Ravenskye City Walkthrough

Ravenskye City is a Facebook game developed by Lolapps, which tasks you with rebuilding a once beautiful city in the sky. Complete quests as you clear away debris, restore ancient ruins, and erect beautiful animated structures with a fun and quirky cast of characters. Bring Ravenskye City back to life again with the help of your friends. Gamezebo’s Ravenskye City quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Ravenskye City – Game Introduction

Ravenskye City is a Facebook game developed by Lolapps, which tasks you with rebuilding a once beautiful city in the sky. Complete quests as you clear away debris, restore ancient ruins, and erect beautiful animated structures with a fun and quirky cast of characters. Bring Ravenskye City back to life again with the help of your friends. Gamezebo’s Ravenskye City quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Ravenskye City is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here – http://www.facebook.com
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the “Free – Play Now” button at the top of this page.
Ravenskye City
  • You will start out with a brief storyline and character introduction. Ravenskye is a lost city of the Ravenworld heavens that has been discovered by Cornelius and his team during a horrible electrical storm after they crash down onto it. Ravenskye City has become overgrown with thick vines and debris scattered over its ancient ruins. Cornelius and his team, along with your help, must clear away all the debris and restore the city to its former glory.
Ravenskye City
  • Messages tab – In the upper right corner of the game screen you will see a blue “Messages” tab. This will open up the game’s request center. Here you can accept any new neighbor requests and/or gifts sent to you. If you have any messages a red number will appear on the tab indicating you how many you have waiting to be accepted. Keep an eye on this tab as it updates frequently. You are offered the option to return the favor on any gift sent to you or to send a thank you gift to those that invite you to become neighbors. These are all free gifts and are not deducted from your inventory.
Ravenskye City
  • Choose your game character – You will now be asked to choose between a male or female game character that represents you in the game. You can choose different characters later in the game for a fee. (See “Customization” below.)

Game Currency

  • There are three types of currency used in the game. You will have the option to purchase additional currency if you choose.
Ravenskye City
  • Coins – This is the basic game currency and what you will earn when you collect from various structures in the game and complete quests. You start out with 500 coins and your current total can be seen in the upper left hand corner of the game screen. Additional coins can be purchased with skye credits only.
Ravenskye City
  • Gems – Gems are used to purchase high-end items in the game. You can find your current gem total in your inventory under the “Materials” tab. You can have gems gifted to you by your neighbors or you can purchase more using skye credits from the game shop under “Materials.” You can also send free gems to your neighbors once every 24 hours in hopes they will return the favor if you are running low.
Ravenskye City
  • Skye credits – This currency is used to purchase special actions or advantages in the game such as purchasing energy if you run out. It can also be used to purchase materials that usually have to be gifted by others, gems, and high end decorative items to increase your city rank faster. You will have to use real currency to purchase skye credits from Facebook.
  • Purchasing additional currency – Only skye credits can be purchased with real currency. Click on the “+” symbol to the right of any currency indicator to find out how to add more. You will need to purchase skye credits via Facebook then you may use them to purchase energy, gems, or additional coins.

Ravenskye City

Collecting Wood and Stone

  • As you clear away vines, rocks, and debris you will see wood and stone appear. This collected material goes into inventory for future use when you build structures.
  • Each time you purchase and place a structure or if you are restoring an ancient ruin you will have to have a specific amount of wood and/or stone to complete it.
  • If you are building and come up short on wood or stone start clearing away rocks and vines until you have enough in your inventory, which is shown at the top left of the game screen next to the currency indicator.
Ravenskye City


