Remedy Rush Character Guide


Remedy Rush is an endless arcade/puzzle/explosion game from Fixpoint Productions/Whitaker Trebella. In this runner, players will use different home “remedies” to battle an invading illness, with each remedy boasting some special skill or effect in-game. Our Remedy Rush Character Guide will detail each of the available remedies and how they help (or hinder) your recovery attempts.

As we mentioned in our Remedy Rush Tips, Cheats, and Strategies, many of the remedies/characters in Remedy Rush affect the actual gameplay. Some provide merely cosmetic changes. We’ve listed all of the current remedies below, what their effect is, and highlighted those that we like for high score runs personally.

UPDATE: Remedy Rush was updated on 1/6/17 and a number of the remedies were changed in some way. We have noted these changes below on the affected characters with an UPDATE 1.01 bullet.

    • Piggy Bank: Type: Income.
      • Effect: “More coins in game.”
      • Notes: Piggy Bank cannot be won in the random prize box. It must be purchased with real money (it costs $2.99). It is completely optional and merely makes it easier to earn coins for new remedies.
    • Cookie: Type: Gameplay.
      • Effect: “Start with 3 health bursts.”
      • Notes: Cookie is the starter remedy that you will have as soon as the game begins. Most remedies begin their runs with one health burst, but Cookie has three from the get-go. This isn’t a super useful skill since health bursts are plentiful at the start of a run.


      • Apple: Type: Gameplay.
        • Effect: “More health burst pickups.”
        • Notes: Apple greatly increases the number of green health bursts scattered around the map, to the point that you could use them completely indiscriminately at the beginning of a run and never run out and still use them freely later without worrying about finding more. This is a great remedy to use if you like blowing up germs and toxins yourself from a distance or bombing your way through cells.
      • Avocado: Type: Aesthetic.
        • Effect: “More screenshake!”
        • Notes: Avocado’s effect is purely cosmetic / for fun, making the screen shake more when explosions occur and making you feel like a walking fruit tank.
      • Banana: Type: Gameplay.
        • Effect: “Fewer toxins.”
        • Notes: When aiming for high scores, we generally discourage any of the “fewer” remedies since the more things you can explode, the higher your score. Having fewer toxins means fewer dangers, but it also means you’ll go longer between kills and thus have a harder time getting large combos.


        • Baseball Cap: Type: Gameplay.
          • Effect: “Longer combo timer.”
          • Notes: Baseball Cap causes your combo meter to count down much more slowly, so you can go longer between germ/toxin killing without losing your current combo. If we had to pick a “best” remedy for reaching high scores, it would be Baseball Cap, since the combo meter is so crucial to earning points.


          • Broccoli: Type: Gameplay.
            • Effect: “Only one type of germ per game, randomly chosen each time.”
            • Notes: When playing as Broccoli, you’ll only encounter one of the three possible germs—skinny spiky, large spiky, or turtle. This is advantageous because it makes the germs more predictable, and if you get all large spiky germs, they’re very easy to pick off (and they break through tons of cell walls for you, too!).
          • Chicago Mug: Type: Gameplay.
            • Effect: “Germs attack more slowly.”
            • Notes: Chicago Mug has the same effect as Sunglasses and they impact germs to the same degree, so these two remedies are equal in terms of abilities. This doesn’t mean that germs move more slowly; it means once a germ stops next to you and begins to flash its explosive warning, you will have slightly more time before it actually detonates.
          • Deodorant: Type: Gameplay.
            • Effect: “Fewer germs!”
            • Notes: As mentioned with Banana, we don’t recommend fewer of anything when trying to score big. More germs=more things to kill for points, so Deodorant usually stays on our bench.


            • Diamond Ring: Type: Aesthetic.
              • Effect: “Snow effect!”
              • Notes: Diamond Ring is purely cosmetic, making it snow on the map (/inside your body?) while you run.
            • Dog Bone: Type: Gameplay.
              • Effect: “Health bursts destroy any kind of cell immediately.”
              • Notes: Usually it takes three health bursts to destroy a solid white cell wall. When playing as Dog Bone, one health burst will destroy any type of wall. This is useful for clearing paths and making it to distant toxins/germs quickly.
            • Eggs: Type: Gameplay.
              • Effect: “Toxins worth more points.”
              • Notes: Eggs adds +1 to the base score of every toxin, so X-toxins become worth 2 points, T-toxins worth 3, etc. This doesn’t sound like much, but once you get into high combos, these extra points really add up: for instance, an X-toxin that would usually be worth 10 points at a x10 combo will be worth 20 points instead.
            • Flip Flop: Type: Gameplay.
              • Effect: “Slower germs.”
              • Notes: While playing as Flip Flop, germs move around the map more slowly. There is a longer pause between each single-space movement. This can be nice if you’re having trouble with germs surrounding you, but it also makes it a bit harder to earn combos with germs since they won’t be rushing you.


