 6 stages of growth. You will know it is mature when it gives off a sparkling effect.
  • A seed takes 48 hours to grow to maturity as long as it is watered regularly.
  • Fully grown plants are safe and will not wither or die.
  • To harvest a plant click on it and it will enter into your inventory for use in a recipe.
  • Here are the times for the growth stages of a planted seed:
  • Stage 1 – 48 hours of grow time to go.
  • Stage 2 – 38 hours and 24 Minutes of grow time to go.
  • Stage 3 –28 Hours and 48 Minutes of grow time to go.
  • Stage 4 – 19 Hours and 12 Minutes of grow time to go.
  • Stage 5 – 9 Hours and 36 Minutes of grow time to go.
  • Stage 6 – Fully Grown and ready for Harvesting.
  • NOTE – To see what each plant looks like as it is growing in the garden there is an excellent post at the Playfish Forums with all of this information shown here –

Fresh Ingredient Market

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Outside of your restaurant toward the right next to your Garden is the Fresh Ingredient Market.
  • Click on the Market to see what items are for sale.
  • Each day there are 3 new items in the Market for you to purchase.
  • You can also purchase exclusive items using Playfish Cash only which are featured on sale at half price off daily.
  • Check back daily to see what items are on sale in the Market.


Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • Energy represents how efficiently your workers are working in your restaurant.
  • Each worker is given 4 hours of work time and as they work their energy depletes. If they lose too much energy they will become very slow which will cause customers to become angry and leave which lowers your overall happiness rating.
  • There is a clock and an image of each employee at the bottom of your screen showing you how much time is left before they are exhausted.
  • There are 5 levels of energy – Dynamic, Energetic, Okay, Tired, and Exhausted.
  • Each level is slower than the one before it and is broken down as follows:
  • Dynamic – (Green Clock) 2:25 to 3 Work Time.
  • Energetic – (Teal Clock) 1:49 to 2:24 Work Time.
  • Okay – (Blue Clock) 1:13 to 1:48 Work Time.
  • Drowsy – (Purple Clock) 0:36 to 1:12 Work Time.
  • Exhausted – (Red Clock) 0 to 0:36 Work Time.
  • NOTE – 2 Hours and 25 minutes and above is when employees perform optimally.
  • Energy depletes at about 10% every 24 minutes.
  • NOTE- Each time you level up your employees are re-energized and the clocks are set back to 4 hours.

Restoring your Workers Energy

Restaurant City
  • There are two ways to restore your worker’s energy levels and that is by feeding them a snack or resting them.
  • If you don’t have much money you can rest them.
  • Feeding them cost coins and there are 4 food items you can give your workers each giving them a different amount of energy.
  • NOTE – For Valentine’s Day 2010 Restaurant City Changed the energy food to sweets and increased the cost and amount of energy each item offered. They may revert back to the values below or change them to the new values after Valentine’s day is over but most likely the food will change back but the new cost and time values will stay. (See the Valentines Sweets for the increased times.)
  • Water – Cost – 60 Coins. Adds 45 Minutes of energy which is 25%.
  • Apple – Cost – 110 Coins. Adds 1 Hours and 30 Minutes of energy which is 50%.
  • Banana – Cost – 160 Coins. Adds 2 Hours and 15 Minutes of energy which is 75%.
  • Sandwich – Cost – 200 Coins. Adds 3 Hours. 100%
  • Valentine’s Sweets:
  • Ruby Juice – Cost 80 Coins. Adds 1 Hours of energy which is 25% increase.
  • Lolly – Cost 150 Coins. Adds 2 Hours of Energy which is 50% increase.
  • Sundae – Cost -200 Coins. Adds 3 Hours of energy which is 75% increase.
  • Sweets – Cost 280 Coins. Adds 4 Hours of energy which is 100% increase.