  • Energy is needed for nearly every action your character performs in the game. You will use one energy point for chopping vines, breaking rocks, building, restoring power to totems, clubbing monsters, and harvesting crops.
  • Before you click on an item, place your cursor over it and a message will appear showing you how many times you will need to click on it to completely chop it down or build it. Most vines take take two to four clicks to remove (or two to four energy points).
  • Energy meter – You will see your energy meter at the top center of game screen with the blue lightning bolt. You will start out with a maximum amount of 25 energy and as you level up this maximum will increase.
  • Each time you level up in the game your energy meter will be completely refilled for you.
Ravenskye City
  • What to do if you run out of energy – You can either purchase additional energy using your skye credits, earn it by visiting your neighbors and doing tasks for them (see “Visiting Neighbors” below), request it from your neighbors, or wait for it to regenerate over time.
  • Tip – Neighbors can send you one energy point once per 24 hours so the more neighbors you have the better.
  • How to access energy gifted to you – Whenever you accept energy gifted to you in the “Messages” area, it will be placed in your storage area. Click on the bag icon at the lower right corner and when it expands click on “Storage” this will bring up a menu with tabs along the top. Click on “Special” to access your energy. Click on “Use” as many times as you would like to add to your energy meter.
  • Note – You have an energy maximum but if you add gifted energy you can go over this maximum. If the numbers turn gold then you have gone over the allotted maximum and will be allowed to use it.
  • Purchasing additional energy – If you run out of energy you can also purchase more using your skye credits. If you have no skye credits you will need to purchase them first and then purchase additional energy potions. You can purchase a few energy points, a full meter refill, or several meter refills you can use as needed.
  • Earn free energy points – You can earn one to three energy points randomly by visiting your neighbors. (Read more in the “Visiting Neighbors” section below.)
  • Request free energy – You can also click on “Request Energy” when the screen appears notifying you that you have run out. This will cause a message to post to your Facebook profile page. Any neighbor that clicks on this to help you out will get a coin bonus and you will earn one energy point for each person that responds to this message. If you have a lot of activity on your page you may want to update this message throughout the day to keep it on top.
  • Note – There is a maximum amount of energy your friends can give you at one time. Each time you level up this amount is increased to a maximum of 50.
  • Let your energy restore over time – Your energy will restore at a rate of one point every three minutes. If you place your cursor over the meter it will show you a countdown timer. When you run out you can begin neighbor visits or close the game and return in half an hour to have your meter restored.
  • Energy restores whether the game is open or closed.
Ravenskye City

Level and City Rank

  • Levels – The game currently has 75 levels, which may increase in future updates.
  • Your level is shown at the far right with the star icon and meter. As the meter fills you are closer to reaching the next level. At any time you can place your cursor over this meter to see exactly how many experience points (XP) you need to reach the next level.
  • When you clear away debris you will see icons fall on the ground. Star icons represent XP. Just move your cursor over them and they will add to your grand total.
  • Each time you level up your energy meter will be refilled and you will unlock many more items in the game shop.
Ravenskye City
  • City rank – Under your level meter with the shield is your “City Rank” meter. You may place your cursor over this meter at any time to see how many ranking points you need in order to move up a level.
  • To increase your city rank you will need to purchase items from the shop and place them in your city. You can also place decorative items gifted to you to increase your city rank.
  • Note – If you take an item out of your city and place it in storage it no longer contributes to your overall rank score. This is also true if you sell an item. It must be placed on the land to count.
  • You may place your cursor over any item in your city to see how much it has contributed to your city rank.
  • You must have a specific city rank in order to unlock certain quests, totems, and items in the game store.
Ravenskye City


  • Quests are a very important part of the game and will start immediately. Quest icons are located along the left side of the screen and you can click over any individual icon to see your requirements and/or progress for a quest.
  • Once completed, a quest will reward you with coins, energy, wood, and stone, and certain items will become unlocked for purchase.
  • Storyline – You can also access various items that continue the storyline. If you see a scroll, book, stone tablet, or picture appear on the ground (usually there is a gold arrow pointing to it) click on this to read the story. You can access these any time by looking in your storage under “Story.”
Ravenskye City
  • If you click on the bottom icon at the left side of the screen you will pull up a menu that allows you to see a list of all quests. You can toggle between your active quests and see those that you have completed at any time.
  • Completing quests is the fastest way to build your city and increase your funds.
  • Be sure to check your quest status each time you log into the game.
Ravenskye City