              • French Fries: Type: Gameplay.
                • Effect: “More cells start damaged.”
                • Notes: This means that more cell walls will generally have lower health and take less effort to break from the beginning of the run. The benefit to this over Dog Bone is that it will be easier for germs to break through walls, too.
              • Fried Chicken: Type: Gameplay.
                • Effect: “More toxins.”
                • Notes: Fried Chicken is one of our favorite remedies for snagging high scores. More toxins means not only more killable points-giving items, but also more chain reaction explosions leading to higher combos.


                • Hair Dryer: Type: Gameplay.
                  • Effect: “Bigger health bursts, but you can hold only one.”
                  • Notes: Hair Dryer is a lot of fun to play with, although it takes some getting used to. Instead of three health bursts in your kit, you’ll only ever have one, but its explosion will reach twice as far (so two full tiles away from/around you). It’s great for getting chains since you can blow up half the items on screen at once, but having only one burst at a time is a challenge.
                • Laptop: Type: Gameplay.
                  • Effect: “Germs worth more points.”
                  • Notes: Laptop is like Eggs, but it adds +1 to the base point of germs instead of toxins. So large spiky will be worth 6, skinny spiky worth 7, and turtle worth 8. Since you’ll encounter more toxins overall and they are a more reliable source of points, we still prefer Eggs to Laptop.
                • Lipstick: Type: Gameplay.
                  • Effect: “Slower toxin explosions.”
                  • Notes: This seems useful at the surface since it gives you more time to get away from a detonated toxin, but slowing down explosions also means longer time between combos. We don’t use Lipstick much for this reason, as getting combos quickly is more beneficial than have a longer safe period.


                  • Milk Carton: Type: Gameplay.
                    • Effect: “Only one type of toxin per game, randomly chosen each time.”
                    • Notes: Similar to Broccoli, Milk Carton reduces the different types of toxins to only one—so you’ll only see X-toxins, T-toxins, etc. This adds an interesting twist that can be beneficial or detrimental to getting a good score: only X-toxins means you can run fast but will be earning fewer points. Only square toxins means you have to be more careful but will probably get lots of combos. It’s a trade-off that’s worth trying out to see if you like.


                    • Nail Polish: Type: Aesthetic.
                      • Effect: “Party colors effect!”
                      • Notes: Nail Polish is purely cosmetic; it creates a sort of rainbow strobe effect that is really neat to watch, but makes actually playing a little tricky as it is harder to tell when germs are near-explosion.


                      • Phone: Type: Aesthetic.
                        • Effect: “Negative effect.”
                        • Notes: Phone creates a really cool inverted color scheme where cell walls are black, germs blue, health bursts purple, and toxins turquoise. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard style and everything is just as clear as with the normal color scheme (and perhaps even a little easier to differentiate).
                      • Pizza: Type: Gameplay.
                        • Effect: “Shorter days.”
                        • Notes: Pizza is another one of our top picks for high score runs. Shorter days means you will progress through the day meter faster with less forward travel. This not only awards points for each new day reached, but also increases the difficulty more quickly and gives you more germs/toxins to blow up, thus resulting in more points available sooner.
                        • UPDATE 1.01: The “shorter days” side effect has been slowed slightly, making Pizza not quite as powerful–you will still reach higher day counts faster than with other remedies, but it won’t be quite as quick. It now takes 28 forward steps to reach a new day with Pizza versus the 35 of most remedies and the 42 of Sunglasses.


