Resident Evil 4 Remake Characters – Leon, Ada, and More!


Curious about the characters in Resident Evil 4? Our Resident Evil 4 characters guide contains all you need to know about the characters in the beloved horror game. We’ve avoided spoilers, and stuck to a simple explanation of each character down below in our list!

Resident Evil 4 is the latest remake in the world-famous franchise! Play as Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of the Raccoon City disaster, as he tries to find the kidnapped daughter of the president. He finds himself in a mysterious village full of infected hordes, and it’s up to you to navigate this desolate location. The remake features a few changes from the original while including gorgeous graphical upgrades!

You can learn more about it on the official site. For more Resident Evil 4 content, take a look at our Resident Evil 4 weapons tier list and our Resident Evil 4 mercenaries tier list! We also recommend checking out our Wild Hearts materials guide.

  • Please keep in mind that the game isn’t out just yet, so take our guide with a pinch of salt. We’ve included characters from the original game as we assume they will make an appearance in the remake. However, if we find out more information about which characters will appear in the game, we’ll update this guide as soon as we can!

Resident Evil 4 Characters Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Resident Evil 4 Characters

We’ve created this handy list of every character and included a little bit about their roles. We’ve made sure to avoid spoilers!

image of resident evil 4 characters such as ada wong, leon kennedy, and ashley graham

  • Graham – Former President of the United States of America
  • Ashley Graham – Daughter of the former President
  • Ingrid Hunnigan – Federal agent for the Field Operations Support
  • Leon Scott Kennedy – Main protagonist (Playable character)
  • Jack Krauser – Soldier and agent
  • Bitores Méndez – Catholic priest
  • Merchant – Sells weapons and weapon upgrades
  • Osmund Saddler – Lord of Los Illuminados
  • Luis Serra – Biologist and worked for Los Illuminados
  • Albert Wesker – Virologist who works with the bio-weapons black market
  • Ada Wong – Spy

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