Resting your Employees

Restaurant City
  • To rest your employee click on them and when the menu appears choose “Rest” at the top of the menu as if it is one of their jobs.
  • Resting renews the employees energy at triple the rate it is used.
  • Resting results in a halt in productivity as the employee will be removed from the restaurant while resting.
  • Some of your Neighbors may have beds for their employees to rest on.
  • Beds were offered for a limited time around Christmas 2009 and may be offered again in the future.
  • Beds allow an employee to rest up to 25% faster than normal.
  • NOTE – It is always best to rest employees in shifts so you never have all of them resting at the same time to insure you are always making money. Your customers might not be as happy with half staff but many customers will be fed versus none if you rest them all at once.

Closed Restaurants/Resting Your Employees

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • When your employees are completely exhausted they will collapse and your restaurant will automatically close and you will not be able to make a profit during this time.
  • If you can set things up so you can check in on your workers every 3 to 4 hours to feed and re-energize them you will be able to make the most profit in one day.
  • If you choose to rest your employees and put them all to sleep your restaurant will close and visitors will arrive to an empty restaurant.
  • Your popularity rating will be what it was when the restaurant closed when you open it again.

Restaurant Expansion

Restaurant City
  • When you begin the game you have a restaurant that is 7×7 in dimension.
  • Each time you level up and are awarded with a bigger restaurant, your restaurant increases in size by one row of squares on one side until you hit the maximum size of 18 x 18 which you will reach at level 31. (see “Levels” to determine at which levels your restaurant size is increased)
  • The plot of land next to your restaurant also expands at this rate alongside your restaurant.

Finding Coins – Trees and Gardens

Restaurant City
  • If you scroll through the area outside of a restaurant you will see 2 types of trees. If you click on these trees you may see coins coming out. This is a great way to earn extra coins.
  • If you click on your Neighbor’s planted garden you can water the plants for them and may at times earn a few coins for doing so. This is random and a great way to earn extra coins.

Purchasing Outside Restaurant Expansions


  • Once you reach level 20 you are eligible to purchase the outside area next to the restaurant at various levels until it is just as big as the restaurant at 18 x 18.
  • Click on the Red “For Sale” sign when you are ready to purchase this land expansion.
  • The expansions unlock at levels 20,25,30,35,40,45 and 50.
  • NOTE – Occasionally there are sale prices on these expansions (Half off in February) but the full prices are listed below.
  • You can plant a courtyard in this area or make a rest area for your Employees.

Level 20

  • Size – 6 x 6
  • Cost 5000

Level 25

  • Size – 8 x 8
  • Cost 15,000

Level 30

  • Size – 10 x 10
  • Cost – 32,000

Level 35

  • Size – 12 x 12
  • Cost – 70,000

Level 40

  • Size – 14 x 14
  • Cost – 150,000

Level 45

  • Size – 16 x 16
  • Cost – 310,000

Level 50

  • Size – 18 x 18
  • Cost – 550,000


Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • To access your restaurant’s menu click on the menu on wall or the “Change Menu” icon at the lower center area of the game screen. (There is a fork and knife crossed on the cover)
  • You will be taken to an area where you can see your ingredient inventory and learn and choose various recipes to place on your menu.
  • You start the game with one starter dish which is Tomato and Basil Soup, one main dish of Margarita Pizza and one dessert dish which is a fruit plate. When you reach level 15 you will be able to serve drinks and will have a glass of water unlocked right away.
  • You are asked to choose an item to place on your menu after you learn it.
  • If you have all the ingredients for a dish they will be shown highlighted right underneath and the button will turn bright green with the word “Learn” on it. When you click on this you will use the ingredients and they will be removed from your inventory.
  • Each time you obtain the correct ingredients for a dish you can level the dish up which will make it worth more Gourmet points and this can help you level up much faster.
  • You can level up a dish 9 times which will show it at a maximum level 10. Each time you level up a dish it will gain a new title.
  • NOTE -The number of dishes you can serve in a category will increase as you level up. When you reach level 10 you can serve 2 dishes from each category and when you reach level 20, you can serve 3 dishes from each category.