Talking To Game Characters/Quest Assistance

  • There are various characters in the game that you will be introduced to. As you reach certain levels and milestones new characters will be introduced.
  • When a new quest involving a character is active a “!” will be shown over their head. Click on them when you see this symbol or on the icon to the upper left side of the screen with the same “!” symbol and at the bottom of the screen interactive dialogue appears.
  • Read what the character has to tell you, which is related to your next quest. If you have a choice of dialogue choose either one as it does not change the outcome of the request.
  • Some quests will require you to return to a totem or other character to complete it.
  • Quest assistance – Some quests will offer assistance with a “Show Me” button. If you click on this the game will pan over to the area you need to find and show you.
Ravenskye City

Collections and Patches

  • Collections – As you remove vines, dig through rocks, visit neighbors, and harvest crops small collectibles will appear. If you complete the five item collection you will be able to redeem it for wood, coins, and XP.
  • There are currently 11 collections available and this will likely increase with future game updates.
  • Click on the menu at the bottom right of the game screen where you see the bag icon in the lower right corner. This will cause the xollections and patches option to expand as shown in image above. Click on the one you wish to access.
Ravenskye City
  • As you find a collectible you will see the collection menu it belongs to show briefly at the top right of the game screen. If you complete a collection the game does not notify you so be sure to check this area frequently to redeem them.
  • Note – In the image above the collection can be redeemed. Once you redeem it you can earn the collection again but this will now be at level one. Each time you collect it you will redeem it for a higher reward the meter along the bottom will highlight and when the meter hits a gift you will earn a special gift in addition to your reward.
Ravenskye City
  • Patches – Click on the patches icon to reveal the menu. There are currently 64 patches available for you to earn. This could increase with future game updates.
  • You earn patches anytime you reach a milestone or achievement in the game.
  • There are a certain number of patches for each category. Place your cursor over an empty area to see the goal to earn that particular patch.
  • Once you have completed a category earning all possible patches you can share the news on your live bonus feed and your neighbors will earn a coin reward if they click on it.
  • When you have successfully earned a patch it will appear at the bottom of the game screen for about five seconds to notify you.
Ravenskye City

Purchasing Items From the Skye Shop

  • You will need to purchase items from the skye shop in order to place them in your city to increase your city ranking as well as purchasing totems, wonders, and buildings.
  • To access the shop look for the menu at the bottom right corner of the game screen then for the “Shop” icon at the bottom left corner.
  • Once you open the shop click on the tab along the top that has the category you wish to shop from.
  • You can purchase most items for coins but some will be for sale for gems or skye credits. Be sure to see the “Currency” section of this guide for more information if you need it.
  • Once you click on “Buy” you will see the item appear with a grid under it. You must wait until all the squares on the grid appear green before you can click to place it in that location. If you see red the item can not be placed there. Once you click on the location the item is locked into place and the transaction is completed.
  • Click on the item you have placed to bring up a menu allowing you to sell, move, rotate, or store it.
Ravenskye City
  • If you click on the building tab you will not only see the cost of each building but also how much wood and stone you need to build it.
  • Note – This is not the overall cost, it is the per click cost. So if it takes 11 clicks to complete a building then you will have to multiply the wood and stone totals listed in the shop by 11 to determine all the supplies you will need. You will collect rent from houses periodically. You will also be shown your profit maximum each time you collect and your how many rank points you will earn for the building placement.
  • If you click on the decorations tab you will be shown how many rank points you will earn for placing that item in your city. You do not collect any kind of rent or profit from decorative items.


