Resort World Walkthrough

Resort World is a Facebook game application developed by Game Insight. Turning the island into a flourishing paradise of tourism and leisure is the main goal of this game. This guide will help you get started in Resort World.

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Resort World – Game Introduction

Resort World is a Facebook game application developed by Game Insight. Turning the island into a flourishing paradise of tourism and leisure is the main goal of this game. This game is similar to Roller Coaster wherein you need to build amusement rides for your visitors and you will be given money in return. The venue of this game is near the ocean or what they call Carribean. Since the game has a top view, you can see all your buildings, paths, people visiting your island and the overall view of your place. This guide will help you through in playing Resort World.


Fishermen used to live in island in this game. The only left evidence of their presence is the old neglected pier. Have it repaired is the first step in starting this game. To repair, click the pier and selection buttons will appear, click the repair button.

Resort World


Once repairing is done, your island is now ready to accept ships and tourists. You have your first cruise liner and offering them comfort is a nice thing to do. But, you need to build roads first so your tourists can roam around your island. To put roads, click the “Build a Road” button located at the left side of the game screen. Click in the ground you want to have path and drag it according to your desire. Building road is always for free!

Resort World


The best way to accommodate your tourists in your island is by building hotels, services, public facilities and entertainment. In this way, you will earn money which is also your main goal. Buildings and services are not readily available to purchase. You need to level up first so you can unlock more. The first building you can set up is the hotel. To do this, click the “Build” button at the left side of the game screen. Click the hotel and click it in the ground. Once your okay with the location of your hotel, click the check button and if not, click the ex button.

Resort World

Aside from buildings, you can also offer services like cottages, entertainment like BBQ stand and public facilities like generators. You can also upgrade each facilities and buildings so you can have more workers and profit. Luxuries are available for piastres and the rest are available to purchase using dollars or piastres. You can also add lands, decorations and swimming zone in your island. All of these are in the Build button.


After you build your own first hotel, you are now ready to accommodate your first guests. But before anything else, you first need to have electric power to supply your buildings. To do this, click the Shop button. Click the Power Supply from the selection and click it in the location you want. Click the check button after. Now that your paradise is almost complete, you can now accommodate tourists and guests. You can also build other buildings that you want and put road as many as you can for no cost.

Resort World


If you made mistakes in your island, either you don’t like how you put up your buildings or paths, don’t worry because you can always demolish them by using the “Demolish Something” button. Click the Demolish Something button and click it on the building or path you want to demolish.


Each building has corresponding time of collecting dollars. You can see the time of collecting upon buying your building or services. To know when your building already accumulated the exact profit, you will see a dollar sign on their top. To collect, just click the buildings and your earning will automatically add up as well as your experience point.

Resort World


Life in the paradise would be boring without neighbors. You can add friends by clicking the “Friends Island” button and select your Facebook friends that you want to add.

Resort World


Resort World got tons of buttons you can use while playing. In the upper right side of the game screen you will see the buttons for your game play. You can always full size the game to fit your screen, turn on/off the music, turn on/off the sound effect, lessen the game quality, take pictures of your island and hide your buildings that is useful when you are designing your island.

Resort World

On the bottom right side of the game screen are the buttons for additional services, gifts, inbox and friends islands. Additional services button offers you services like automatic collecting your gold even if you’re not visiting island, automatic repairing of your building and starting the game all over again. These services are available for piastres.

Resort World


Dollars are used to buy buildings and decorations. You can have this upon collecting the profit of your buildings. This is the currency in Resort World

Piastres is another currency in Resort World that is often use to purchase luxuries. You can have this upon purchasing it online or by leveling up.

Experience points are the points you get and need to acquire to level up. You can have this each time you build buildings and each time you collect your earnings.