                        • Potted Plant: Type: Aesthetic.
                          • Effect: “Rain effect!”
                          • Notes: Potted Plant is purely cosmetic, adding a somewhat soothing rain drizzle over the entire map. We really like how the rain drips off everything, giving the world a bit of extra depth.
                        • Remote Control: Type: Gameplay.
                          • Effect: “Slow motion!”
                          • Notes: Remote Control takes a lot of getting used to, but it’s not only tons of fun to use, but can also be advantageous once you get the hang of it. Its slow motion slows everything, from toxin explosions to germ movement, so it’s like a combination of Flip Flop, Chicago Mug, and Lipstick, but it also slows you and your health bursts down. However, if you tap fast enough, you can still move fairly quickly, so with practice, you can get a Matrix-y attack pattern going with Remote Control.
                          • UPDATE 1.01: The “slow motion” effect has been reduced so it is not quite as strong.
                        • Soda Can: Type: Gameplay.
                          • Effect: “Fewer health burst pickups, but each gives three bursts.”
                          • Notes: Unless you just really hate making the trip to pick up health bursts, we’re not big fans of Soda Can. Apple’s increased amount of pick-ups or Hair Dryer’s larger burst radius seem more useful to us.
                        • Sunglasses: Type: Gameplay.
                          • Effect: “Germs attack more slowly.”
                          • Notes: Sunglasses has the same skill as Chicago Mug and the same effect; they both slow germs’ attacks down equally. This means the time between a germ stopping and blowing up is longer than with other remedies.
                          • UPDATE 1.01: Sunglasses’ effect has been changed to “Longer days” instead of “Germs attack more slowly.” This means there are no duplicate remedy powers any more. Longer days means it takes longer to get to higher level days with more enemies (essentially the opposite of Pizza); this is not ideal for earning high scores quickly but can offer a more relaxed game with a greater distance before you’re overwhelmed with toxins, germs, and explosions. With Sunglasses, it takes 42 steps forward to reach a new day (versus 35 steps for normal remedies and 28 steps for Pizza).


                          • Sushi: Type: Gameplay.
                            • Effect: “More germs.”
                            • Notes: Sushi increases the number of germs you’ll run into total, like Fried Chicken does for toxins. We prefer Fried Chicken slightly since having more germs means they’ll be able to box you in easier, but if you get most of your points off germ-killing, Sushi might be the remedy for you.


                            • Teddy Bear: Type: Gameplay.
                              • Effect: “Germs don’t follow your remedy.”
                              • Notes: Teddy Bear is great when you want a slightly more relaxed, less defensive game where you can ignore germs if you like. Instead of homing in on you and seeking you out, germs will just sort of go about their business, wandering the map freely. Germs will still come over and try to kill you if you’re within two tiles of them, but otherwise they’re pretty uninterested in you.


                              • Television: Type: Aesthetic.
                                • Effect: “Black and white effect.”
                                • Notes: Television is purely cosmetic, changing the game world to a purely black and white (or grayish and white) version of itself. This is fun, but it makes differentiating between objects difficult is not ideal for earning high scores.


                              • Tennis Ball: Type: Gameplay.
                                • Effect: “Larger toxin explosions.”
                                • Notes: Tennis Ball does for toxins what Hair Dryer does for your health bursts. It makes toxins’ explosions twice as large, which makes them much harder to dodge but also makes it much easier to kill germs with explosions and create giant chains. We really like Tennis Ball for high score runs, but you have to be very alert and ready to move when playing as it.
                              • Toilet Paper: Type: Aesthetic.
                                • Effect: “Big particle effects!”
                                • Notes: Toilet Paper is cosmetic, enhancing the effects you get from any actions, like explosions or picking up items. So the floaty coin icon that appears when you pick up coins will be larger and more prominent with each pick up.
                              • Toothbrush: Type: Gameplay.
                                • Effect: “Slower creeping sickness.”
                                • Notes: The wave of sickness that is always following you will be noticeably slower when playing as Toothbrush, allowing you to pause and take more time to plan out your next move before progressing. This is helpful when you get farther in a run and the sickness begins to catch up more easily, but most of the time our deaths are not from the sickness, so we don’t find Toothbrush as useful as some other remedies.


                              That’s the current list of available remedies: all of these can be won in-game through the 100-coin prize drawing except for Piggy Bank. There is no way to access the prize drawing separately right now–once you have 100 coins, it will appear as an option at the end of a run. (If it doesn’t appear, start a new run and die to try and refresh it.)

                              You’ll also often be given a chance to try a remedy you don’t own for the next three games for free–in the image above you can see both the offer to try Toilet Paper for three turns and the “Win a prize!” option. If you really want a specific remedy you haven’t won yet, you can purchase them individually for $0.99 each.

                              As of now, our top remedy picks for getting high scores are: Baseball Cap, Fried Chicken, Pizza, Apple, and Tennis Ball. Let us know what your favorite remedies are and any new types you might like to see in future updates!

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