  • Totems are used to scare off and fight monsters as well as calm any visitors the monster may have frightened.
  • Some of the totems in the game, such as the “Totem of Beauty,” you will activate when you uncover it beneath the ruins. Once they are activated they can be used to complete quests in the game.
  • Other totems you will need to purchase in the shop and place strategically around your city to protect it.
  • Vine growth is slowed in areas with totems and monsters are attacked if they step into the zone of the totem when it is fully charged. Visitors are also calm when they are standing in the zone of the totem.
Ravenskye City
  • Area around the totem – Each totem has a zone or area around it that you can see whenever you place your cursor on it. An area will highlight with purple or some other bright color to show you how far it extends.
  • Recharging totems – You must recharge a totem when you first place it and if you ever move it to a new location. Your totem will do nothing for you if it is not charged. Charging it costs one energy point. Click on it and your character will walk over and recharge it. He or she must be able to stand directly next to it to recharge it.
Ravenskye City
  • Fighting enemies – Totems will fight all the various monsters that you release when chopping down vines and rocks. If the monster steps into the zone around the totem and it is fully charged it will send a beam of fire down on the monster several times until it is destroyed. This saves you from having to click on the monster multiple times using up valuable energy points.
  • Note – Some of the more advanced monsters will jump out of the zone and you will have to still go after them.
  • Tip – If you know you are going to be working on an area with heavy vines and rocks move one of your totems over to the area and try to work in areas the zone covers. This way if you release a monster it will likely be in the totem zone and will be destroyed for you. Remember, if you move it you have to recharge it even if it was already fully charged. Look for a totem that needs to be recharged if you have several before you move it.
Ravenskye City
  • Purchasing totems – You may purchase totems in the skye shop once you have unlocked them. You will have to wait until you reach a city rank of 12 before you can purchase all available totems.
  • Totems also require wood and stone to build so you must make sure you have enough before you purchase.

Types of Totems

  • Battle newt – Protects and comforts for six hours.
  • Thunderbird – Protects and comforts for 12 hours.
  • Frog knight – Protects and comforts for 24 hours.

Battling Monsters andCalming Scared Citizens

  • Monsters and poisonous plants are released as you clear away vines and rocks.
  • Stunning – Monsters can momentarily stun you and leave you unable to move. You will just have to wait a few moments until it passes and then get out of the monsters path.
  • As you level up and increase your city rank you will see different kinds of monsters in the city. Each monster that appears is much stronger than the one before it.
Ravenskye City
  • Clubbing a monster – You can click on a monster and club it to death if you do not have a totem to defeat it for you. The first monster you’ll encounter, known as the “Blight,” is not very strong and can usually be killed in one or two clicks. Some of the bigger monsters may take three to six clicks or energy points to destroy them so it is a wise investment to keep as many totems around your city as possible, especially next to areas you are clearing out as they like to hide in the vines and rocks.
  • There is an energy meter above each monster telling you how strong it is.
  • If you kill a monster fast enough you will earn a “Monster Bonus,” which gives you double the rewards in XP, coins, wood, and collectibles.
  • There is a monster collection and you can earn collectibles by killing monsters.
  • Totems are the best way to kill monsters as they save you a lot of energy points.
Ravenskye City
  • Calming scared visitors – If a visitor walks in the path of a monster they will become frightened and will start to cry. If this happens you have 10 minutes (place your cursor over the visitor for a countdown timer) to click on the visitor to calm him or her down. This will cost you one energy point.

Ravenskye City

Clearing Vines, Rocks, and Debris

  • A large part of the game involves clearing away vines, rocks and debris, as the entire city is covered with it at the outset of the game.
  • Each vine takes two to four clicks to clear it with one energy point per click.
  • Once the vines and rocks are cleared away they can return over time. If you leave the game and do not log in for awhile you will notice some have come back so logging in daily is beneficial.
  • Areas with brick paths or walkways keep vines from returning.
  • You can click on an item to clear it away and if it requires several clicks (you can see this by placing your cursor over it and a message will appear telling you this information) you can actually click on it ahead of time and it will place the clicks in a queue if you have the energy for them. For example, if it takes four clicks to clear away the “Spyrevine Snagvine,” then you can click on it four times rapidly and then move on to something else. Your character will walk over and dig until it is removed. The collectibles, XP, coins, wood, and stone you have gathered will appear all around the area. You do not have to click on these items. Just run your cursor over them and they will add to their appropriate totals.
Ravenskye City

