Rayman Fiesta Run Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run is a level-based running game created by Ubisoft. You guide Rayman and his pals as they run through several food-themed levels and nab Lums that go towards freeing the ninja-like Teensies trapped on each level. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to run your best race.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Rayman Fiesta Run

  • Rayman Fiesta Run can be downloaded by using the “Available On” option at the top of this page.
  • When you begin the game, you’re walked through a brief tutorial level that lets you get the hang of running, leaping, and collecting Lums.
  • When you’re finished with the tutorial, you’re set free to tear through the levels to the best of your ability.

How to Play

Rayman Fiesta Run

  • Objective – Rayman and his friends have arrived on Fiesta world, an odd planet with delicious-looking landscapes. Rayman runs automatically, and it’s up to you to input when he should jump, punch, and dodge enemies. Fiesta world contains several levels with definite beginnings and ends, making Rayman Fiesta Run more of an action/running game than an “endless runner.” Ideally you want to grab as many glowing Lums as you can on each run. The more Lums you grab, the more Teensies are freed. The more Teensies are freed, the further you’re allowed to progress in Fiesta world. 
  • Main Menu and Options – You can access the main menu in Rayman Fiesta Run by pressing the “back” button on the lower left-hand side of the map screen. Doing so takes you back to the title screen. From the title screen, tap on the arrow on the lower left-hand side of the screen to access the options menu. From the options menu, you can adjust your controls, volume level, and connect to Facebook.
  • Achievements, Gallery, and Heroes – As you play through Rayman Fiesta Run, you’ll unlock new heroes as well as a picture gallery and achievements. Access these menus from the title screen by tapping the arrow on the lower right-hand side of the screen. 

The Map Screen

Rayman Fiesta Run

  • Opening New Levels – You open new levels in Rayman Fiesta Run by collecting Lums in previous levels. The more Lums you collect, the more Teensies you’re able to free. As you free Teensies, they create a path to new levels on the map screen. One level “pod” usually contains two or more stages.
  • Grading According to Performance – Each stage is marked by a square that contains four circular slots. The more Teensies you free in a stage, the more slots are filled, and the further you’re allowed to progress on the map.
  • Invasion Levels – If you collect all 100 Lums in a stage, you may unlock an “Invasion Level.” Invasion Levels challenge you to run through the stage again and collect 100 more Lums – but this time enemies are everywhere. One touch usually means death. It’s not necessary to clear Invasion Levels, but they’re a good way to challenge yourself!
  • In-App Purchases – Lums are plentiful in each stage of Rayman Fiesta Run, but you can buy bundles of Lums through the in-game store using real-world cash. Lums can go back into unlocking new runners, gallery art, and consumable power-ups.

Run Like Heck

Rayman Fiesta Run

  • Running – Rayman and his friends run through each stage automatically. You just need to make sure they jump, punch, and attack at the proper moments.
  • Swimming – If Rayman or one of his pals falls into water, he’ll start paddling automatically. Jump to catch Lums or leap onto land.
  • Jumping – Tap the jump button to make your runner leap. The longer you hold the button down, the further he’ll jump. You can climb vertically by hopping between two walls.
  • Punching – In time, you’ll learn how to punch. Punching breaks through some objects that might obstruct your path. Punching can also knock out certain enemies.
  • Collecting Lums – Lums are the little firefly-looking critters that hang out in each stage. Your goal is to collect as many as possible. The more Lums you collect, the more Teensies you’ll free, which means you can progress further on the map. Lums also unlock bonus items like power-ups, extra runners, new skins, and gallery art.


Rayman Fiesta Run

  • Extra Hits – If you buy a Heart power-up before a run begins, you can take extra hits from enemies before getting a Game Over.
  • Long-Distance Punching – If you buy a punch glove before a run begins, you can execute long-distance punching attacks on enemies. Perfect for making sure everyone stays out of your way.
  • Optimal Paths – Before a run begins, hit the foot-shaped icon to highlight the level’s optimal path. If you follow the indicated trail, you stand a better chance of nabbing all the Lums in that level.


Rayman Fiesta Run

  • More Characters – As you progress in Rayman Fiesta Run, you’ll unlock more characters. New runners can be bought with Lums, and each one has differing speed and weight.
  • Art Gallery – Keep on running to unlock items for your art gallery. Artwork is likewise unlocked with Lums.
  • Character Skins – Sure, Rayman is a dapper gentleman to begin with, but everybody needs a change. Unlockable skins change the appearance of your runner.


Rayman Fiesta Run

  • Move Backwards on Occasion – It’s a good idea to retreat to previous levels from time to time to grab more Lums and improve your score. As you play through Rayman Fiesta Run your reflexes will gradually sharpen, making those first levels a breeze.
  •  Choose Your Runner Carefully – Each of the runners in Rayman Fiesta Run carry different weights and speeds. Rayman is a good all-purpose runner, whereas the lightweight Green Teensie is a powerful jumper.
  • Don’t Neglect Power-Ups – Most stages give you the opportunity to choose power-ups that will make your run easier. They’re quite affordable and Lums are plentiful, so don’t hesitate to give yourself a hand if you feel you need it. The path-tracing power-up is particularly useful.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Rayman Fiesta Run. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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