Leveling up Dishes

Restaurant City
  • When a customer is served a dish you earn coins and Gourmet Points. Beginner Dishes are considered level 0 and a dish must be at level 1 before it can be served in the restaurant.
  • Beginner dishes are given to your for free when you begin the game and there is one in each category of the menu. The menu items given to you when you start the game are automatically at level 1 so you can begin serving them right away.
  • Your beginning Dishes are:
  • Starter – Tomato and Basil Soup
  • Main Dish – Margarita Pizza
  • Dessert – Fruit Selection
  • Drinks – (Opens up at level 15) Glass of Water
  • When you level up you will notice changes in the appearance of the dish but the amount you earn in coins will not change. Just the amount of Gourmet Points will increase.
  • The plate the food is served on will change appearance and over time you will learn which plate represents which level.
  • Gourmet points are earned when an empty plate is cleared from the table.
  • You earn 1 gourmet point for each plate of food you serve and as you advance your recipes you will earn an additional 0.2 Gourmet points per dish and they always earn you 2 coins no matter what level is reached.

Gourmet Points earned for leveling up a single menu item

Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • As stated earlier you can level up any item on the menu from level 1 to 10.
  • When you learn a new dish and when you level up a particular menu item you will earn Gourmet Points. (GP) The amount of GP increases as your level increases.
  • Here is the breakdown of Gourmet Points earned:
  • Learn – Advance to level 1 – 25 GP.
  • Level 2 – 50 GP
  • Level 3 – 100 GP
  • Level 4 – 200 GP
  • Level 5 – 300 GP
  • Level 6 – 400 GP
  • Level 7 – 500 GP
  • Level 8 – 600 GP
  • Level 9 – 700 GP

Level 10 – 800 GP

Gourmet Points/Cash your dish will Earn Per Level when served.

Restaurant City

Restaurant City
Level 1

  • Value -1 Gourmet Point, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title- Simple
  • Plate – Cracked with grayish color.

Level 2

  • Value – 1.2 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Standard
  • Plate – Off White, No Cracks.

Level 3

  • Value – 1.4 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Classic
  • Plate – White Plate with blue and pink polka dots.

Level 4

  • Value – 1.6 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Tasty
  • Plate – White with green trim around edges.

Level 5

  • Value – 1.8 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Delicious
  • Plate – White with blue ring and blue trim on edges

Level 6

  • Value – 2.0 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Luxurious
  • Plate – White with black ring and black trim on edges.

Level 7

  • Value – 2.2 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Gourmet
  • Plate – White with a single gray ring near edge.

Level 8

  • Value – 2.4 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Sensational
  • Plate – White with a single gold ring near edge.

Level 9

  • Value – 2.6 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Ultimate
  • Plate – The outer edge of the plate is trimmed in gray.

Level 10

  • Value – 2.8 Gourmet Points, 2 Gold Coins.
  • Title – Royal
  • Plate – Gold rimmed plate.


Restaurant City
  • Here is a list of the recipes found in Restaurant City.
  • Each recipe can have 1 to 4 ingredients.
  • Some recipes are only offered during the holidays and as special promotions and will no longer be found on the menu.
  • The recipes listed here are the standard recipes that are always found in the game.
  • If an ingredient is needed more than once it is listed each time it is needed.
  • Items are ordered as they appear in the game beginning with Starters and moving to Drinks.

Tomato and Basil Soup

  • Category – Starter
  • Ingredients – Tomato

Garden Soup

  • Category – Starter
  • Ingredients – Salad, Tomato, Egg

Chicken and Leek Soup

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Chicken, Leek, Leek.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Mushroom, Milk, Bay leaf.

Vegetable Chowder

  • Category – Starter
  • Ingredients – Milk, Potato, Peas.

Pea and Bacon Soup

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Peas, Peas, Bacon.

Camembert Baked in a Box

  • Category – Starter
  • Ingredients – Cheese, Cheese, Bread.