Placing Decorative Items and Buildings

  • It is important that you place as many decorative items in your city as you can afford. These items each have a rank value contributing a certain number of points to your overall score. Every few thousand points you will level up in your city rank and improve the rating of your city. You will also trigger new quests and unlock new characters.
  • If you are gifted a decorative item it will be placed in your inventory under the “Special” tab. Place all of these right away as they are basically free points. Be sure to send out free gifts daily so your neighbors will return the favor.
  • You can also purchase buildings, totems, and decorative items from the skye shop and each one has a city rank value that will be added.
  • Click on “Buy.” When the item loads you will see a grid under it based on its size. You can place any decorative item where the grid outlines in a green color. If it shows red anywhere you can’t place it there. You can’t place over stairs, pavement, or debris. Make sure all debris is cleared before you try to place an item.
Ravenskye City
  • Placing a building – When you purchase a building you will need to place it in a cleared out area and then you will be required to click on it a certain number of times to build it. (Place your cursor over building frame to see how many clicks, as this is how many energy points you need.) Also, you will need a certain number of wood and stone for each click. This amount should be shown near the cost in the shop.
Ravenskye City
  • After you click on the building the required number of times to build it, you will need to click on it once more to see a materials list. You will be asked to provide a specific number of at least four materials. You may have these in your inventory already from friends that have gifted them to you or you may have to collect them by chopping down more vines. You can also ask friends to send these items to you as their daily free gift or you can use skye credits to purchase them.
  • Note – The cost shown to purchase these items is the cost for only one – not for all that you need! (For example, If it states you can purchase five “awakening stones” for four skye credits, you will have to pay twenty skye credits to get all of them as it is four credits each.)
Ravenskye City

How to Move, Rotate, and Store Items

  • Once an item is placed (with the exception of any totems you uncover in your city) you should be able to move, rotate, sell, or store it if you choose.
  • Simply click on the item and a menu will appear as in the image above.
  • Click on the option you want and it will be instantly moved or stored.


  • As you dig through and remove the debris in your city you will eventually uncover special powers you can use.
  • These powers are shown at the bottom left of the game screen or you can find them under “Powers” in your storage area.
  • Click on the power to use it and a meter will immediately appear. You only have until the meter runs out to use your special powers.
  • Some of the special powers include:
Ravenskye City
  • Golden axe – This power will let you chop or dig through any debris item or monster with one single click instead of the two to four it usually takes. This will save you a lot of energy. Be sure to save this power for areas with heavy debris.
Ravenskye City
  • Hummingbird helpers – When you click on this hummingbirds are released into your city and they will collect from all of your buildings for you. This will save you a lot of energy as it costs one energy point to collect rent from a building.
Ravenskye City

Restoring Hidden Ruins

  • There are several hidden ruins from the old city that are covered with and situated behind rocks and vines. You must wait until the appropriate quest comes along and then you will be able to restore a ruin.
  • When the quest prompts you, you will have to clear a path to the ruin. If you can’t find it, click on “Show Me” in the quest message.
  • Click on the ruin to locate it and, if you have met all objectives, click on it until it is restored. You will need wood and stone to restore ruins. Clearing a path to it is usually more than enough.
  • Once the ruin is restored it may be animated, or a totem you can interact with. Most ruins you can click on and move to new locations if you want. A few you can not move because clicking on them causes them to have a dialogue with you, such as the “Totem of Beauty.”
Ravenskye City