Tuna Fishcakes

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Tuna, Flour, Potato.

Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil

  • Category – Starter
  • Ingredients – Bread, Tomato, Basil

Lamb Samosas

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Lamb, Flour, Bay leaf.

Caribbean Chicken Salad

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients – Chicken, Beans, Salad.

Lobster Soup

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Lobster, Butter, Lemon.

Pumpkin Soup

  • Category – Starter
  • Ingredients -Pumpkin, Cream, Chili.

Sweetcorn Soup

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Sweetcorn, Cream, Egg.

Lamb Skewers

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients – Lamb, Garlic, Lemon.

Onion Soup

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Onion, Garlic, Bay leaf.

Tiger Prawn Platter

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Prawn, Garlic, Lime.

Dim sum

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients -Prawn, Pork, Flour.

Meat Platter

  • Category -Starter
  • Ingredients – Pepperoni, Sausage, Pork, Bread.

Burger and Fries

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Beef, Potato.

Margarita Pizza

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Cheese, Tomato, Flour.

Roast Chicken

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Chicken, Potato, Salad.

Hot dog and Fries

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Sausage, Bread, Potato.

Pepperoni Pizza

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Pepperoni, Cheese, Tomato.

Roast Beef

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Beef, Carrot, Salad.

Tuna Steak with Vegetables

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Tuna, Potato, Carrot.

Spaghetti Carbonara

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Pasta, Bacon, Egg.

Spaghetti Bolognese

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Pasta, Beef, Tomato.

Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Chicken, Rice, Bay leaf.

Tuna Sushi

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Tuna, Rice, Wasabi.

Sausages and Mash

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Sausage, Potato, Butter.

Chili Con Carne

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Chili, Beans, Rice.


  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Beef, Cheese, Pasta.

Caesar Salad

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Salad, Bread, Egg.

Vegetarian Fried Rice

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Rice, Tofu, Leek, Mushroom.


  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Lobster, Butter, Salad.

Grilled Rump Steak

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Beef, Potato, Salad.

Yakibuta Ramen

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Noodles, Pork, Onion.

Seafood Paella

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Rice, Saffron, Prawn.

Mapo Tofu

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Tofu, Rice, Chili.

Pork and Apple Chops

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Pork, Apple, Onion.

Bak Kut Teh

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Coriander, Pork, Garlic.

Three Cup Chicken

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Ginger, Basil, Chicken.

Mushroom Risotto

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Rice, Mushroom, Oregano.

Lamb with Pomegranate Sauce

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Lamb, Pomegranate, Garlic.

Vegetarian Soup Noodles

  • Category -Main
  • Ingredients -Noodles, Mushroom, Tofu, Coriander.

Fruit Selection

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Strawberry, Apple.

Strawberry Cake

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Strawberry, Flour, Butter, Sugar.

Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Chocolate, Flour, Ice Cream.

Strawberry Cheesecake

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Strawberry, Cheese, Flour.


  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Flour, Egg, Butter.

Creme Brulee

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Egg, Cream, Sugar.

Pumpkin Pie

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Pumpkin, Flour, Sugar.

Cheese Board

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Cheese, Cheese, Cheese.

Banana Split

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Banana, Cream, Ice Cream.


  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cream.

Mango Pudding

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients – Mango, Milk, Lime.

Kiwi Sorbet

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Kiwi, Lemon, Sugar

Exotic Fruit Skewers

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Dragon Fruit, Mango, Kiwi.

Pomegranate Parfait

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Pomegranate, Cream, Egg.

Vanilla Panna Cotta

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Vanilla, Sugar, Milk.


  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Egg, Cream, Coffee Beans.

Sweet Rice Cake

  • Category -Dessert
  • Ingredients -Rice, Rice, Sugar

Glass of Water

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Water, Ice, Lime


  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Coffee Bean, Coffee Bean, Water


  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Coffee Beans, Sugar, Milk.


  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Tea Leaves, Sugar, Water.

Chocolate Milkshake

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Chocolate, Ice Cream, Milk.

Strawberry Milkshake

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Strawberry, Ice Cream, Milk.


  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Lemon, Ice, Water.

Peach Iced Tea

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Peach, Tea Leaves, Water.

Bubble Tea

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Tea Leaves, Milk, Sugar.

Fruit Smoothie

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Ice, Strawberry, Banana.

Ginger Beer Float

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Ginger, Sugar, Ice Cream.

Vanilla Hot Chocolate

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Vanilla, Chocolate, Cream.

Saffron Tea

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Saffron, Tea Leaves, Water.

Orange Juice

  • Category -Drinks
  • Ingredients -Orange


Restaurant City
Restaurant City
  • There are currently 45 awards you can earn while playing Restaurant City.
  • You can access the awards menu by clicking on the blue folder and then on the trophy icon.
  • Read through the award list so you know what to work on.
  • Once you earn an award you will be notified and you will be given cash bonuses and ingredients for your efforts.
  • You can check on your status anytime as it keeps track of your progress in each category showing you how close you are to reaching your goal.


  • Visit 100 Friends

Familiar Face

  • Visit 1000 Friends


  • Visit 10000 Friends

Trash Talker

  • Pick up 100 pieces of Trash.

Rubbish Raider

  • Pick up 1000 pieces of Trash.

Garbage Guru

  • Pick up 10000 pieces of Trash.

Charitable Chum

  • Gift 50 Items

Generous Gifter

  • Gift 500 Items

Santa Claus

  • Gift 5000 Item

Barter Buddy

  • Trade 50 Ingredients

Sales Sage

  • Trade 100 Ingredients

Trading Expert

  • Trade 5000 Ingredients

Spending Spree

  • Spend 2000 Coins


  • Spend 20000 Coins

Big Spender

  • Spend 200000 Coins


  • Buy 10 indoor Items.

Feng Shui Expert

  • Buy 500 Indoor Items.

Interior Decorator

  • Buy 2000 Indoor Items.

DIY Expert

  • Buy 10 Outdoor Items.

Exterior Decorator

  • Buy 200 Outdoor Items.

Grand Architect

  • Buy 500 Outdoor Items.


  • Buy 10 avatar Items.


  • Buy 100 Avatar Items.

Fashion Icon

  • Buy 500 Avatar Items.

Classy Cook

  • Get 1 Dish to Level 10

Culinary Artist

  • Get 5 Dishes to Level 10

Gourmet Chef

  • Get 20 Dishes to Level 10

Estate Agent

  • Rate 100 Restaurants

Evaluation Expert

  • Rate 1000 Restaurants

Restaurant Critic

  • Rate 10000 Restaurants


  • Harvest 10 Plants

First Class Forrester

  • Harvest 50 Plants

Glorious Gardner

  • Harvest 200 Plants

Head Waiter

  • Clear 50 Plates Manually

Plate Prince

  • Clear 500 Plates Manually

Washing Machine

  • Clear 2000 Plates Manually

Plumb Role

  • Fix 20 Toilets Manually

Pipe Dreams

  • Fix 200 Toilets Manually

Drain Fame

  • Fix 1000 Toilets Manually


  • Repair 20 Items Manually


  • Repair 200 Items Manually

Master Mechanic

  • Repair 1000 Items Manually

A Friend Indeed

  • Help 50 Friend’s Restaurants

Search and Rescue

  • Help 250 Friend’s Restaurants

Aide of Honor

  • Help 1000 Friend’s Restaurants

Useful Restaurant City Links

Restaurant City

Restaurant City – Honorable Mention for Outstanding Restaurants!

  • Here are images of a few really creative restaurants in Restaurant City!
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  • Restaurant Name – Fairyland Gardens
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  • Restaurant Name – Red Red Red!
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  • Restaurant Name – ViVi Cafe
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  • Restaurant Name – XO and Yagermatey’s