  • When you start the game you are given a small plot of farm land and as you level up more plots are given to you are a reward. If you wish to purchase farm plots it will cost you (a quite expensive) 12,000 coins per plot.
  • Farming plays a small but important role in the game. There are several quests associated with farming and several buildings that require items that can only be obtained through growing them or purchasing with skye credits.
  • Place all of your farm plots close together when possible.
  • Click on a plot and the skye shop will open to the farming section for you. There are only seven crops available at this time but this may change with future game updates. If you click on “Buy” the plant will automatically be placed in that plot.
  • If you go to the shop first click on the item you wish to plant and then click on the plots you wish to plant it in. Note that it will stick to the cursor until you change or stop it.
  • Each type of plant takes a different length of time to grow.
  • Plants do not spoil in this game. You also can not pay for early harvest at this time.
Ravenskye City
  • Harvesting crops – Once a plant is ready for harvest the word “Harvest” appears above it. Simply click on it and it will reward you with related coins, XP, and collectibles.
  • Note – It costs one energy point to harvest one crop.
  • Several of the collections are related to items you grow. Be sure once you are done with all growing quests that you take a look at collections to see if you can grow items to earn you more of the ones you need.
Ravenskye City

Requesting Supplies and Energy From Neighbors

  • If you run out of energy or need a specific item to complete a building, the game usually offers you a link to ask for items. If you click on this link a message will be posted on your Facebook profile page for your friends to click on. If they choose to help you they will earn a coin reward. You can also send the same item back to them once you accept it in the messages area.
Ravenskye City

Collecting Funds From Buildings and Ruins

  • All buildings and most restored ruins offer a periodic payout. You will be able to collect coins from any building when you see the word “Collect” appear over it by clicking on it.
  • Each building pays out a different amount at different times.
  • Note – You can collect from any building early if you click on it once and then on “Collect” at the top of the menu. This is helpful when you are in a pinch for money.
  • Each time you click on a building to collect it will cost you one energy point.
  • If you happen to have the hummingbird helper power be sure to wait until as many buildings as possible need to be collected and use it as it will save you a lot of energy points.
Ravenskye City

Visiting Neighbors

  • You will find the game much easier if you have a large base of neighbors. Be sure to invite Facebook friends to play along with you. Once invitations are accepted, your friend will appear at the bottom of the screen in the neighbor menu listed in order of level and score.
  • To visit your neighbor click on their image and you will be taken to their city.
  • Note that there are five lightning bolts located along the left side of the game screen where you usually see your quest icons. These represent five energy points that are free to you and not deducted from your energy to use to help your neighbor with five tasks in their city.
  • You can cut down vines, clear rocks, harvest crops, recharge totems, and collect from buildings. You can also kill a monster if one is there.
  • After you have completed five tasks and the lightning bolts along the left side are gone a message will appear showing you what you have be awarded for helping your neighbor. This is a random reward but you will always earn at the very least one energy point and 25 coins. Sometimes you can earn as much as three energy points and a few hundred coins. It appears to be a totally random assignment.
  • You can click on the “Return Home” button at the bottom right corner or click on another neighbor’s picture to go directly to their city from your current location.
  • Note – You can only visit and help your neighbors once every 24 hours.
  • You are given the opportunity to leave your neighbor a message letting them know you visited and helped them out. They will also receive a coin bonus if you post this message.
  • If your neighbors help you they may leave a message on your Facebook profile page. If they choose not to there is really no way to know they were there or what they did.
  • Try to return the favor whenever possible as neighbors helping each other will propel you both through the game quickly.
Ravenskye City

Daily Free Gifts

  • The free gifts portion of the game is very important as it allows you and your friends to send each other free energy, materials to complete buildings, and gems to make high end purchases.
  • You can send each neighbor one free item once every 24 hours.
  • To send free gifts click on the “Free Gifts” tab at the top of the game screen.
  • At first only a few gifts will be available for you to send. As you level up more gifts will be available.
Ravenskye City
  • Click on “Send” then a menu will appear letting you choose who to send to.
  • You can send one gift to several people or a different gift to one person at a time.
  • Also, if you are sent a gift in the messages area click on “Return the Favor” and the item you were gifted with will be sent to your neighbor.
  • Be sure to send daily gifts and return the favor when they are sent to you. A few loyal friends that send you gifts daily is very valuable and will save you all a lot of time.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Ravenskye City by Lolapps. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.